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(11/29/03 12:49 am)
Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
Well, on Sunday the 23rd of November after about 18 sessions, 26 PC deaths, and 7 months of hardcore gaming we finished up the campaign, with Imix sent back to the seventh pit of hell, but not before taking some PC’s with him. With him dead, and Lareth pounded on until he too gave up his life, the orb destroyed, the universe is once again safe for good, fun-loving people to live in. :hat

This being my first campaign, I had to say that I enjoyed running it immensely, and if anything it showed me what sort of monstrosities can be created if you take some time to plan. Monte, take satisfaction that you managed to both scare and horrify seasoned players who thought they had seen it all! :eek Hell, even the DM at times looked at what his players were up against and thought “Holy crap! How are they supposed to kill that?!” :evil

It was definitely a learning experience, and I was able to get a better grip on the rules I thought I knew well, and the ones I had never seen before. My players put up with my ignorance, mistakes and sometimes poorly prepared DMing with incredible forbearance and tolerance, and I have to thank them from the bottom of my heart for not throwing lots of sharpened objects at me, even when their characters were dropping left and right. :p

Especially Tim, 12 deaths in the campaign and each time you kept coming back for more, never once getting angry with me. You’re a trooper dude. 8)

I hope to, with this final post, provide some advice and help for those considering running the campaign, or those currently involved in the perils of stopping Tharizdun in his tracks.

First and foremost, boosting most of the CRM was a bad idea. Infiniti2000 and Cordo Crowfoot, I will take this opportunity to say, you were right, I was wrong, you’re both good looking, I’m…..not very attractive. (OK enough of the Happy Gilmore quotes!)

Overall, it meant that although there was more exp and treasure on offer, only one or two members got to enjoy it all, and everyone else kept stagnating in levels, never really gaining any headway. The numerous deaths also meant that both GM and players began to tire of the campaign, as it is hard to have fun if you are making/killing a new character almost every session. If I had my time over, I would have left the CRM as is. I only did it to compensate for the monsters that Andrew and later Ben inflicted on me, and it meant those players with more…..mortal characters suffered.

Having said that, my players often had themselves to blame, quite often stubbornly hanging on in battle until one of them died before considering a retreat. :\

Guys, as much as I love ya, you can be kinda cocky sometimes, plunging headalong into battle with no plan is not a good idea! I have found working as a team instead of everyone running off and doing their own thing helps too. When you did this, you defeated almost everything without a problem.

Also, combat is not the only option, only once did you attempt to deceive the members of the temple. The DM is not the only one who is responsible for the amount of roleplay in a campaign.

Other than that, I ran the campaign pretty much as written, interspersed with ideas I stole from the boards.

Highlights of the campaign (or, you thought your players were crazy?? Getta load of mine!)>:

Losing 3 PCs in the opening session (Via Utreshimon, pillar and grell).

Party monk, growing impatient after waiting several hours for Tal to appear, knocking the little rogue out in the streets of Rastor, and running off into the hills to question him.

The same player inflicting upon me: A well made, almost unkillable monk, a constrictor naga monk (Huge, 15’ reach and Combat reflexes!!!), a pixie assassin and a ghost walker with a mecurial greatsword that did 100+ dmg on a critical hit (which happened at least once a combat!). Thanks Drew!

Having to put up with a PC sylph who had spells like phantasmal killer with DC’s of 28+! (Do you see why I boosted now??)

The constrictor naga and huge water elemental from the water temple fighting a titanic one-on-one battle, with the naga eventually winning out.

In the same battle, having been feebleminded, the party fire wizard still having enough intelligence to throw a bundle of six alchemist fire flasks onto the wizard that stupefied him, killing him instantly.

The sylph using major creation to create a heap of conjured gold, and converting it into platinum via a money lender in Verbobonc before it disappeared. Bounty hunters were on the way, but never found him before the campaign ended.

Thrommel, having dominated one of the PC’s and ordering him to snatch away from the party wizard a wand of searing light, having to watch in amazement when his pawn started dancing uncontrollably due to the cursed boots he was wearing.

The pixie assassin somehow managing to survive a destruction and disintegrate spell from Hedrack before a phantasmal killer finally took the little bugger down.

Chymon (and Hedrack) dropped in 2 and 1 round(s) repectively due to the ghostwalker and his sword.

When exploring Hedrack’s room, finding the heads of slaughtered companions on his bath, and a rug made of one of the riding dog mounts that used to belong to a PC. (Ooh, my players hated that!!) :evil

The same room killing two players due to the glyphs of warding.

The party monk deliberately diving down the purple worms gullet (a la Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black) to rescue a companion trapped inside without a small/tiny piercing weapon.

Imix nearly dying in under a round when the cleric attempted to use a scroll of harm on him, passing the caster level check, making the touch attack (setting himself on fire in the process), but failing to penetrate spell resistance (he only needed a 9 or better!) :eek

There are probably more, but I can’t remember them at the moment, check my log if you are really curious.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Monte for designing such a cool adventure, and everyone one on this board who has posted something RttToEE related, read my logs (whether they contributed to it or not) or gone that extra yard to make this adventure easier to run. More specifically, I would like to thank Andorax, ZansforCans, Siobharek, Infiniti2000 and Cordo Crowfoot for the add-ons, really cool ideas and just general advice that is dished out on this forum. I could not have done this without you!!

Without you guys, I could not have used or considered using the silenced air elemental, Lareth buffs, pseudonatural creatures, Tainted Deck and a million other ideas, all of which are stored in my folder should I ever run this campaign again.

Finally, what is next? I am taking a break from DMing, going to continue playing Prandur, my uber-wizard/archmage in our high level to epic campaign, and enjoy playing my Sparhawk clone in our Warhammer campaign. I will eventually DM again, working on an idea based on the world of Midkemia (from Raymond E. Feist novels). I will also continue to read/lurk in this forum, and post when I feel I can contribute to a discussion.

Oh, and as soon as I get time, I will write up the last 3 or 4 session logs. And maybe tack this post on the end of it. Damn, I am so lazy!! :D

Finally, I made it to the completed campaign club!! :rollin
And I didn’t get a t-shirt… :(

Cheers, Simon.

(11/29/03 5:23 am)
Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
Congrats, Simon. I've enjoyed the logs, and I'm looking forward to the conclusion.

(11/29/03 8:35 pm)
Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
"Game over man! Game over!"

What are ya gonna do now, man? What are ya gonna do?

Congratulations to you and your players, Simon! I think you take the prize for Fastest to Completion. And thanks for the kind words. This forum definitely puts the Group in group effort.

Re: T-Shirt
We're still waiting on Thrommel for that. And, I'm not talking about the vampire, I'm talking about the 12 year old in Boise, Idaho. ;)

Runechild (mod)
Council of Magisters

(12/1/03 4:16 pm)
Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
OK, OK, OK... let me see if I can whip something up on in time for the holidays here!

-Thrommel, who's fourteen now, thank you very much. One more year to learner's permit. Sweet!

(12/1/03 10:37 pm)
Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
I thought you were! I didn't think a 12-year-old could come up with all those postscript zingers.

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(12/2/03 1:36 am)

Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
Actually, I think that it was Andorax who was confused with a 12-year old in Boise, Idaho...

Thrommel's the weird guy in the basement, isn't he?

Siobharek, who's safely away across the pond. So there.

(12/2/03 9:33 am)
Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post) far as I'm aware, I'm the only one from Boise, Idaho...if Thrommel actually lives here in town as well, I definately need to look him up (well, after a trip down to the store for a bag or two of fresh garlic).

And I'm most decidedly not 12, nor 14, nor 21...I in fact have the grand misfortune of turning 31 friday after next.

That aside, congratulations for completing the adventure! I think one of the reasons that "what to do after" threads are few and far between is because most DMs heave a huge sigh of exhausted relief at this point, and the lucky ones get to take a break for a while.

Welcome to the "Completion DMs"'s a small, yet august group, and those of us who keep hanging around and providing advice to those who come along behind, well...the rewards are well worth the trouble. I'm glad my silenced air elemental gave 'em pause.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you hang around to stay.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Runechild (mod)
Council of Magisters

(12/2/03 10:23 am)
Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
I think I2K is referring to this post.

Granted, that was over a year ago.

-Thrommel, who asks Andorax to pick up a fresh sack of puppies if he's going into town to get some garlic...

~Council of Magisters~
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(12/2/03 12:54 pm)

Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
Yup! That's the one. Forgot that it was actually his fang-ness who was boised (is that a verb?).

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Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Cordo Crowfoot
(12/8/03 12:58 pm)
Re: Game over man! Game over! (End of campaign post)
Hey Simon! Congrats on finishing the module! At an impressively fast pace, too!

Sorry for my late reply, just got back from a two week+ sojourn in Hawaii.

"They were immediately and absolutely recognizable as adventurers. They were hardy and dangerous, lawless, stripped of allegiance or morality, living off their wits, stealing and killing, hiring themselves out to whoever and whatever came... They were scum who died violent deaths, hanging on to a certain cachet among the impressionable through their undeniable bravery and their occasionally impressive exploits" China Mieville, Perdido Street Station

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