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Admiral Xzar
Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/15/03 11:56 am)
Xzar`s start of a campaign log...
hi guys,
i`ve encouraged myself enough to write a campaign log and i hope you like it...

but let`s introduce our combatants first:

Vincent "Wishes" Shesandar - human cleric 9th, the undead commander and neutral priest with a hang to the "evil"

Uthgar - half- orc fighter 6th/ barbarian 3rd, the tank of the party and the heavy damage dealer with his falchion, improved crit. and powerattack

Tai "Sturmfaust" Lee - wild elf monk 9th, specialized with unarmed attack and uses his stunning fist to support the party

Manuel Callaveras - dwarven rogue 9th, a melee two-weapon fighter and the first one, who has to go into dark rooms and evil places to find traps ... or trigger them

Thor - human cleric, the "good" one, the healing kit... and sort of front tank.

so, we are currently in the crater ridge mines and shortly after a "near" tpk. the party rested in the area of the fire temple which they had wiped out some ROUNDS before, fully aware of the risk of scrying from the temple bosses. so hedrack sent them something to deal with...

i decided, that ukemil and his dire lions would be a good sample of power for them and i also wanted this encounter to be scratching on the edge of death for the sc`s, who have managed some real nasty encounters without much trouble... but luck really wasn`t on their side and the one who watched the resting place rolled low with his spot and listen check, so he was confronted with four ready-to-charge dire lions and one surprise round later from 102 hp down to 30. ouch. next step was a successful area dispel, which brings the other three characters to attention and out of their rope trick... into some nasty beasts.
no one survived... i couldn`t believe it.

wondered why i wrote early "near" tpk?

so fate wanted it that one player hadn`t any time, so the party decided uthgar travels to hommlet to sell loot...
i don`t know if he would have pushed the odds, but he was a real funny tie- in for the new characters (see above). luckily one player collected with his character in-game every piece of information in a diary, so the only problem was to get the orc recognize that he had it...

in the crm are left only the earth bridge and the water temple and the new party prevented the restocking of the other temples. (i let some resource transports travel from verbobonc to the toac with supplies and so on for the temple and let the sc get the information about it...) so there were only the main gate and the south gate guarded by some minor troops, who rebuilded the area slowly. they didn`t thought about a real fast attack after their superior victory over the last party...

so there are only the water keys in the temple and the earth keys in the earth bridge (i thought, that a secondary entrance other than the currently unsecure water door would be something hedrack would want, also it means that the bridge itself has access to the outer fane...).

at the time we left last saturday, the party had attacked the earth door and is in a battle with eeridik, tac and the gray render. eeridik has used his lightning bolts and is improved invisible... any suggestions, what he does now?
he is 100 feet away of the battle and near all of his troops are dead... on the other side the party had lost their two ogre zombies and their huge howler skelleton (hello, pile of bones, i`m mister g. ray render, *crunch*).

so what do you suggest, i could need some sorcerer in the outer fane to counter the undead threat, but he would need one spell change...

so far

edited: shame on me, i really forgot one character...

Edited by: Admiral Xzar at: 12/15/03 12:12 pm
Admiral Xzar
Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/22/03 8:57 am)
Re: Xzar`s start of a campaign log...
We played last saturday and continued with the earthbridge battle....

Situation as following...

On the players side were five almost unscathed characters with thor after casting righteous might now an fighter equivalent. Wishes lost in the battle his troll- skelleton, his howler- skelleton and one of his ogre- zombies and he runs out of spells by the time. An enlarged Uthgar smashed reokallitan with a charge against the wall and prepared himself to get back to this big gray render. Tai stunned a troll in the last round and thought about ways to beat this enemy monk up. On the other side were left the main npc`s of this area plus the gray render and six warriors from the north areas. Eeridik is still improved invisible but out of level 4 and level 3 spells. The gray render an Tac formed a battle team, with the gray render as blocker and tac using his spring attack to annoy the fighters. The battle takes place in area 138, with tac and g. r. in the east hallway and eeridik in area 141 right behind the magic circle. The six warriors are under way to eeridik.

Here we go...

Uthgar walks back into the east passage, but stops in the entrance at the side of thor. „Did you see what i`ve done with this whimp in the passage behind me? Prepare to die...“, he says and waits for any reactions. Eeridik casts another magic missile, hitting the ogre zombie and tai and orders the warriors to line up in front of him. Two of them stand in front of the other four to block any melee fighter while the four behind them fire arrows at incoming foes. They know well enough to not step into the circle because they know the drawbacks of maybe destroying the achievments of their leader. Eeridik foresees a attack from the enemies and hopes that they will summon the bebilith, which would give him and his troops the time to retreat. His former plan to crush the treat from three sides with overwhelming forces failed and he can`t do anything for tac in this situation with out risking his life. By the time thor casts divine power and waits for uthgar or the beast to attack. He doesn`t trust the monk behind this monster and decides to stay on the safe side for a while. Manni managed to knock one of the trolls unconscious in time again before he regenerates enough. Tai beat the other stunned troll in the netrance to 141 up with his flurry of blows but fails to stun him again. Now wishes attempts an area dispel on the g. r. and tac hoping to dipel the haste effect on the gray render. But he dispels cat`s grace on tac and the beast, warning his two comrades that the monster is still hasted.

`Hmm, I´m well aware about our good defending position and if we wait and let them come, we will have a great advantage, but will this beast be patient enough to ...`, tac is interrupted in his thoughts by a charging growling gray render. The beast delivers a great blow at uthgar, who had only waited for this and strikes with full force dealing a wast amount of damage. Eeridik in the meantime uses his last round with invisibility and hits tai and the zombie with two magic missiles each, sending the zombie to the ground. Hearing the scream of the gray render, he prepares for a quick retreat and positions himself in front of the door to the north out of area 141. „May the divine might shatter your souls“, shouts thor and kills the beast in front with one last strike. Wishes runs toward eeridik and investigate quick the runes with no success, hoping that if he fly over it he won`t trigger it.

Tac now ready himself to strike at the next incoming target, `they will have to fight for their lifes`. To his surprise changed uthgar his attention to the great hall and the sorcerer in it, leaving the cleric alone. Eeridik shouts: “ You will suffer from my power“, throwing again magic missiles at the incoming cleric and fighter. Thor attacks the monk, but is interrupted by his enemy and has to take some damage. Now manny goes after the monk, but can`t reach him in this round. Tai now wants to compete with this enemy monk and tumbles into the east hallway, too. Now wishes flys across the room to eeridik and realize in horror the called creature. He sees his life ends in some seconds.

ok, i`ve to add the rest of the log, it isn`t over yet...

Brother of Venom
(12/22/03 9:27 am)
Re: Xzar`s start of a campaign log...
My oh my, what a battle! :)

Sorry for not responding sooner. If it's not too late, have Eeridik order a retreat and have him flee back to the Fire Temple, possibly joining them if all his lost and taking any treasure he can. However, with the bebelith summoned, he might decide he has the upper hand, not realizing that the bebelith considers the wererat just as much a meal as the others. The bebelith, if given the chance, should target the heavily armored foes first, ripping apart their armor. If it goes south, don't forget to have it rip apart those four elemental statues.

The counter to all the undead are all the clerics. The undead will cease to become a serious threat before long, as soon as some of the clerics command them and turn them on the party. A good rule for a counter command is an opposed turn checks, with a tie meaning that the undead remain stationary for the round.

Admiral Xzar
Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/22/03 1:42 pm)
Re: Xzar`s start of a campaign log...
ok, first of all the earth bridge is defeated, but i had to split the log into two parts (part two coming soon)

eeridik failed escaping, also i tried hard to rescue him...

there are some funny events in part two including:

"Teleportation" or "Does anyone know where we are?"
-A cleric, a spell and three fearless comrades-

so stay tuned

Admiral Xzar
Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/17/04 1:23 am)
Re: Xzar`s start of a campaign log...
ok, here are the next bits of my campaign log...

With a big bad bebilith in range, Wishes changed his plans quickly. The bebilith attacked him first with the net and manages it to hit the cleric. But wishes uses his domain spell teleport and teleports in the back of eeridik and his last warriors, effectively blocking any escape route.
In the meantime Uthgar reaches the bebilith and, while enlarged, in a good fighting position. The bebilith uses his net attack against Uthgar but realizes then, that he is still in melee range for the half-orc and so they fight an short but heavy fight. Uthgars full plate got some heavy hits but after the arriving of thor, who lost interest in the monk and followed uthgar shortly, the bebilith was defeated in some rounds.
But Tai wasn`t happy with the leaving of thor, because now tac used his stunning fist on manuel successfully and brought some distance between tai and him. This went on for some rounds , slowly annoying manuel because he couldn`t do anything except walking towards tac and then get stunned. But luck wasn`t on the side of tac and so he got stunned by tai and shortly after got killed by manuel.
Then they realize that some of the trolls geot back to life and manuel had to kill them fast. Eeridik had some other problems, he was out of his battle spells and a cleric was in front of him. Wishes attacked eeridik fast and hard, seeking revenge for this trap, which brought him near a heart attack, and eeridik was soon slayed. The last warriors were defeated by an enraged uthgar and so the last bridge is empty.

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