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(11/23/03 2:16 pm)
A little help
Well things are finally headed towards the climax of the story, with my party destroying 3/4 temples and 2/3 bridge complexes. The Outer Fane has took note of their exploits and Varachan has made contact with them, warning them of the urgency in meeting with him personally. Through some deception and "incompetence", Varachan has managed to keep the party's position hidden for a while, but Hedrack (he is currently inducting Lareth as a the Champion and had to come out of the ceremony to tell Naquent to get things rolling) has had enough and has sent Ukemil with Victor to dispatch them once and for all (I already sent Bethe to test them).

They have allied themselves with Vranthis and through massive bribery Poolib (the Kuo-Tao who takes people to the Water Door). They are getting a little tired of wandering aimlessly through the mines and have decided to go to the source of all of this following a small side trip to destroy Stoneheart's phylactery (some of you may or may not remember the addition that was made to the Orc part of the mines)...they are really tired of repeated meetings with this guy!

My problem is that they are a surviving group of 4 9th level characters (they took some casualties). Is there anyway I can level them that doesn't seem contrived in order for them to have a fighting chance at the Outer Fane. I already have Varachan in there as a backup in case things go hairy, but I'm thinking it could get really nasty with those levels.

If you guys need more details to help make suggestions, I have pages of them:)

Thanks in advance!!

(11/23/03 2:53 pm)
Re: A little help
Option one: Side quest. Details sketchy, but a valid way to get a little more XP. You could run the free module Thicker than water, as it ties in quite well but it would have to be scaled down a bit.

Option two: Throw a few more Ukemil style assailants at them. Ukemil (without dire lions) does not really live up to his CR due to multiclassing. He is a cleric/rogue/troglodyte, and therefore does not have the power of a 'pure' caster. Fighters who multiclass lose less as their progression is mostly linear, however a casters progression is less linear, therfore being hurt more with multiclassing. (prestigate classes can balance this by rewarding cross-classing, but this could be viewed as the exception rather than the norm.)

Options three: 'toughen up' an encounter or two. The last few areas (in the CRM) should be realitively easy for a 9th level party. One or two 'advanced areas' should not hurt gameplay too much. (as in opposed to advancing the entire CRM. Do that and you may find yourself needing to advance the entire module.)

Option four: Don't worry. At 9th level, if they take the hints about which elements are weak and strong, they should know to avoid the fire door, and come in the air or earth door. Perhaps find a way to encourage them coming in the air door. If you have already attacked them with an invisible stalker (as the module suggests) then there is a max of one of them at the door. This should make their first few fights relatively easy, leading to some XP and leveling. Also this puts them quite close to Varachan for a bit of help on the side. (and gear. Do not underestimate how much more powerful a party can become with good gear, and useful knowledge They can easily take on CR's considerably higher than themselves reaping in good XP.)

Hope you have fun with whatever avenue (or combination) you choose. :D

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