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Tolling Bell Cultist
(1/15/04 4:15 am)
When the Sky Falls + Tharizdun?
hello guys,

i've gotten my group through the earth and air temples, and they're getting ready to shake up the fire temple - i was thinking of using the excellent suggestion on the BoB to use the final wash of violence in the CRM Elemental Temples perpetuated by the PCs as the kicker for Big T.'s awakening.

i've decided to throw in a meteor as statted out in When The Sky Falls to be the "apocalypse event" if the doomdreamers get their way - does anybody have any ideas about how this may be done, or any ideas? i'm also trying to hook up Big T. with the Dark Plea - the world-shattering, dream-invading, madness-spreading nature of these banished forces of malice is too much for me to resist. Anybody got any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

yours sincerely,

Brother of Venom
(1/15/04 7:24 am)
Re: When the Sky Falls + Tharizdun?
I'd start doing some serious foreshadowing right away. Find a cleric to give levels of Ruin Priest in (in fact, you might even consider replacing Doomdreamer with Ruin Priest across the board). Find at least one or two arcanists to make Astromancers out of.

Rewrite the CRM's existance as being an impact crater of ancient origins rather than volcanic in nature (or perhaps volcanic as a RESULT of the impact). Build WtSF elements heavily into the Inner Fane.

In this approach, the Dark Plea is simply another manifetation of big T, much like the EEE is...another possible funnel of power for him. It would have been good if you could have foreshadowed this a bit earlier, but it's still very doable if you start working elements in right away.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Tolling Bell Cultist
(1/15/04 11:10 pm)
hi thanks Andorax!

as always, your insight and experience works wonders. i'm running it such that when the 4 elemental altars are being destroyed, the world comes closer to ending as we know it. i've already thrown in some foreshadowing with a meteor wiping out Rastor with the destruction of the Earth and Air Temples... the next big one will be "Imix" himself, as an Engram Ark of sorts, smashing down upon Verbobonc or Hommlet, maybe, as the cult comes closer to its goal. This will ramp up the "race against time element" i think...

i'm changing some of the assasins with Dark Plea critters - the Mournwrath sonds like a very good choice, esp with the darkness and destruction element. Whaddya think of turning Hedrack into a Ruin Priest?

Thanks in advance,


Brother of Venom
(1/16/04 7:57 am)
Re: foreshadowing
I would say the first big thing you need to decide on is the relationship between DoomDreamers and Ruin Priests.

Are you keeping both? If so, are Ruin Priests "outsiders" like EEE worshipers, or are they part of those "in the know"?

If you want, you can layer it even deeper than before...where the OF itself is only marginally aware of the Big T connection, and believes the DP is the force behind the EEE...only the true Doomdreamers know the truth and worship Big T directly.

Alternately, DP = T on a fundamental level, so they're considered one and the same. Thus, Ruin Priest is just a different career path than DoomDreamer, and Hedrack as the chief Ruin Priest makes perfect sense (Varachan and Naquient make other logical choices).

Further, they may not be mutually exclusive, and out of the current DDs, one or two might have RP levels as well. Myself, I'd have the First have as many RP levels as possible while keeping him the same level, and having the same number of DD levels (would have to research what it would take to do that).

I'd recommend against overdoing it, though. I think you can make your point by dropping only one big rock...and I'd skip Rastor (irrelevant)...Chymon could raise it in a day. Either drop it on Hommlet (personal attachment shock) or Verbobonc (scale of devistation shock)...and then look over the BoB ideas I posted a while back about the elements going mad, but tied instead to the fallout of the big rock falling, not to the summoning of the four princes.

Skip the Engram stuff doesn't fit well.

You might consider replacing one of the Roguish NPCs with a Lord of Silence...though not hte assassins, I think you're on the right track with the Mournwrath.

You might consider including a Cruor or two. Appropriate spots, to my mind, are the Blasted Yard (in lieu of the Wights) and in place of the Purple Worm in the lower level of the Recovered Temple. The occasional Hungry Dreamer here or there would fit as well.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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