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Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/4/04 4:47 pm)
Re: err....
Or you could send them down a river in a boat with the body :)

Every good adventurer should bring a shovel for proper burials.

Mr Kaze
Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/4/04 9:53 pm)
Re: err....
Every good adventurer should bring a shovel for proper burials.

... meanwhile, the bad ones just have a big gaudy earring with the words "Loot Me, Bury Me" inscribed on it? ;)

If I were writing a neutral adventurer's will, I think it would say something to the effect of, "I don't have next-of-kin to mourn me or a church that I worship at or even FedEx to get my gear there even if I'd rather send it there than let my long-time companions keep it (useless as they may, at this point, very clearly be). Thus, if you don't freakin' mind, you can bloody well bury what's mine with me."

I've tried item burial/sacrifice with the primary armor, weapon and favorite magic item (not worth the most, just what they were most possessive of) and it seemed to work out pretty well without grossly handicapping the party -- worse off than it already was, anyway.

If your party has been planning ahead -- or just not going back to town to sell loot every three days -- then they've probably got a cache of cheap weapons and armor that they can oufit somebody new (or somebody Reincarnated or Raised through unfortunate circumstances) with in short order. New guy gets all the spare trappings of the previous party member -- just not the weapon and armor that probably 50% of the dead guy's wealth was spent on -- and you're good enough to go find a boss-monster who's got a weapon or suit of armor that's better than the cheap stuff the new guy picked up on the way in.

I really like it because it helps to ensure that the gear is trappings of the character and not the other (munchkin) way around.

It also works out pretty well from a dramatic point, too: having to scrounge after being smacked down is a common theme after a semi-climatic event. In Kurosawa's Yojimbo (see also: Last Man Standing and, I think, Fistful of Dollars), Sanjuro loses his swords and has to make do with a knife until the old guy brings him a dead man's sword (which he apologizes for, prompting Sanjuro to look at the sword and respond "It'll do."). Or if you prefer first-person shooters, both Half Life and Red Faction made use of the "you're caught and have all of your guns taken away by some deus ex equalizer folks" about 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the way through.

D&D is the only place I can name where the character can come back from the dead weaker, but still have all the gear that they died with.

::Kaze (gawks at people who stop to loot bodies -- friend or foe -- when there's combat still actively going on behind them.)

Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/4/04 11:35 pm)
re:Looting during combat

Look at it like this; The characters are showing their utter contempt of their foes abilities. "You finish off Hedrack, I'll start going through the pockets." Considering how Hedrack often tools the characters, something like this can be a great morale booster.:D

Ebon Hand Cultist
(2/5/04 5:34 am)
Re: Looting

I had a player start looting bodies during combat once. Then again, it was pretty obvious she was going to be doing nothing important and didn't want to close to melee range and get ripped apart...

So she stole a few easily pocketable items from some corpses while shooting the occassional stray arrow. Darn CN rogue/clerics.

I didn't actually notice, but I have a whole party full of Neutral-type characters ... it actually works out well, as they're quite concerned with following local customs/laws and finishing what they've said they'll put in to do.


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