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Ebon Hand Cultist
(1/30/04 7:44 am)
Temple "movies"
Hi gang,

I was wondering if anyone happens to remember a couple of animations that some clever gamers put together to honor this most excellent adventure. One was a eulogy to the lone survivor of a party that got whacked. It was set to a song by Enya. It used to be at

The other was more like a movie trailer set to a driving drum rythm. It was actually a Flash movie using scanned pictures from the adventure.

I had the web addresses for both these but neither are valid any longer. Did anyone happen to save those files? I am starting my second run in the Return and would like those as teasers for the players at certain times in the adventure.

Any help would be MOST appreciated!


Brother of Venom
(1/30/04 8:02 am)
Re: Temple "movies"
SolidSnake did one. But, this is the one you might be looking for. I found these from Page 21.

BTW, if ANYONE has a link to share with the group, please tell Thrommel and have him update the FAQ. Thanks!

Ebon Hand Cultist
(1/30/04 9:15 am)
Re: Temple "movies"
Thanks! I had not seen the one by SolidSnake. Very nice. The other one I believe is one of the two I am looking for, but I cannot get it to open/download. I looked on Page21 but obviously I missed it.

This raises another question: how does one download these flash movies. I use my laptop in gaming sessions and would like to have it on there, but I cannot get the laptop online while gaming. Any ideas?

Anyone know where that Eulogy movie went?


Chippy Hackee
Ebon Hand Cultist
(2/1/04 7:12 am)
Re: Temple "movies"

You can save a Flash animation by looking in your cache--temporary internet files--for your browser and copying it out of there.

SolidSnake's is called 'intro2.swf' and the other is 'RttToEE.swf'

You can then play it with QuickTime, but it won't look quit the same as with the flash player you get by running it online. If anyone knows how to download the flash player that goes with the flash file, I'd be interested.

Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/1/04 1:11 pm)
Re: Temple "movies"
An easy way to play them is to associate .swf files with internet explorer. To do this double click on the file and when it asks "How do you want to open this file?" or in XP "What do you want to do?"

In XP choose "select a program from a list", select internet explorer, and make sure "always use the selected program to open this file" is selected. Click OK, and away you go!

In 98 I believe it pops up a dialog with the list, so go down the list find internet explorer and make sure "always use this program to open this file" is selected.

If you already have a program that opens .swf files in it and want to change that post here or PM me and I will tell you how to do that (it is a tad more complicated than the above.)


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