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Tolling Bell Cultist
(1/20/04 2:15 am)
Rerrid and Tulian's eye...?
Another question for the hive-mind....

IMC, the dwarven PC has been having strange dreams about Tulian's eye and something about restoring another Clan's honour (his own clan was destroyed by mindflayers while he was just 25 years old). Hopefully, this will stimulate the player to explore and search for the diamond, and remnants of the dwarven clan of Tulian Saltheart.

Since the mines in Mt. Stalagos are only a few hundred years old, and the DD have captured it for about one hundred years, I figure Rerrid is one of the very few survivors. He has given up his dreams about recapturing and restoring the mines long ago...

The dwarven PC will visit Rerrid soon without the other PC's knowing about this (we'll play the conversation off game). He will ask Rerrid about his strange dreams and vague clues. My question: What will Rerrid do with these questions? Here comes this young sole survivor of another lost clan, eager to restore the honour of his clan. Surely, that must mean something to Rerrid. He will be a bit skeptical, but on the other hand, it would be a dream come true if this young dwarf could do what he could do not....

What should Rerrid tell the PC about the mines and Tulian?. He is a bit angry with the party for stirring up the fragile balance in Rastor, and for providing him with a prisoner called Dunrat ;) . He knows this will bring trouble to his doorstep. His memory of the mines is a bit dusty so he won't know a lot of precise details...

Any ideas???

Knowe Remorse 
Tolling Bell Cultist
(1/20/04 2:18 am)
Re: Rerrid and Tulian's eye...?
for Rerid, a bitter old dwarf who lost his home long ago, why should he be heartened with one dwarf.... not an army of dwarves, just one.

He might even get mad about this dwarf bringing back long supressed hopes and memories.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of All Who Threaten it.

Brother of Venom
(1/20/04 6:48 am)
Re: Rerrid and Tulian's eye...?
You can really run it either way. Personally, I'd go for Knowe Remorse's option and only have Rerrid slowly convert as the PC's get more and more successful. It will be more satisfying to the player that way and will build a lasting relationship with Rerrid.

On the subject of Rerrid having too many memories of the mines themselves, I think it is perfectly reasonable to have him actually forget, or block, most of those memories. In real world psychiatry, this happens. Perhaps, the 'blocks' could be alleviated with a heal spell, but that is not likely to happen any time soon, and if the player thinks of it and manages to get a scroll and cast it, more power to him. The layout of the mines is likely a lot different now anyway (something Rerrid could even comment on).

Tolling Bell Cultist
(1/21/04 2:31 am)
Re: Rerrid and Tulian's eye...?
Thanx guys,

I like the idea of Rerrid becoming a bit angry if the PC tries to talk to him. I guess you guys are right and it will be more satisfying to the player if he eventually could convince Rerrid to support his mission. I will play the session by email this afternoon (with perhaps some webcam dice rolling)... I will let you know what happens...

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