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Ebon Hand Cultist
(1/25/04 2:47 am)
My group's campaign log (Player's perspective)
I've been lurking in other sections (reading mostly under the classes and magic sections), but noticed this forum. As I'm currently playing RttToEE, I thought it would be interesting to add what's occurred so far for us from the perspective of my character (this is my first time playing D&D, and this is my second character in the campaign- my first character was my first character ever, and thus had nothing much to him. No knowledge of how the game worked, no story, no motivation. I resolved to make a character that had an interesting backstory with one small catch- while the party was comprised of the standard races, my character would be a kobold!) based upon seeing other logs here (though I did not look in them- I wouldn't want to spoil things!).

The cast of the group is so far-

Trevan Strongoak- CG Human Rgr 4, follower of Ehlonna.
Holland- NG Dwarven Cleric of Pelor 4.
Vandra- CG Elven Rgr 4, follower of Corellian Larethian (going Arcane Archer).
Botok- CN(?) Human Ftr 2/Rog 2, unsure of his deity (whether this player is continuing to game with us or not is still unsure due to recent conflicts with school)
Sarrik- CN Kobold Rog 4, follower of Olidammara.

[i]These records I write in hopes of keeping better of my adventures in the area around Homlet. I can honestly say I have not been one to write much of my travels, but as of late the desire to write about myself and the trials I've endured. Who knows, perhaps one day my tale will be sung by bards- but I get ahead of myself.

My name is Sarrik, a kobold from the Northlands, expert trap-worker and master of disguise. Odd indeed, one might think, for a kobold to be so eloquent in speech and claiming to be so skilled. Alas, the views expressed by the populous races that kobolds are little more than fodder for an adventurer's blade is quite exasperating. While I hold little love for my people and their horrid ways, my kind does possess cunning, albeit an uncultivated cunning, that could be on par with any elf. I've had only my wits to live by for so long, and I learned early on that those who lack the intelligence to get by end up dead, or worse- enslaved.

I've travelled amongst several adventuring groups throughout the lands, all in hopes of seeing the world and experiencing the thrill of what adventuring can offer. Surely you wonder, how do I slip amongst humans and elves and dwarves without the guard being called? A lovely little hat I collected long ago as "payment" for services rendered allows me to change my form to mimic that of a halfling. With experimentation, I learned I had the appearance, not the actual form, of a halfling. Naturally, this lead me to make the disguise more convincing. I began wearing thick gloves to hide my claws and secured both the hat and my tail. I could not risk it falling off inconviently, or the swishing of my tail betraying my disguise. I learned the Halfling language with study, passing myself off as an estranged halfling youth separated from his family at birth, and thus ignorant of the language, and adopted the name "Roscoe Thorngage".

As of late, I had been travelling south. I had begun to worry that the wizard of the group was becoming suspicious of me. For some reason, the wizards always look at me in an odd way after casting a spell (OOC: Detect Magic). It would not do well to be unmasked, yet alone unmasked amongst a group of fellows likely to kill me simply for being what I am. I despise being thought of as a monster by others- how odd they confide in and trust Roscoe, but should they learn Roscoe is Sarrik, he is a creature worthy of only death! Regardless, I've been feeling something different lately. Wandering about, seeing the world and all that is fun, but I want to find people who won't chase me off if they learn what I am. I've been thinking that maybe- maybe, if I am nice enough, and act honest in my dealings with my new group then perhaps they'd accept me. After all, I've noticed people are nicer to "Roscoe" whenever he's kind to them.

I had wandered through the town of Homlet, looking for a nice place to rest before moving on. As I sat down to a lovely meal at the Welcoming Wench, a loud noise that could be heard throughout the town sounded out. My curiousity pipqued, I left to see what could caused such a racket. I soon learned that such perhaps was best not investigated. The mill of Homlet was being repaired, apparently the efforts spearheaded by the local religious orders- yet the person actually performing the repairs was, suffice to say, incompetent. Certainly it did not help that the fellow was drunk, as I looked at the half-drunk bottle of beer despite the bright sunlight hurting my eyes. I looked away for a moment for my eyes to adjust, when the beer bottle crashed down upon my head, causing a nasty bump! At this moment, I was quite ready to yell at the boorish individual for his foolishness, and perhaps at the priests for allowing such a fellow to attempt repairing their mill when one of them stopped me, asking to see the wound on my head. This, of course, was problematic. Despite assuring the cleric I did not need healing (the blood dribbling down the side of my head did not make my story all too convincing), the fellow chanted their spell and touched my gloved hand. Well, better than touching my head... I left the scene, and returning to the Welcome Wench, became interesting in an advertisement calling for brave adventurers to investigate the surrouding ruins. Much to my chagrin, I would learn the same fool who dropped the bottle upon my head would be one of my travelling companions.

They certainly were not the kindest of people, now that I recall our first meeting. The dwarf was drinking heavily, speaking about some "fruity elf who was a bad archer and hit his buddy, who shoved the arrow up his ass" (OOC: True story too. My first character shot the fellow accidentally, and an arrow was shoved up his ass on a critical hit with sneak attack damage), while an elven ranger listened dispassionately. The other ranger, however, was quite drunk. I eventually tired of being ignored, and yelled out to the dwarf in Dwarven. The fellow was quick to accept me into the group (and quicked lost interest in me), leaving me excited to be adventuring once again. I spoke with the barmaid, Vesta, about renting a room, who kindly told me I would have to rest in the common room. I have slept in far worse places, rest assured, and so such was paradise in comparision (I expressed such sentiments to Vesta), and asked her about the town. I was told about the temples of St. Cuthbert, Pelor, and Ehlonna, the lands surrounding Homlet, and the constable, Elmo. About this time, the drunken fool from the mill burst into the bar, and began drinking with the dwarf. Exactly what happened, I do not know, yet the two began quarreling, and knocked over the table. An angry Vesta threw them out, threatening them with calling Elmo, and returned to serving drinks. I approached her, asking about my companions. I winced at the thought of having to be nice to people that looked to be such... fools! I was told they were good people who got in trouble on occasion. This did little to allay my fears. After all, being associated with troublemakers could land myself in jail with them- and the moment the guards remove my hat, it would all be over. I thanked Vesta, giving her several gold coins for her time, and went to meet this Elmo to find out whether any jobs existed for me to do in town. I might as well get on his good side, assuming the worse case scenario should occur.

Unfortunately, no jobs did exist. He did warn me about putting my "skills" to use in town, though I promised him I would not do such (trouble, trouble, trouble was the consequence I sought to avoid, especially being with a new group). I returned to the Welcoming Wench, and saw a bard singing an elven ballad, albeit badly, and cracking his voice. The elf ranger approached him after the song, attempting to correct the lyrics. The crowd, however, was quite dissatisified and wanted entertainment. For a lark, I stepped upon the stage and began to sing a song popular amongst Halflings. The tomatoes various people threw at me has subsequently discouraged myself from pursuing a career in singing (OOC: No ranks in Perform, and a critical failure).

The human ranger, who introduced himself as Trevan, welcomed me to the group, and explained some of what the group had encountered. They had explored much of the moathouse and rescued a human named Spugnoir, and had left after finding a "black obelisk" that sapped their strength. I was told about a statue with a carving of a people on each side, the journal of Geynor Tol (sp?), the Cannoness Y'dey and her involvement with the Temple of Elemental Evil, and of the symbol of Tharizdun upon the corpses they had found. He also told me the names of my fellow companions: Botok (the drunken fool), Holland the dwarf, and Vandra the elf. We would depart in the morning to explore the moathouse and the obelisk.

We left in the morning (after having to wake Botok who had decicded to sleep in a horse trough) and journeyed to the moathouse without incident. The rangers and I noticed footsteps upon the dusty floor, though it was the rangers who led us by the tracks. We entered a room with an elevator- the one Trevan had described as the entryway to the obelisk. However, they had not entered the other passage in the room, and so we decided to explore. We entered what appeared to be a crypt, with webs draping the ceiling. I studied the webs intently (one never knows when spiders lurk in wait), though I as oblivious to the slight movements of the coffins. As the others entered the room, the coffins opened to reveal dead creatures that attacked us without hesitation. Trevan was struck by the creatures, and he frozen in combat. Botok was quickly surrounded by two of the creatures, while Holland and I moved to engaged the creatures by Trevan's frozen form. I performed several flips to move about and manuver behind the ghoul, believing I had set myself up for the perfect strike to take the creature down. As I struck, I cursed myself for forgetting these creatures- the undead- did not feel the pain of one's sword in their heart! To think, my last group had fought creatures like these. Vandra shot several arrows at the creatures that struck true, while Holland and I distracted the creatures from striking Trevan. After Holland and I destroyed one of the creatures, I turned my attention to Botok. True, the fellow was an abyssmal fool, but even I couldn't allow the creatures to corner a person and kill them. I performed several tricky somersaults to avoid the blows from the creatures to aid Botok. My aid worked too well, as one of the creatures turned to me and struck me! I felt a coldness I never wish to feel again, as my limbs began to freeze up. I fought with all my strength to continue moving, and within moments I found myself still able to swing my blade. Holland and Vandra had finished the surviving creatures by Trevan, and with our combined might the remaining two around Botok fell quickly.

This led to much bickering amongst the others. I did not hear the details, and did not care one bit. I saw an interesting tunnel off to the side, and seeing that they'd be there for a while (at least long enough for Trevan to start moving), I pulled some chalk out of my magic haversack and began tracing a line. I didn't want to get lost, though the tunnels appeared to be nothing in complexity as to underground caves I was born in. I walked down tunnels, marking passages that were dead ends to avoid moving the wrong way. As I had just figured out the correct path on a particularly nasty fork, the others came up behind me. As I turned to face them, my eyes fell on something more important. They had disturbed the chalk line. Perhaps it was my fault for not drawing the line on the wall, but truly, how hard is it not to disturb a line of chalk? Fortunately, my anger at them for being so clumsy caused them to overlook the problem that their "halfling" companion was perfectly navigating in the dark without a light source (I must remember halflings cannot see in the dark like we kobolds...). We continued down the passage, until we came upon a side room. Trevan and Holland did not want to enter, and so they continued down the passage. Vandra, Botok, and I entered the room, and saw a much larger version of the four-figure statue there. The room also... unsettled me. As if I shouldn't be there. The statue gave me a bad feeling, but I began searching it for anything useful. I had found a black bead, silver chimes, and a brass brazier with black cones of incense when I accidently had my hand brush the statue. The feeling of coldness I felt when the undead struck me was there, yet more intense. Somehow I managed to fight back the coldness and managed to be fine. At this point, I desired to leave, yet Vandra and Botok wanted to wait for Holland and Trevan. I suggested writing a note for them, yet they would hear none of it. So, I nervously sat down, and began asking my companions of themselves. Vandra, it seems, is follower of Corellian Larethian, who had experienced visions of a great evil in the area, and had been charged by her church to investigate and destroy it. Botok, however, was not too forthcoming. He only vaguely mentioned being a soldier in a kingdom, and that bad experiences caused him to begin a life of adventuring. I could tell neither wanted to talk (as they did not ask me about myself), and so I sat as patiently as I could for Holland and Trevan. When they did arrive, I warned them not to touch the statue- I specifically warned them! First thing our cleric does is flippantly touch the statue, boasting of his "dwarven strength"! He experiences no ill effects, yet I find myself chiding him for his foolishness.

We return to the elevator, and all but Holland ride it down. Along the way, we find ourselves attacked by a creature Trevan told me about back in the Welcoming Wench (he and another member who had since left scared it away). Vandra and I are forced to fight it while Botok and Trevan lower us. Unfortunately, I find myself struck by the tentacles of the creature, and it lifts me into the air! I scream for help, which our cleric decides is a great time to use a spell that creates a screeching sound. It harms the creature, but my ears begin bleeding as well! A well placed arrow by Vandra kills the beast as it bites into my scales, but I find myself falling with the dead thing. Instead of plummeting to my death, I find myself floating slowly down, down towards... the obelisk! Despite my wounds, I manage to slip out of the grasp of the tentacles, but not quickly enough before a purple tendril from the obelisk saps some of my strength. The incredible cold of the cavernous place begins to overtake me, and I find myself forced to draw my winter blanket from my haversack and wrap myself in it. The others reach the bottom, and together we run for the next elevator. I sit, shivering, greivously wounded, as we descend to the bottom. It takes fifteen minutes to descend completely, yet as we reach the bottom there is nothing my companions can do for me- our healer is at the top! I feel my life slipping slowly away as the cold overtakes me... only to have my senses snap back into focus as Holland screams in pain, sliding down the ropes to the bottom. If it weren't for my condition, I might have chuckled at his improvised means of getting down, or at the blood and smoke around his hands. This is not my focus- my only care is the spells Holland casts upon me that restore my strength and vitality. I might have considered him just another dwarf, one interested far too much in ale, yet I find myself thankful for his help. I thank him in Dwarven, as we turn to face what awaits us in the depths of the obelisk chamber.

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Ebon Hand Cultist
(1/25/04 3:21 am)
Re: My group's campaign log (Player's perspective)
We begin moving towards the pillar of the obelisk, pausing only by the inscription of a black sun upon the floor. In my head I hear maddening whispers, yet I banish them from my mind. I look up to see a human upon a ledge many feet up. He doesn't look friendly, and Vandra immediately begins firing arrows at him. Not wanting to feel useless after nearly dying, I draw my crossbow and also fire. The fellow jumps off the ledge (a good ten foot drop, at least) and charges us. Trevan engages him, yet they both end up standing upon the black sun. Despite Vandra's skill with the bow, and mine with the crossbow, our arrows cannot penetrate the man's armor. I yell for Trevan to move, as I pull a flask of alchemist's fire and lob it at the human. His armor might stop arrows, but flask scores a direct hit and soon he is being burnt. The cheer I give out soon dies in my throat, as the human draws a scroll and reads from it. A pillar of flame descends from the sky and strikes us. Everything then went black...

I found myself mired in a room of mirrors. Instinctively, I close my eyes and try to cover them with my claws. You see, when I look in the mirror, I see Him- the killer. I don't know whether it's really me, or someone else who looks like me and tries to control me, but when I look in the mirror I see the killer. He looks like me, soaked in blood and laughing at the murdered he leaves in his wake. Twice he's taken control of me and twice I've woken up, not knowing what had happened, only to see the mangled and mutilated corpses of people. I don't want to remember the images, the horror, but as I close my eyes they snap open and my hands are forced to my side as if some invisible force holds me down. I'm forced to stare at the killer, half the mirrors showing him, and half the mirrors showing me. My breath becomes short, quick rasps as the fear threatens to have me black out. Only my realization that the killer hasn't taken over my body prevents the fear from killing me. This small bit of solace does nothing to diminish the complete and utter panic that occurs while I'm forced to stare into the killer's red eyes, eyes red like mine, only the color of blood. Minutes later, I see the form of Roscoe appear, and a low voice thunders. "I SEE THE MASK YOU WEAR, AND THE KILLER YOU BEAR!" The mirrors disappear, leaving me in darkness, yet I can make out a hazy, black shadow that approaches me. As it does so, I feel weaker, as if I'm dying again.

"Who... who are you?" I ask, as I somehow manage to work up the courage to address the figure.
"DO YOU SEEK TO FREE ME?" is it's response. It gets closer, I feel myself beginning to lose consciousness...
"I don't know who you are!" I respond. It's a fair point, though perhaps not the best statement in such circumstances.
"DO YOU SEEK TO FREE ME?" it asks again, standing inches from me. I feel myself about to pass out; my body is racked with pain- fear from seeing the killer, fear from seeing this creature that is killing me makes me want it all to end...
A voice that could not possible be my own responds- "yes".

I feel a rushing of energy as my wounds heal and I regain consciousness.

I awake with a scream, startling my companions who are looking at the obelisk. Holland, who is busy looting the corpse of the human we had just fought, looks at me as if I am insane. Perhaps in that moment I was, as I was whimpering uncontrollably, babbling only about "him... no, no, no... not him... please, not him... no, no, no...". Holland roughly picks me up, telling me not to worry- that I am amongst friends. I tell him he can't protect me from him. Whether I meant the killer or the dark figure, I don't know. I tell Holland about the dark figure, but not the killer. I might be distraught, but not stupid. If they learned I was a kobold now... I knew my third brush with death might be final. I conviently omit precisely what the dark figure asked, and my response. Up until now, I have known Holland to be fanatical about destroying evil. If he knew I agreed to release a being that for all intents and purposes appeared evil... I might not even have to tell him about my kobold nature to be fearing for my life.

I weakly walk towards the obelisk, and climb the pillar to the point where the obelisk is balanced. I touch the area where the obelisk is balanced, yet am forced to draw my hand back before a purple tendril envelopes it. How is it the obelisk balances itself on virtually nothing? It's impossible! I look away, and notice a rope bridge. Despite my shaken nature, I have no problems keeping my balance while walking across the rickety thing. The others join me, and we reach a dead end with a black wall. Botok, wanting to see whether it is solid or not, throws rope through it. Familiar tentacles emerge as we see a creature identical to the one we fought over the elevator emerge. I immediately back up as much as possible while the others engage it in melee. I refuse to be caught in its tentacles again and die now! It is quickly destroyed, with Holland invoking supernatural strength (OOC: Strength domain power) that sends the creature flying- straight into the black wall. Another batch of tentacles emerge, and Vandra quickly strikes the creature, severing tentacles in the process, yet unfortunately striking the wall in the process. A third creature emerges, and Trevan finds himself in the grip of the beast, paralyzed and unable to fight back. Only his thick armor prevents the beast from sinking its teeth into his flesh. The rest of us down the beast not holding Trevan (as it is closer to death), and I finish off the beast with a skillful shot to its face. It falls to the ground slowly, yet rests upon Trevan's frozen body. I attempt to pull Trevan out, yet such is quite futile for a kobold- we are not known for acts of brute strength. Holland, perhaps surprised at my quickness to help Trevan, aids me and we quickly free the ranger. We resolve to return to Homlet, and set forth immediately. Along the road, I think back to the objects I found on the statue, and Trevan's words at the Welcoming Wench about Cannoness Y'dey and her knowledge of the temple. Surely she would be most interested in what I had found.

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Crimson Coil Cultist
(1/25/04 4:04 am)
This forum is all spoiler, all the time
Hi Sleepy. Welcome to the game. I don't want to discourage you from updating your log, but you really shouldn't read _anything_ in this forum, not just the logs. It's full of spoilers, even the subject headings. Hell, even the poster names can be spoilers! :)

I'd recommend letting your DM know about this forum, and ask him to post your logs here for you as you continue them.

Ebon Hand Cultist
(1/25/04 5:15 am)
Re: My group's campaign log (Player's perspective)
After the experience rewards from the previous two sessions, the crew is at:

Trevan Strongoak- CG Human Rgr 5
Vandra- CG Elven Rgr 4
Holland- NG Dwarven Cleric of Pelor 5
Sarrik- CN Kobold Rog 4
Botok- CN(?) Human Ftr 2/Rog 2/Wiz 1 (Botok's player however, is absent for the time being)

As we return to Homlet, evening has already fallen. Holland leaves to speak with Spugnoir about items he obtained from the human by the obelisk, and I ask Vandra and Trevan if they'd like to accompany me to the church of St. Cuthbert, explaining the reasons for going there. We walk there and encounter the doorman, Tourjon, who explains the Cannoness cannot be disturbed. We are scheduled to meet her at dawn, and go to the Welcoming Wench to rest. Good news for me- Vesta tells me some travelers have left, and thus there is a private room for me to rent! I pay for it, and relax in the comfortable bed. Sleep quickly overtook me.

I find myself dreaming of a time long past. I remember travelling with my mother, a sorcerer with great influence amongst our tribe to gather supplies above ground. I was but a child then- just learning how to wield a spear. As we gather what we needed, orcs attack and raid our group. My mother casts a spell upon me, telling me to remain quiet and not move. I watch, horrorifed, as the warriors, and finally my mother are killed one by one by the orcs. As I watch my mother die, I feel the desire to kill. All I remember is a hatred within me, as I grab the closest spear and charge the orcs. I remember a look of surprise on their faces, yet their surprise fading as something hits me on the head and things go black.

Memories of slaving in mines for the orcs follow. Times in which my masters whipped me repeatedly to work faster were common. Horrible scars develop upon my back and hands- scars that have stayed with me to this day. All I remember is that eventually they "promoted" me- I became the personal servant to a shaman. He actually treated me nicely- I wasn't beaten much, and I had substantially better food. Why the killer surfaced one night and caused me to stab the shaman with a sacrifical dagger until the blade broke I don't understand. All I remember is becoming aware of the blood all over me, grasping the twisted hilt of the dagger, staring into a mirror and seeing the killer for the first time. I break the mirror and run, somehow managing to escape to freedom...

I awake the next morning and meet the others to go see Cannoness Y'dey. Holland decides to accompany us, and together we are led into a room within the church. I feel... unsettled, similar to the room with the statues, but not quite in the same way. There I went a chill that made me nervous. Here, I feel- eyes, constantly watching me, attempting to see through Roscoe.

The Cannoness, dressed as if ready to adventure, greets us, and I tell her about what we encountered in the moathouse and the items from the statue. She beckons an underling to fetch a large bowl of holy water, and expresses surprise when we tell her we have seen the obelisk. She tells us that Refus(sp?) and Burne are off to raze the moathouse shortly. As the bowl of holy water is fetched, I hand her the bead, the chimes, the brazier, and the incense. She mutters some words, studying each item, and then looks at me as if ready to say something, yet pauses. She stares at me for a moment, and then explains the bead and the incense are magical, but not relics like the chimes and brazier. She hands them to Trevan, and explains the significance of the relics, and says there is a third item likely in the moathouse. Holland questions whether we should seek to obtain it, but I advise against it on the grounds that if Y'dey is going to bury the moathouse, the relic too will be buried. She tells us these relics can be re-fashioned, but even then, I feel uneasy taking them with me. I ask Y'dey to take them- whether to hold or destroy- I don't care. Holland asks what our course should be now, and Y'dey, pulling out Geynor Tol's (sp?) journal Botok gave her in the past points out three courses of action- the place of "All-Consumption", in the mountains is a possible place to investigate, and likely an important place. There if also Nulb, a town destroyed when the Temple of Elemental Evil was sacked. And there is the Temple of Elemental Evil itself. We speak amongst ourselves for a time, ultimately deciding to journey to Nulb. Y'dey wishes us luck, but requests I stay behind a moment.

As I turn to face her, I see her slowly reach for her mace. I begin feeling dread as she tells me she knows I am hiding something- and to reveal what it is, or be forced to. I stutter, I whimper, I dart my eyes about looking for any means of escape- she knows! My life is over- I cannot escape from the church without the entire town being in an uproar, assuming I even escape the church grounds! I resign myself to fate, and ask how she knew. Y'dey, despite an impassive attitude, explains she has her ways. I close my eyes, and beg her to at least listen to my story as I reach for my hat and pull it off.

"SPY!" I hear her yell as she draws her mace. I drop to my knees, begging, pleading for my life. She speaks more words and gestures, and demands the truth. I explain that I am a wanderer, I only want to see the world, but that I want to help. I tell her I am not a bad person and I apologize for deceiving everyone but that there was no way I could enter towns without hiding what I was. An acolyte enters, and gasps, but Y'dey silences him. After listening, she tells me she will be notifying Elmo, and the clerics of her church about me, moreso to watch me than kill me. I am surprised at this- I had not thought a human would even think of sparing me, much less actually doing so. Y'dey tells me I do not appear evil from her spells, and I speak the truth from her spells, and that if I am truly seeking redemption, then she will allow me to do so. She warns me I will have to tell my comrades as soon as I can, and I agree. As she turns to leave, I tell her about the killer. I was always curious as to what the killer was and why he took over me, but I never had anyone to ask. She casts another spell and puts her hand upon my head. Within seconds she leaps back as if startled, and I see she's in a cold sweat. More time passes until she finally tells me that the killer is a curse, a terrible curse wrought against me. Such is the doing of Kurtulmak- the god of my people. The evil seeks to seduce me, as it takes over, scars appear upon my chest forming Kurtulmak's symbol (a gnome's skull). Y'dey believes that if the symbol were to completely form, the evil would take over me. I had known there were scars that were on my chest, but I never knew they were from the killer. I thought they were from when I was a slave. I ask Y'dey what I can do to break the curse, and she tells me that such is beyond her power, perhaps even the power of the bishops in Verbobonc. Perhaps only someone of Mordenkainen's statue could undo what Kurtulmak had inflicted upon me. Y'dey warns such would not come without much expense and sacrifice on my part to have someone of that power help me. She quickly wrote upon a piece of parchment, telling me to bring that to the church of St. Cuthbert in Verbobonc. It would at least all me entry into the church once to attempt to see whether I could be healed, and if so, what it would take to do so. I was also given a potion that would suppress fear, as Y'dey said my fear could allow the killer to come loose. I was told not to come inside the church of St. Cuthbert again in Homlet, and conduct my business with acolytes outside. She explained it was not me, but the issue of safety with the killer. She bid me farewell and good luck.

I caught up with Trevan, Vandra, and Holland, with the resolve to tell them what I was. Holland, however, quickly departed to see Spugnoir. I began talking to Trevan about his past, interjecting a bit of mine every now and then. I hesitated to say what I was, but I knew I could not put it off much longer. I directed the two of them to my room in the Welcoming Wench, where, after much stuttering and hesitancy, I eventually removed my hat with the same dread I felt when I did so for Y'dey. Once again, I was surprised by their reaction to learning what I was. Neither were overly surprised, and neither sought to harm me or turn me away. A sense of happiness I had not felt before welled up in me, as I told them I would continue to help the group. I thought to myself that at last, I had found a place I could belong... My thoughts drifted back to Holland. He might not be so open-minded, and might seek to harm me. Vandra and Trevan promised to protect me from harm, but advised not telling Holland until we had left for Nulb. I decided at that time that I should see Elmo. Vandra and Trevan accompanied me (saying they would protect me and vouch for me), and we left. The guards allowed me in, though ignored me as if I was nothing. I sighed, realizing that they must already know what I was.

Inside, I spoke with Elmo, who was not happy with myself having hid this from him. However, as I had not broken any laws (and hadn't lifted any pouches, despite him knowing quite well I could of), and trying to help out, he allowed me to stay so long as my hat remained on always in town, and as long as I did not break any laws. He was wanting to know more about the safety issues of the possibility of myself becoming the killer, and told me bluntly that if I did lose control and become the killer, he would do everything to stop me. I told him that if I did become the killer, I would want to be stopped.

The next day, we left for Nulb. After we were a good ways out from Homlet, Trevan asked Holland his opinion about other races, primarily kobolds (OOC: Holland's player said he was making an intelligence check to see if he knew what a kobold was, and rolled a 1). Holland didn't seem to know what kobolds were, and his first concern was (surprise, surprise) whether they were evil. I spoke up, saying many were, but not all of them. Holland became suspicious, wondering why we were on this topic, when I revealed what I was. He wasn't happy about it, but for a dwarf, he took it surprisingly well (I shudder to think how events would have played out if a gnome was amongst us). Outside of Nulb, three horrid creatures attacked us. They were skulls with leathery wings and tentacles, with a greenish light where their eyes and mouths were. They flew out of range of us swords, and so we fired upon them. They unleashed an unearthly shriek that caused me to freeze up. The others managed to be fine, yet my hat fell off in the din of battle. Vandra killed one of them, and Trevan horribly wounded the second, but one swooped down and kissed me. Horrible, unearthly nausea swelled, but I managed to push down the effect such an action had on me. Holland touch me while muttering some words, and I found myself able to move! I quickly stabbed the final one, and then picked up my hat.

We entered Nulb, and made our way into what looked to be an inn. We saw a sceptre move through the floor, and while the others began searching for a means downstairs, I looked behind the bar and saw a pretty sword. I reached out to grab it- only to see the sceptre rise from the ground and unsheathe the blade! Surprised, I quickly performed several backflips, managing to outmanuver the sceptre and retreat to a safe position. Vandra and Trevan attempted to fight it close by, while Holland drew his holy symbol and attempted to destroy it, yet failed. I fired my crossbow at it, but much to my surprise the bolts travelled through the sceptre without harm!
"You need a magical weapon!" Trevan shouted.
"I don't have one!" I yelled back, only to see the spectre look at me and cackle wickedly. I felt quite useless- I had no means of harming the creature. Vandra was whittling at the creature's strength (or whatever the spectre relies upon), dealing a final blow to it that caused the sword to drop to the ground. She picked up the sword, and tossed me her magical short sword.
"Use this. I've now got better!"

Everyone except Holland walked upstairs looked through the rooms. We came upon one that was locked, and with some work, I managed to pick through the lock. Inside we saw another spectre with objects floating about (OOC: Fortunately no mirrors!). Vandra and Trevan froze, staring at the spectre, while I ran to the stairs and yelled for Holland. When Holland came up, he too froze and stared at the spectre. I smacked Holland as hard as I could, which managed to bring him to his senses. The other two instead began walking towards the stairs to leave. While Holland tried to turn the spectre, I smacked Vandra, bringing her to her senses. She continued to leave, and soon Trevan and Vandra were outside. They refused to re-enter the inn, and Holland came down saying he had closed the door- he couldn't turn anymore today and neither him or myself was willing to try running through the numerous floating objects.

We moved on to what appeared to be an old herb shop. In the back, we found a strange individual. He was babbling insanely, and referred to a "Sendri" fellow, and constantly told us to leave. I was about to suggest we leave, and I return with a new disguise claiming to be this "Sendri" fellow so that we could talk with him when he jumped up and began to attack. I tried to duck and weave behind to flank him, but I slipped up and was struck by his staff. He moved to touch Holland, muttering and gesturing at him. Trevan, Vandra, and I each stuck him in an attempt to prevent such, but Holland fell under the effects of the spell. With another blow from Trevan, the individual looked badly wounded. I yelled for the others to subdue him, not kill. The fellow tried to touch Vandra as he muttered and gestured, and while Trevan and I knocked him unconscious, Vandra sliced him across the chest, killing him. I yelled at Vandra for wantonly killing someone when he could of been subdued and talked to. Meanwhile, Holland was babbling incoherently and struck Trevan. Vandra and Trevan knocked Holland unconscious while I put the man's equipment into my haversack- better safe there to be fairly divided than for Vandra or Holland to lay claim to it all!

I turned around to see Trevan trying Holland up, and I began yelling at both Trevan and Vandra that such was totally unnecessary. Instead of knocking him senseless, either of them could have pinned Holland. While launching into a tirade on their actions, Holland began to glow brightly and woke. I immediately untied him (despite protests from Trevan and Vandra), and realizing how angry he was, left the room (although when we left the shop I asked for healing for where the man had struck me with his staff, and was ignored).

We moved onto where a boat was- two more undead creatures and a slime creature came from the water to attack. The wraiths moved to strike me, and I felt my health slip away as they touched me. Holland held up his symbol, and the creatures fled in terror. We defeated the slime without much harm, and found a treasure chest in the boat. Holland, not wanting me to unlock it, bashed the chest open to reveal many gold coins! However, the gold didn't hold his interest, as he turned around to return to the hotel and deal with the spectre there.

(The session ended there. Holland got paid a little visit from Pelor, since he was slipping to a Neutral alignement which would have meant he'd lose his cleric position.)


I haven't read any of the topics here. I saw the big "DMs only" on the thing (a good warning), and I don't intend to read the topics. That, and my DM has already leaked some stuff about things to me (curse it when the DM is your friend and you make up nonsenscial plot devices for how the DM should proceed, usually involving kobold assassins and mind flayer monks). He's basically told me A) the Temple of All-Consumption takes up 2/3 of the campaign, and is made up of an "Outer and Inner Fane", B) the NPC we killed in Nulb is an important guy, C) the plot revolves around Tharizdun and people trying to free him and involves a ritual of some sort (he hasn't told me what such entails, and I'll kill him if he does), D) there is a Deck of Many Things, and E) My curse will require Miracle or an epic wizard casting Wish to remove it. Since I doubt the topic titles can reveal the entire story from reading them in one go, I don't think there's too much harm posting only this thread.

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"But you know how much I like the scent of Snuggle," Voldemort said in a sulky voice. "I like my evil robes to be fluffy soft and cuddly-fresh."

Tolling Bell Cultist
(1/25/04 6:33 am)
Welcome and well written, Sleepy. This will be a unique log since, in reading it, your audience will know what's coming next before you do. Muahahahahaha.

Anyways, so long as your DM knows you're here and gives his blessing, far be it for the rest of us to say otherwise. I dig your character concept and hope he doesn't end up on the business end of...well, best you find out for yourself. :evil

Ebon Hand Cultist
(1/25/04 10:42 am)
Re: Welcome
My character seems to be the one beat up the most. :)

I've hit near death four times now (thankfully, the cleric is quite ready to save me, and RP-wise we're having a pretty fun time as a kobold and dwarf interact), which is kind of bad. I'm a tad behind on equipment, given that most of my 5,400 starting gold was spent on a hat of disguise (necessary for my concept) and a Heward's Handy Haversack (not entirely necessary, but quite so to avoid a medium or heavy load). The DM said he was tossing in some gold for us in Nulb, as he's worried we're not getting much treasure (most of us have like 20 coins and been unable to buy anything for the last few sessions). I did calculate the prices of items we found, and we're pretty much on par with our levels. The only problem is we're getting magical equipment (My friend told me OOC the cloak the NPC in Nulb had was a Cloak of Arachnida, which I know from the DMG is worth 14,000 gp) that is quite valuable, which makes selling it undesirable, yet has characters with items significantly more valuable than the gear of the other party members.

The "killer" began as a personality flaw in Sarrik, but the DM asked if I wanted it to be a divine curse. Naturally, that would make for a more interesting story (plus create more of a conflict in my character's nature, as I want to have my character become Chaotic or Neutral Good) so I coiuldn't resist. Basically, it works that if Sarrik is completely and utterly panicked or situations that would illicit intense hatred towards others, he must make a Will save to avoid the killer from surfacing. Also, if he hits 5 or less hp, the killer automatically takes over (but if a blow reduces his to -1 or lower instead of 1-5 hp, he falls unconscious). At that point, my character is fully under control of the DM, who then has my character radiate lots of evil and become a champion of Kurtulmak or something similar, and begins to kill any foes in the most sadistic way possible. If only my companions are there, or no foes exist, I have to make Will saves to avoid trying to kill them. Everytime the killer takes over, Sarrik gets a scar that forms Kurtulmak's holy symbol (gnome's skull), and as it becomes more complete the killer becomes more powerful. The DM set the number at 15 scars when the symbol is completed (I have 3 scars right now- two from his past, and I earned 1 from the vision of the dark figure, probably for saying I was seeking to free it). Now that Y'dey has told him what the killer is, he's trying to find a way to get rid of it, though it'll be a long bit of work to do that.

The highlight was in the first session I played Sarrik, when Trevan's player was chatting with the other players when we had a break, telling them how he wanted to play a kobold. I had trying not to laugh at the time, since they didn't know my character wasn't a Halfling at the time (though I had near brushes- I left the room whenever Detect Magic was cast, and Holland cast Dispel Magic, but used the targeted version instead of the area version on the insane human in the obelisk chamber when I would have been affected by the radius of an area dispel).

One question though: Do the effects of a hat of disguise continue its illusion even if the character wearing it is unconscious or dead?

I'm currently trying to decide how my character would react if the DM throws kobold enemies at us. Guess we'll see whenever that happens. Anyhow, we play Fridays, so I'll be updating it about that time.

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"But you know how much I like the scent of Snuggle," Voldemort said in a sulky voice. "I like my evil robes to be fluffy soft and cuddly-fresh."

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(1/25/04 9:53 pm)
I would repeat what JGRG said above, you really shouldn't even be glancing at the titles of the threads at all. You should create a link directly to this thread, otherwise you may have to wade through a myriad of spoilers tempting you to look--
(My friend told me OOC the cloak the NPC in Nulb had was a Cloak of Arachnida, which I know from the DMG is worth 14,000 gp)

--and apparently you are weak willed in this regard. (You should never, ever accept OOC information on the module from ANYONE... Oh is this the DM?)

Is your DM ok with you posting here? I wouldn't be if I were him.

Ebon Hand Cultist
(1/25/04 11:10 pm)
Re: caution!
[quote]I would repeat what JGRG said above, you really shouldn't even be glancing at the titles of the threads at all. You should create a link directly to this thread[/quote]

I haven't been looking in the topics, nor glancing about at the titles other than what I briefly saw before clicking "New Topic". I do not wish to ruin the module for myself; I simply wanted to post a log of what had occurred for the dual purpose of recording the events and seeing what others thought of it. I have been jumping directly into this thread since posting without seeing any of the other topics- not all too difficult a task.

[quote]--and apparently you are weak willed in this regard. (You should never, ever accept OOC information on the module from ANYONE... Oh is this the DM?)[/quote]

My DM, after the session, told me what the magical items were. I've been moderately ambitious in learning the ropes of D&D to convert the aspects of an RPG I am working on in a different medium into a D&D campaign, and thus have read the DMG, PHB, and MM to the point I do know most things do and what they are from descriptions, as well as an idea of quite a few prices. I don't see how this ruins the game for myself, or makes me "weak-willed" as you suggest. I certainly do not act upon this knowledge in-game, whether it comes from my DM telling me what something is after a session or myself knowing what, for example, Bracers of Armor are from having read the DMG. However, this is why I don't intend to go anywhere on this section except this thread- I very rarely forget something I've read.

The matter of the DM volunteering OOC knowledge is not so easily resolved. After sessions, he asks us questions about how the campaign is proceeding or about our characters. For example, after our second session ended (when we left the obelisk and returned to Homlet), he asked how things were going for the game and character. I said they were good, and that I would have my character go see Y'dey about the relics. He told me, after saying that, that Y'dey would immediately be casting Detect Evil/Detect Magic, and would see the illusion my character relied upon, which would mean being discovered, and likely be killed. Unfortunate as such knowledge is, it's not something I can cause myself to forget (fortunately, my friend is somewhat forgetful about anything like this he says and often changes things around).

However, if you or others do not want me to post anymore in this thread, just say so. If you believe that only entering this thread (that I directly enter from my favorites folder) and posting the events my group experiences will ruin the game for me, then I will accept your viewpoint. In which case, you have my humblest apologies for beginning the thread.

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"But you know how much I like the scent of Snuggle," Voldemort said in a sulky voice. "I like my evil robes to be fluffy soft and cuddly-fresh."

Cordo Crowfoot
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(1/26/04 2:30 am)
mea culpa
Ok yeah if you are just linking to this thread I don't think it's a problem. I'd make sure your DM knew though, because it might be a nasty surprise if not.

Of course you are welcome, I (we) can just be a bit strict sometime in making sure other DMs games aren't compromised.

As for the weak-willed comment, I take it back if your DM told you that. Mea culpa. When I read it I thought another random friend just starting blurting out module info, and you didn't stop him.

Ebon Hand Cultist
(2/8/04 9:42 pm)
Re: mea culpa
The updated cast (my apologies falling behind in updating, school and work have been a nasty combo):

Trevan Strongoak- CG Human Rgr 6, follower of Ehlonna
Vandra- CG Elven Rgr 5, follower of Corellon Larethian
Holland- NG Dwarven Clr 6, follower of Pelor
Sarrik- CN Kobold Rog 5, follower of Olidammara
Botok- N Human Ftr 2/Rog2/Wiz 1, unsure of deity (absent for most of the session)
Luna- NG Elven Drd 5, follower of Ehlonna (absent for most of the session)

I chased after Holland, yelling for him to wait up. I knew precisely what he intended to do without having to think- he wanted to defeat that sceptre in the upper room of the inn. Vandra and Trevan urged us not to re-enter the inn, but were not quick enough to stop us. The two of us walked up the creaking stairs to the second floor. Holland asked me to search the rooms for anything that might be useful, which turned up a few coins here and there. I discovered secret floor boards where items were hidden as well. Unfortunately, upon telling Holland this, he decided the best course of action was to smash a previously unexamined floorboard with his warhammer. While this did open the secret compartment, all we found were smashed vials and fresh liquid staining the boards. I berated Holland for being so foolish- blundering about when subtlety is called for hurts profits through damaged treasure. I fear most of my lecture fell upon deaf ears, and so I returned to my searching. I did find an interesting item, however- an old journal in a script that was difficult to read. The writing was horribly faded and smeared, but of what I could read, I managed to piece together the following phrase "... Orb destroyed...". Having no idea what such meant, I returned to Holland and used my skills to unlock the room containing the spectre.

One more our eyes were treated to the shadowy figure babbling incoherently, oblivious to the flying objects circling it in the room (Once more, I much be thankful to Olidammara that there was no mirror in the room. The spectre was frightening enough- I could only imagine how quickly I would have fled if I had seen the killer). Holland was once again hypnotized by the being, forcing me to smack him to bring him back to his senses. He immediately raised his symbol of Pelor, and bellowed to the creature "Begone foul creature in the name of Pelor!" Whereas this had been enough to scare the ghosts by the ship away, the creature continued its babbling without notice of Holland. Holland tried again unsuccessfully, and with a dwarven warcry raised his hammer and charged at the spectre. While nervous about charging the creature with so many flying objects twirling about, I could not leave Holland to battle the thing alone. I drew my sword and followed him into the fray.

Thoroughout the battle we were fortunate enough to avoid the flying objects, except for one point where a dresser rammed into Holland. He staggered, but quickly regained his composure and pressed the attack. Our weapons only occasionally damaged the creature- other times they passed through it as if nothing was there. Most dangerous of all was what the creature did. It's shadowy hands reached for us, and when it touched me, I could feel maddening whispers and incoherent babbling racing through my mind, distracting me from everything. My nimbleness prevented the spectre from striking me too much, but Holland was not so fortunate. He took several blows from the creature- not enough to render him dead or unconscious, but enough to have me realize he was not acting like his normal self. In the end, we successfully managed to slay the spectre, and despite the whsipers in my head, I heard Vandra and Trevan yelling from outside the inn. I urged Holland to follow me (who was rather unconcerned with whatever Trevan and Vandra were up to), and together we left the inn and joined the rangers outside.

As Holland and I entered, Vandra struck down a large, fiery spider with her sword. Trevan seemed to be frozen at the time. I approached Vandra to ask whether she was alright, but was ignored after asking the question thrice. I was rather frustrated at this. After all, I had rushed to see whether they were in trouble, and help if they were. The least she could do was acknowledge me! When I gave up, I left the three of them outside the inn and returned upstairs to the room where the spectre was. I searched the room, finding more coins and a pink potion. I returned outside, and remembering the journal, asked whether anyone else was able to make out the language. Holland and Trevan were unable to, but Vandra stated simply that it was Elven (which doubled my resolve to have her teach me the language), and that she would look at it. With Nulb searched through, we decided on our course. I, especially, wished to travel to the Temple of Elemental Evil and see whether anything there posed a threat to the people of Hommlet. Unfortunately, most were more interesting in traveling to Verbobonc for supplies. The deciding factor in stopping briefly in Hommlet and then traveling to Verbobonc was that Holland, after fighting the spectre, could only cast the simplest of his spells, and therefore would be unable to aid us much if trouble befell us at the Temple. Grumbling slightly, I agreed Holland would need his magic if anything dangerous lurked in the Temple.

We stopped in Hommlet for the night, and I spoke with Terjon at the door of the church of St. Cuthbert, asking for an audience with the Cannoness wherever possible. I knew I was not allowed in the church on account of the killer, but I hoped I would be able to speak with the Cannoness. Terjon, yawning slightly, snapped to alertness immediately after realizing just who was talking to him. He was a bit arrogance, but said he would see what he could do. I was a bit curious, before going to sleep, as to why these humans had to be so suspicious towards me. I had, after all, had plenty of opportunities to cause harm both in Hommlet and with my party, and had yet to show any sort of betrayal. I remembered the guard outside I spoke to before seeing Elmo about what I was, and how the fellow ignored me. It does make me wonder what I must do to earn their trust. Perhaps the surprise of my duplicity of my cover identity Roscoe made them slightly distrusting, perhaps what I am, or perhaps worry that I might snap and start trying to harm others if the killer takes over. I sigh, and pull out the parchment Y'dey gave me at the end of our last meeting. It might be a good thing that we're going to Verbobonc sooner than I had planned. Now I can meet with the Canon there and maybe, finally, be free of the killer. A smile forms on my face as I place the parchment back in my haversack and slip off into sleep.

I dream of my past once again, this time long after I slew my orc master. Years had past, and I, fascinated by the culture of more civilized races, took to thievery to earn treasure and knowledge about the bigger races. Eventually, I became confident I could sneak into a human city and live there more comfortably than I could in the woods. The sun hurts my eyes far too much, and having been displaced from my cave in the woods (when the killer emerged for the second time), I think the shadows of the alleys will make my eyes and life much better. I take to stealing from commoners, and quickly draw the attention of the local thieves' guild. They come for a "talk", which I soon learn is nothing more than a euphemism for "beating the upstart until he doesn't feel like stealing again". Through the pain, I hear their shock as my hood is pulled back and they learn I'm a kobold. They laugh at me as they continue to hit me, and when I wake up I learn I'm adopted as a "pet".

The two years I spend in slavery here are undoubtedly worse than when I was with my orc master, yet oddly the killer never surfaced during that time. As time pressed on, I began to think perhaps I had left the killer behind in the woods when I fled to the city. I was forced to perform menial tasks of labor and amusement for the thieves- if I didn't do as asked, or wasn't entertaining enough for them, a kick to my head was punishment. After "training" me, they additionally forced me to continue stealing from commoners. While I never figured out why, I had notions that I was actually a good thief- why not put such a small, sneaky creature to use to steal for you? If caught, who's going to believe a kobold? Forced to meet a quota everyday, I work to the best of my ability, walking a fine line between capture and abusive masters. It is about this time I come to learn about Olidammara, and begin amusing the thieves with my piety towards the Laughing Rogue (which fortunately results in less punishments). While they mock me for my displays of faith, I whisper silent prayers, imploring Olidammara to help me escape from slavery.

For two years this continues until I fail to meet my quota for the day. I receive a beating worse than I have ever experienced- I am kicked, clubbed, and whipped until I am on the floor, begging for mercy. The blows continue, and I hear the sickening crack of my ribs breaking from a well-placed kick. Mercifully, the overwhelming pain quickly causes me to black out...

I awake, beams of sunlight burning my eyes, making it difficult to have my sight adjust. I eat a small breakfast in the Welcoming Wench, and a messenger from the church of St. Cuthbert tells me the Cannoness will see me. I immediately depart, leaving the others behind to whatever they are doing, and follow the messenger.

I meet the Cannoness on the grounds outside the church. She greets me in a kind manner, and asks what I needed to speak with her about. I tell her of our travels to Nulb and our plans to investigate the Temple of Elemental Evil after we return from Verbobonc. The matter of ghosts and the whsipers my friends heard from the inn as we left Nulb come to mind, and I ask what such means. Y'dey tells me what she knows of ghosts, and afterwards asks whether I still have the parchment she gave me before. I hold it up, saying it will be safe until I reach the church of St. Cuthbert in Verbobonc. Y'dey nods, and I ask her for the journal of the Geynor fellow my companions found in the moathouse. I re-read it, and my attention falls to the parts where the individual mentions Hommlet. I begin to worry, and ask Y'dey that if this fellow, associated with the whatever had operated in the moathouse passed through Hommlet, would it not be possible that others like him were in Hommlet. Y'dey does believe such is a possibility, but tells me she will not need my help in looking into the matter- it is her town, and so she will look into the matter herself along with Elmo, Rufus, and Burne. I thank her for her time once again, offering several coins as a tithe to the church, but she refuses the offering. I bid her good day, and rejoin my companions as we travel to Verbobonc.

The trip is uneventful, and shortly after arriving we split up. With our newfound gold from the chest in Nulb, I have a desire to spend my share on armor made of a special metal I, as a miner, have only heard whispers of. Mithril. Along the way, I spoke with Vandra about Mithril, and to my surprise, she revealed a wonderfully crafted Mithril shirt under her cloak. I gasped at the beauty of such craftsmanship, and was amazed when she said such armor was strong and light as a feather. With such armor, I could still retain my nimbleness and be shielded from the harsher blows of weapons in my travels. I immediately wander through the forges of Verbobonc, inquiring with the shopkeepers as to one who might deal in mithril equipment. As I am about to give up, the last merchant gives me the name of a smith who occasionally works with such exotic materials. He gives me a parchment as a recommendation, and warns me not to gock at his wares, or otherwise annoy him. I thank him, and head towards the shop.

The shop is a rather out of the way place called the Flaming Wyvern. The enter the shop, and immediately I become aware of the heat coming from the forge and the sounds of a hammer working with metal. A large, burly human is cursing as he works with an equally large axe that seems to vibrate with power. I become a little worried as I see such a weapon- if it's the smith's own weapon, such a thing could easily cleave me in two. It also doesn't help that I know I'll have to reveal what I am to get such armor crafted (at times I really do regret having a tail). I ignore the finely made items about the store and watch the fellow work on the axe. I dare not interrupt the fellow while we works on what appears to be a task requiring great concentration. After about fifteen minutes, he finishes hammering out a dent in the axe's hilt, and uses a chisel to finely imprint something on the axe. I continue waiting for the man to finish- he might not be cursing anymore, but interrupting a task requiring even more concentration is not the best way to make friends!

Ten more minutes pass, and a smile forms on his face as he finishes his work and sets the axe aside. He turns around, and is surprised to see me watching him at the counter. "Bloody Halflings and your sneaking up on people!" he says, before waking up to the counter. I tell him I was told he might be able to help me with a request for armor, and give him the parchment from the shopkeeper. He reads it, and explains he rarely gets mithril, but that a recent adventuring bout with his friends caused them to find a good-sized amount of ore. He tells me he is quite anxious to make it into a good piece of armor, but I must promise never to tell anyone about where I got the armor. I agree, and realizing I must tell him about what I am anyway, stutter briefly before telling him that I am a kobold. His eyes narrow, and he slowly makes to grab his axe as I plead that I am not dangerous nor seeking to harm anyone. I explain my situation, and after some contemplation on his part, he lowers his axe and says he will sell me the armor.

He closes the blinds, and places a closed sign outside his shop, and tells me to show my true self. I do so, and the smith begins taking my measurements for the armor, all the while telling me about some of the adventurers he and his friends have been on. Tales of dragon slaying, defeating giants, and planar travel are told during the moment. He chuckles after recounting a tale of an adventure in Acheron, and says he never wants to hear the word "planes" again. The fellow then expresses some surprise at my choice at becoming an adventurer, saying such is a bit new to him, but that his cleric friend had managed to convert a kobold to Heironeous, and since then the kobold has served well as a torchbearer for the group. He asks of my travels, and I tell him about my party's adventures into the moathouse and Nulb. When I tell him of our plans of investigating the Temple of Elemental Evil, he seems to have some respect for my intent, saying even he wouldn't go there.

After finishing talking, I am told to return in some time to pick up the armor. The smith is charging me quite a bit for the armor- 1,300 gold coins- but such is a fair price to pay for quality work (besides, I was worried no smith would trade with me at all!). He tells me his name is Adaris before I leave, and says if I have items to sell, or seek to buy magical weapons, he wouldn't mind me returning in the future. I thank him, and leave to find the church of St. Cuthbert.

I locate the church with little difficulty. I encounter Botok along the way, and tell him where the others are staying. We both have tasks going different paths, and so we part outside the church of St. Cuthbert. Inside, I speak with an acolyte and give Y'dey's parchment to him while asking to speak with the Canon. After glancing at the parchment briefly, the acolyte leaves, and the Canon enters a few minutes later. He reads the letter, and addresses me with a kind manner very much akin to Cannoness Y'dey. I am told that he is unable to remove my affliction, and that it is highly unlikely any cleric in Verbobonc could do so. The Canon notices my snout droop and a sad look appear on my face, and tells me that there is hope. One of the greater clerics of Fharlaghn does possess the power to request a miracle, and the cleric should be stopping by Verbobonc sometime by the start of summer. Of course, I am reminded such aid would be very, very costly, and the Canon tells me it would be wise to enter into favor with the church of Fharlaghn. He askes if that was all I was sent to ask about, and I venture to inquire about St. Cuthbert and Heironeous. I explain I had never heard much about surface deities other than Olidammara, and would like to know more. Surprisingly, the Canon smiles and over the course of an hour tells me about both gods, and Fharlaghn too. This act thoroughly surprises me, and I thank the Canon whole-heartedly before leaving.

The rest of my trip through Verbobonc is a blur. I sell the items I carried from our previous adventures, dividing the money earned into shares, and decide to hold onto the gold as a party fund. I pick up my armor, which as Vandra said is light as a feather and hard as steel. I thank Adaris for his help, and pay him for the armor. I get the bracers and cloak from the man in Nulb identified, and wear the newfound cloak for the ability to climb like a spider. I remeber almost begging a wizard to bestow an enchantment on my newly acquired armor to be magically resistant to blows. After all of this occurs, I make my way to the inn to meet with my group and see what we are going to do now.

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"But you know how much I like the scent of Snuggle," Voldemort said in a sulky voice. "I like my evil robes to be fluffy soft and cuddly-fresh."

Ebon Hand Cultist
(2/8/04 10:46 pm)
Re: mea culpa
In the inn, I ask Vandra about the journal, and whether she's had any luck deciphering it. She tells us that the journal tells of a paladin who helped destroy the Temple of Elemental Evil many years ago and ventured off. She explains that when she went to the Temple of Corellon Larethian, she had a vision of a crater in the west where she believes the paladin is still alive. While I was willingly to aid her in rescuing the paladin (if indeed he was still alive), I did suggest we first investigate the Temple of Elemental Evil and see whether such was a danger to Hommlet first. The others agreed, and so the next day we prepared to leave for the temple.

Before leaving, I returned to the church of St. Cuthbert and requested an audience with the Canon again. I explained to him that never before had humans showed me kindness, or treated me with respect, and that the actions of himself and Cannoness Y'dey impressed me to the degree that I would like to become a follower of St. Cuthbert. While he did not refuse me, he was hesitant that one of my... outlook on life... would find the teachings of St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel compatible. I told the Canon of my willingness to change, and that if the teachings of St. Cuthbert could bring me guidance, wisdom, and perhaps acceptance, I was more than willing to change myself. I was inducted as a member of the church, and afterwards tithed ten percent of my wealth to the church.

I purchased last minute supplies (such as holy water- after wandering through Nulb without such I resolved never to be without some again), and joined my companions on the cart Holland rented out. We made good time, and we reached the Temple quite quickly (not quickly enough, I daresay, with how boisterous Holland was drinking his ale and singing dwarven songs). I spent much of the time being taught Elven by Vandra (who agreed to teach me along the way).

As we approached close to the temple, Vandra began ignoring me as I mispronounced some Elven words. She began telling everyone she saw people in the bushes far away. I squinted, but the sunlight stopped me from seeing anything. She shot arrows into the bushes, and two hobgoblins emerged. Vandra slew the first with an arrow, and the other was entangled by a spell Trevan cast to have vines grab it. A third jumped from the bushes and began running away. Vandra wounded him, but it managed to escape. I ran up to the other one and tied him up with some rope. I told the others we should probably try questioning him, despite the hobgoblin spouting off several curses in Goblin (fortunately, it appeared only I could speak Goblin). Trevan put a dagger to the hobgoblin's throat, and while I yelled for Trevan to pull the dagger back, he was too slow. The hobgoblin pushed his head into the point, killing himself quickly. I gathered my rope and we continued after the fleeing hobgoblin.

We saw several hobgoblins positioned behind a stone wall in a clearing. Trevan foolishly charged forward to engage them, and was promptly hit by many, many javelins (how the pincushion survived the assult makes me wonder). I followed closely behind him (I knew better than to let myself be a target) while Vandra shot arrows from the cart. I used the sap I purchased in Verbobonc to knock two of the hobgoblins unconscious, and after the battle was won attempted to tied them up to question them. Vandra, however, promptly moved to the first unconscious one and stabbed him in the heart. Surprised at this barbaric treatment of prisoners, I yelled at her while covering the other hobgoblin who was tied by my rope. She stated that as hobgoblins they were all evil and deserved nothing more than death, but I retorted that I was a member of a race usually evil and was not, and so we must attempt to see whether such creatures are evil first before killing them. I struck her with my sap to deter her from killing the other hobgoblin, but I was thrown to the side by her, and the other hobgoblin was run through.

Two more hobgoblins watching from the windows fired upon us, causing Vandra and Trevan to shoot them with their bows. I was rather furious with Vandra for her callous treatment of "monsters". Unfortunately, we did not have much time to argue the finer points of ethics, as I heard battle commands in Goblin being shouted from the Temple. Trevan, Vandra, and Holland stood outside the door of the Temple while I used the cloak's power to adhere to the wall above the door.

"Surrender in the name of Maglubiyet, and you will live!" roared a hobgoblin inside. My companions displayed their wonderful diplomatic skills by immediately opening fire on the hobgoblins. The hobgoblins responded by creating a darkness that even my darkvision could not pierce. This, of course, prompted my companions to furthermore display their tactical prowess by blindly charging into the Temple. I, believing such foolishness would be the death of them, began moving towards a tower we saw in the distance upon reaching the Temple. I entered it, and opened a door to see a human and several goblins chained to the wall. Suddenly, a realization hit me as I saw the hobgoblins were slavers. I told the creatures there that I would return and ran back to join the battle. I readied my sap, but saw Holland fall after a powerful blow from the leader. At sight of Holland collapsing on the ground, I drew my sword and charged the leader. Heroics perhaps have never been my forte, but I reconsidered letting my friends pay for their obscenely stupid actions. Perhaps as much as they deserved being defeated, when I realized my actions involved letting my friends die I immediately chastised myself for what I had done. What would St. Cuthbert think of such?

The leader smiled with a wicked gleam in his eyes, and yelled to his bodyguards in Goblin "Leave him! This one is mine!" as I charge him. My magical armor prevented most of his strikes from landing, but one hit true, and I received a moderate wound from the blow. I managed to tumble in a way that completely surprised him, allowing me to land a powerful strike that severely wounded him. At this point, Vandra moved in and landed the killing blow on the creature.

We finished defeating the last three warriors, and I realized Holland wasn't dead. He had fallen to the ground and feigned death, and while I fought the leader he healed his wounds. He was somewhat grateful for my timely intervention though, and cast several spells upon me while I searched the temple for treasure. As I did so, I could not help but feel that while these slavers deserved punishment for their actions, perhaps they might be able to have been redeemed of the bad they had done. To simply kill them, rationalizing one's actions as "good striking down evil monsters" did not seem so good or noble to me. I did keep this silent from my other companaions.

I entered the first room, and I saw a shape huddling under a cloak. I pulled the cloak back to find a hobgoblin youth cowering, begging for me not to kill him. Fearing what Vandra would do if she saw the hobgoblin, I immediately closed the door and locked it. I spoke with the hobgoblin, assuring it I meant it no harm. It quickly became agitated as it accused me of murdering his brother, family, and tribe. The guilt I had felt in the aftermath of the battle intensified, and I was left speechless. The hobgoblin glared at me, and asked whether I would kill him or left him leave. I unlocked the door, gave the youth some of my food, and allowed him to go, despite the obvious anger he had towards me and my friends. I fear that I have just unleashed a creature that will likely suffer similar experiences to my own and become a brigand. I wondered for a moment what exactly was the right thing to do, and how I could do so.

The search of the tower yielded much treasure that I placed in my haversack (except for a bronze statue and set of full-plate armor, which was loaded onto the cart), telling everyone that I would calculate the value and give everyone their fair share of the gold. I returned to the human and goblins chained in the tower, and after freeing the human (telling him I would take him to Hommlet), I was once again left in a difficult dilemma. The goblins were angry that I had slain their masters and spiritual leaders. I was mortified that slaves might actually like being slaves, and was once again speechless as how to proceed. I gave them some food, and told my companions that at the very least we would have to free them and send them off on their way- it would be barbaric to leave these creatures to starve while chained to the wall. After finishing searching the tower (so as we were ready to depart), I spoke with the goblins, trying to convince them to leave the place and try to forge a new life with their freedom. While such was more or less successful in that they would leave, they displayed no kindness towards us, and promptly left after being given some food.

We left the Temple of Elemental Evil, and are now on the road. Botok, and the druid Luna have caught up to us and have joined us. I believe our current destination is the mountains west, past the Kron Hills, to help Vandra find the paladin in the crater she mentioned. I, however, wish to stop in Hommlet, and if time permits, Verbobonc. I wish to speak with Cannoness Y'dey to mention what we found in the Temple, and learn whether she had managed to find anything about evil being afoot in Hommlet. There was another reason to see her. Having become a new member of the church of St. Cuthbert, I was quite lost as to the dilemmas I experienced in the Temple, and believed she could provide guidance as to what was the right thing to do. Furthermore, in Verbobonc we could sell our items, and purchase additional equipment before traveling west. Regardless, when next we gathered in an inn, I had much to speak with my group about. Our lack of tactics nearly resulted in Holland's and Trevan's deaths, and we truly needed some sort of leadership to keep us united as a group. Lastly, I would have to tell our new druid companion, and Botok, about what I truly am. I hope like the others they will take the news well.

The cast as of the end of our last session:

Trevan Strongoak- CG Human Rgr 6, follower of Ehlonna
Vandra- CG Elven Rgr 6, follower of Corellon Larethian
Holland- NG Dwarven Clr 6, follower of Pelor
Sarrik- CG Kobold Rog 6, follower of St. Cuthbert
Botok- N Human Ftr 2/Rog 2/Wiz 1, unsure of deity.
Luna- NG Elven Drd 5, follower of Ehlonna

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"But you know how much I like the scent of Snuggle," Voldemort said in a sulky voice. "I like my evil robes to be fluffy soft and cuddly-fresh."

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(2/8/04 11:18 pm)
Re: mea culpa
Out of Character Comments:

So far, it's been lots of fun (which I have been telling the DM), though I have told my friend that he hasn't really been trying to kill us (he has told us we'd be facing lots more bad stuff). For example, when the group charged the hobgoblin group, there should have been several deaths. Our cleric lied about his hp (The DM and I heard him say -4, and then said upon being asked to make a stabilize check, said he had 4. The DM, wanting to head off problems, let him have the 4 hp but required a Bluff check to feign death), otherwise he would have been killed. The ranger Trevan was just knocked out horribly (the dire ape in the Temple really messed him up). Botok should have died under Instant Death rules (The DM got two natural 20s from a goblin crossbow bolt, and the third roll was a hit, but the DM just had it be a critical hit). I suppose I was hoping that someone would be dropped, if only to show that blindly rushing in isn't the best idea. The DM's problem, which I have told him, is that tactical monsters like hobgoblins would finish off characters instead of knocking them unconscious to prevent them from being healed. It's hardly convincing that we're facing a tough encounter that requires subtlety if we simply heal our unconscious allies while kicking in the door. Please note that this isn't a "well, I'm going to make sure the other characters die while keeping myself alive". If I do something stupid that would get my character killed, I certainly deserve it. Meh, I guess I'm a bit frustrated because my original character had no background of motivation, and thus was more a "let's kill things" character while the others hung about in Hommlet roleplaying. Now that I made a serious character in an attempt to roleplay, the others switch to the "let's kill things" attitude. Is there any suggestion someone has for getting the players to not rush blindly into every combat that doesn't involve the entire death of the party? In-game next session my character is going to talk with them that tactics on our part is needed, but if they continue to act in such a manner there is not much point to play the sneaky rogue who tries to use diplomacy. I've told this to the DM, who agrees and told me that if they continue to act so foolishly the party will wind up really dead really fast.

Beyond that point, I finally did enough that the DM suggested I switch to Good alignment. I've been trying to work with the DM on my character concept, and so far it's been going along quite nicely. However, my DM has hinted that my curse from Kurtulmak might start coming out more, or that groups of kobolds might be after my character (but they're not kobold assassins, darn!). I've been fortunate, since Nulb, to not hit near-death status, which automatically triggers the curse.

The DM has agreed to let me take Leadership as a feat, and has hinted that my cohort would likely be tied into my character's concept and past. He's a bit leary of running seven characters, and so we're doing contingent cohort rules, since the players who run Botok and Luna arrive late (school issues), and some stuff will prevent them from showing up some sessions at all.

As a final question, how would all of you, being DMs, allow a player seeking to redeem monstrous races go about doing so? I'm wanting my character to move towards Lawful Good with time, but right now despises slavery and wants to teach slaves of monstrous races (i.e. goblins) how to live peaceably with others (based upon an idea of empathy for such creatures, given he's been a slave twice- and was forced to make a living stealing from others- and thus wants to prevent others from living such a life). And, depending on whether the DM includes any kobolds, try to redeem his own kind and lead them away from Kurtulmak (which will result in lots of wrath from him- my DM has said if I draw Balance in the DoMT or get cursed by a Helm of Opposite Alignment I will likely be rolling up a new character, and if I die and don't get raised my character will likely return as a villain). Since my last two level ups, I have been raising my Diplomacy as high as it can go (other than the synergy from Knowledge: Nobility since it's a cross class skill and I don't have 10 points to sink into it), but I find it difficult that my character can make DC 35 checks to raise the opinions of most such creatures from hostile to friendly (as I raised the shackled goblins from hostile to indifferent with +13, which didn't have the situaton go as I would have liked). Suggestions here would be quite welcome too.

EDIT: As a bit of humor, myself and the other players have stated that something is odd when the KOBOLD THIEF is the moral compass of the group. :rollin

I also believe I have set a trend for Vandra's character. My character before Sarrik (whom I retired because he was my first D&D character and had no backstory or motivation for being in Hommlet) was an Elven Sorcerer who, whenever he was insulted, invoked the skill I called "Elven Arrogance", which gave -10 to all Charisma checks with anyone. He also had a tendency to lick his toad familiar to get high a la Homer Simpson. Vandra's player is now invoking Elven Arrogance at will. :)

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"But you know how much I like the scent of Snuggle," Voldemort said in a sulky voice. "I like my evil robes to be fluffy soft and cuddly-fresh."

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