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Cordo Crowfoot
Deathmantle Cultist
(2/1/04 5:22 am)
Three of Six party members dead
Regarding the composition for the assualt team I asked about in the Outer Fane Tactics thread, I ended up going with:

* Yklah
* Nilbool
* Bethe
* Zert (who had lost his magical swords earlier in the campaign and lost a level)
* and the monitor kuo-toa monk

Casualties were:
* Blix (Rogue 11)
* Aranel (Wizard 7/Loremaster 3)
* Mooselips (Druid 10)

They teleported to the dwarven temple in preparation to attack the next day, and bunked down in the dwarven priests apartments. So the enemy for a change was able to buff up fully (behind a silence spell) and get a drop on them.

I feel slightly bad for them but they ignored two big hints:
* They contacted Varachan who told him the outer fane was thrown into a furor for a couple of days after the dragons death. Hedrack was furious, but he showed up a day later talking to Varachan in his chambers (Varachan is still under "house arrest" being punished for his loss of the Orb of Oblivion, but Hedrack goes to discuss scrying schedules from time to time) and at that time he was quite confident and told Varachan he had a plan that he was confident would take care of them all.
* They were smart enough to use tracking to check if they saw any footprints outside of the secret door, and they did see some boot prints that "Look like they were made with the past several days. They seem to be in a cluster outside the secret door, indicating they were lingering here for a while." (These were Bethe's footprints.) But despite this they decided to sleep there anyway.
* In the days previous, two attempts were made on their lives when staying in Remas (my Verbobonc). Their food was poisoned and Aranel survived an assassination attempt. This just generally indicated the heat was up.

Then the tactics of the assult team were pretty good. Eeridik summoned a fiendish rhino, who basically ripped the door out through charging. The monk was invisible, buffed to the gills to increase survivability, and was holding a silenced baton.

They could have shut down the fight immediately if they had dimension doored or teleported out before the silenced monk ran into the room. But they waited a bit too long.

Deathmantle Cultist
(2/1/04 6:23 am)
Re: Three of Six party members dead
Well, this is what happens when the Outer Fane starts sending out assaults. I fully intend to use whatever dirty combo I can come up within the limits of the CR.

Anyways; nice assault ;)

Killiak, who has had 11 deaths so far and only 1 temple down

Brother of Venom
(2/1/04 8:58 am)
Re: Three of Six party members dead
So now you've also had an HPK. I know how you feel. :)

Your assault team list does not include Eeridik. As it is, I believe it is a fair encounter. Tough, but fair. And you gave them more than sufficient warning. Some heroes always need a lesson that fleeing is a valid option. It is better to learn it in an HPK than in a TPK.

My apologies for not responding to your request. I had planned to, but...well, nevermind. No excuses. I'll respond next time I promise. |I

Cordo Crowfoot
Deathmantle Cultist
(2/1/04 5:29 pm)
Re: Three of Six party members dead
Actually I did include Eeridik... Forgot to put him in there. :\

But honestly he didn't have much of an impact in the fight besides summoning the fiendish rhino to break down their door. Oskar used his elemental gem (earth) to summon a LEE who crushed Eeridik in the second round (he missed a dimensional anchor ranged touch attack against Callisto). The LEE then unluckily missed Yklah with every attack for three rounds in a row due to her displacement, but still taking down Eeridik was huge.

So that's a:
Eeridik, CR10 (Sorc 6/Demonologist 4 IMC, a bit weak and probably more like a CR 9)
Nilbool CR 9 (Wizard 3/Cleric 3/Mystic Theurge IMC, again a bit weak and probably more like a CR 8)
Bethe CR 9
Yklah CR8
Zert CR 7 (killed, raised, and lost his shortswords so probably closer to CR 7, had very little impact in the fight)
Urlurg CR 7 (very little impact personally but he was holding the silence)

Even with full CRs, this calculator tells me that my party's effective party level (before the fight two 11th level and four 10th level characters) is 11.5 and the EL of the encounter is 13.7. Difficult "Very difficult" and advice to party "Pull out all the stops".

Edited by: Cordo Crowfoot at: 2/1/04 5:32 pm
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