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Roland the red
Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/13/03 6:26 pm)
for the 3.5 Errata and FAQ team
I am playing the temple using 3.5 rules, but I have been using a more casual approach. I just use the 3.5MM for all monsters, and if an NPC has some problems with spells/feats/etc, oh well...

Anyway, I was flipping throught you're wonderful 3.5 Errata (as it is currently...) and just wanted to point out something (since it occured in my last game):

The erratta for "p.100 (C211): discusses Barghests as having lost charm person or project image...well...

The barghest in question is actually a GREATER BARGHEST and they still possess those abilities as well as those of mass enlarge and mass bull's strength.

In My Campaign, I didn't notice those additions and forgot to play those...good thing as I had a near TPK with the archers, Chimara, Riu Lotaas, and Oamarthis all converging in the Chimera room...Had I buffed everyone with mass enlarge and mass bull's strength, I think it would have gone bad.

In any event, have your team take a look at this and fix it as appropriate.

Roland the red
Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/13/03 6:37 pm)
shoot me later
Well, since I am "proofreading" in a way, I might as well keep up the feedback. Perhaps another thread will be better at a later time...I think I remember reading something likre that....

Anyway, in the yellow text box sections I understand its just "editors notes", but...In the new monsters an magic section, whoever worked on the Giant frog said they added Toughness "for no particular reason".

I think Improved Grapple fits a lot better with the theme of the frog. If Toughness is truly arbitrary, I think this would make a better choice and fit in nicely with the creatures Modus Operandi.

just my 2cp

Roland the red
Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/13/03 7:03 pm)
Satau the Mind Flayer
the pearl of power was erroneously removed in the errata'd stat block, however, 3.5 allows ALL spellcasters to use pearls of power now so he should have it replaced to keep it w/ the module as written.

Bloodied Knife Cultist
(12/13/03 9:16 pm)
Re: Satau the Mind Flayer
Thanks for the comments! I'm not sure any tweaks need to be made for these though. I double-checked a few things:

* The 3.5 barghests (regular or greater) don't have those two spell-like abilities anymore that I see.

* The 3.5 pearl still restricts to spellcasters that prepare spells. As a Sor, Satau can't take advantage of it.

* Although the +4 bonus would be nice for the frog, keep in mind that it already has the ability to avoid the AoO with the Improved Grab SA. Also, it doesn't meet either prerequisite for Improved Grapple.

Please keep the comments coming--I'm eager to kill any and all bugs remaining ;)

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Roland the red
Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/22/03 10:04 pm)
The Barghest

The day I posted that was the morning after our last session where the party faced the was a big deal and was looked at EXTENSIVELY.

Unfortunately I am now at my mother's house for the holidays so I cannot look at my books :rolleyes

However, I am 100% positive the Barghest retains many of the listed abilities and the Greater Barghest retains them and adds others. I beleive the text is älong the lines of ''...spell-like abilities of the Barghest plus the following..." or something like that.

Brother of Venom
(12/23/03 6:59 am)
Re: The Barghest
3.5 monster manual, page 23:


In addition to the spell-like abilities all barghests possess, a greater barghest gains the following abilities. At will-invisibility sphere, 1/day-mass bull's strength, mass enlarge.

Barghests, lesser or greater, no longer have Charm Person nor Project Image.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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