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(3/8/04 12:04 pm)
Ygdal Trueforger's Master Stroke
I received an e-mail from one of my players today that he and his are planning to leave the CRM. Why? Hedrack has been scrying them for the past three days and sent Victor after them to his death. Were it not for an unexpected change in the watch, Lomar likely would have been killed in his sleep. He's also sent a few warnings to leave by Sending. (You've served your purpose, now leave before you try my patience...blah blah blah.)

So Ygdal, convinced they can't really stop Hedrack from scrying, has written and delivered the following note to all of the members of his party. (Crafter verbally, since he's pretty thoroughly illiterate.


I have a bold plan that may relieve the stress and consternation of Hedrak's scrying. After a couple more days in the CRM, let's leave. Hedrak has shown us he's boss and we have no chance. I would really like to do this immediately after another one of Hed's boys coming after us, or another beatdown in the CRM, to really make it look good.

Let's go to Silverymoon the day the Hide armor is
ready (3 days) and hang out until the shield is ready
(5 days). (In fact, I may want to wait longer (6
days) to get that Ghost Touch on my axe after all.)

Let's act like we've totally given up on the hunt for Tharizdun, even looking for new work in town. Lomar can go camp in the woods, maybe we split up into smaller groups, like we're really done. Roscoe found Tulian's Eye, his mission is complete. The Dwarves can take care of themselves in the new settlement, etc., etc. (Yes, I'm slightly worried about not being together, but I really want to sell it.)

Then, after Hedrak has seen us dilly-dalling in
Silverymoon, maybe he buys it, that we're really done.
Given the chance to return a sending, we tell him
he's right that he is wise and we are scum.

At any rate, once our items are ready, we teleport
back and head straight for taking a bridge. We'll be
in the island temple and on top of them before they
know it.

Axes High!
Ygdal Trueforger.

p.s. Please destroy this message once you're done
reading it.

I think Hedrack may well buy it. He's intelligent but arrogant to a fault, and I think it may buy them at least one sneak attack on the Outer Fane.

I expect he'll release Ukemil and the Detroit Lions on the party before they make their escape. When they come back they'll probably come in the Fire Door, since that bridge is cleared out and they have the key.

If Chymon survives the surprise attack, there will be a three pronged surprise attack - the immolation of Rastor, the vamping of the Dwarf Temple and a visit to the PC's from Infinitus, the planar ally glaberazu.

(3/9/04 7:32 pm)
Never mind
In retrospect, I think it'll go pretty badly for our heroes. Hedrack has access to both commune and a mind flayer who can occasionally see the future.

Runechild (mod)
Council of Magisters

(3/10/04 7:36 am)
Re: Never mind
I say let him get burned once. You're right - he is arrogant.

He's going to use his communes and mind flayer to help him find the Champion of Elemental Evil, not chase after some pesky adventurers he has successfully scared away.

Let their plan work once, then you have plenty of reasons to bring the wrath of Hedrack down on them once he's been tricked.

-Thrommel, softie for the players? -No. Hater of Hedrack the Coffin-hoarder.

Night Beast
(3/10/04 7:44 am)
Throw the PC's a Bone
I agree to let the plan work. It takes guts for your PCs to try something different and it's a great idea. It would be great for your game in particular to let the PC's plans come to fruition once in a while. It would be rewarding for everyone, particularly if they manage to kill Chymon.

One thing you have to be careful of is knowing the PC's plans ahead of time and reacting to them with that knowledge. Satau is concentrating on finding the Champion, right? Not necessarily on whether the adventurers are telling the truth. I think Hedrack is justified in trusting his spies when they report that the adventurers fled to the four winds. Heck, even have one or more of the PC's notice the spies and see if they keep up the ruse by ignoring them.

Pretty damn cool turn of events, if you ask me.

PS Have an NPC suggest Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum for your PC's to stop the scrying.

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