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Ebon Hand Cultist
(3/9/04 2:35 am)
Moathouse complete with disasterous results!
Ok i am running RttToEE with a slight twist...

The party members are from toril asfter finding evidence that the EEE has become present on toril - through some help from 2 elderly sages (Elminster and Mordekainen). The sages sent them through the plane of shadow to traverse the prime materials from Toril to Oearth. Upon arrival they met up with 2 locals (two new players who joined my RP group after one left) in hommlett where they where told to uncover some evil.

Being outsiders they decided to keep a low profile for a week or two and not itteract (this gave them time to get accustomed to the strange dialects). One day a young girl told them that her father had been missing for some time and after some investigation they discovered he was last seen heading to the moathouse.

They met ol'del on the way and he mentioned to them about a dragon he saw near there. They arrived at the moathouse and, thinking the dragon was residential (either green or black based on terrain) they through all their offensive spells at the pond just outside the moathouse. when they discovered that it was a frog they laughed and believed that ol' del must have been slightly crazy - in the moathouse they did charge and Big U almost had a new lunch! :)

Tey defeated Big U but at this stage had to camp outside the moathouse to recoup - the next day they progressed into the dungeon - successful on all acounts of battle (thanks to the good turning rolls) yet not so successful on locating secret doors ;) Spug showed them the way once rescued and they progressed towards Gerrik and then round towards the crypt.

Its at this stage that overconfidence got the better of my "heros"...

First they dispatched the ghouls with reletive ease and gave chase to one they turned into the ghoul warrens. unable to locate it they did however locate the obelisk. The bard in the party decided to study it -first he touched the alter and pilar searching for anything of value - he located one of the compartments and decided to check out the other sides. he found all 4 items and decided to sleight of hand the bead of force into his pocket. The rest of the party backed away from the obelisk and watched from a "safe" distance. The bard described the items and what he saw to the cleric in the party who was from Oearth, a successful knowledge religion gave the cleric feelings that only bad things can come from this "EVIL" alter. The cleric told the bard to put it all back and leave it alone. The bard, hungry for knowledge yet not totally without morals droped the drn chimes incense and brazier to the floor and started to leave. he then said to me " my concience has one me over, ill take the black stone form my pocket and throw it back to the alter .....................

he was standing 5 foot away at the time!

BOOOM! off goes the bead of force entrapping the bard, and blocking everyone else in the corridor! after a few minutes of trying to get out he eventually decides to see if the drum will help him get out !!!!!! he beats the drum and sees the eye in the alter, fails his save and suffers negative 2 levels ! curiously (i have no idea why he decided to do this) he beats the drum again, again the eye appears but he successfully passes the will save. SO he strikes the chimes :eek by this time the rest of the party is looking for a way round the invisible wall. when they arrive on the other side of the room they discover the bard lieing on the floor still. he had successfuly managed to kill himself!

so the party press on - they place there friend on Gerriks bed in hopes they can get him raised later. They find the room with the well and expend the last of there magic in defeating the clerics and ghast.

The decided to camp in the clerics room before continuing into the well. One of them hears something on the other side of the portcullis (they triggered the trap and havent been able to find a way to move this barrier) he goes to investigate and can hear the sounds of movement and conversation from the main floor of the moathouse........

He shouts out !!!! note the rest of the party is asleep and he has no idea whos up there. he hears footsteps and hides round the corner to watch who approaches. 5 gnolls appear and he remains hidden. they stay for a while considering how best to lift the portcullis when a human voice orders them to return to the surface - they leave and the character returns to the party.

They decide to check out the well. they decend into the pit and on arriving on the obelisk they are attacked by the Grell, he swings and misses and the wizard launches a volly of magic missiles into the creature, the cleric moved off the platform. The fighter stikes out and successfully deals a huge wound to the beast. The Grell strikes the wizard and successfully grabs him with multiple tenticals, the damage from the tentacles alone is enough to bring the wizard into unconsiousness. The next round the cleric notices the floor moving towards him so forgoes all defence and moves to the other platform, the grell attacks him but misses. The fighter swings again and hits. The grell content it has some lunch moves up to the ceiling. the fighter makes his attack of opportunity on the retreating grell and drops it!.

They decide now is a good time to leave and so head to the strange wall. They sabotage the first platform and drop it into the pit. The bypass the stone wall with the picks and shovels they found and progress on - they then decide to investigate the room to the north!!......

The final battles see the corpses of 3 cockatrice and one petrified fighter :( . The rest of the party make haste out of the moathouse via the passage and follow the river back to the moathouse.

when they get there they see the priests and gnolls and witness the beginning of there preparations to leave.

Gren (the priest in the relic room) was burnt alive by a flaming sphere and her corpse left to burn by the group. to there horror as they watch form a safe distance they see the chard remains of Gren walking about the moathouse enterance along with a few other "familiar" walking dead :rollin

The last session finished with them heading back to town and bumping into elmo on the way.

could this tale have gone any worse? :eek

only time will tell :)

Darkwyng II
Ebon Hand Cultist
(3/9/04 6:26 am)
Re: Moathouse complete with disasterous results!
It sounds great. You had all the effects, all the special features and the players can now be motivated to find out what's behind this evil.

If you don't like players dying - neither do I - that you might have had the bard be freed at the last moment. They wouldn't have known what the chimes should have done, but they can imagine what they could have done.

What a great way for Gren do go! Mine only died.

Ebon Hand Cultist
(3/9/04 9:53 am)
I'm pretty sure you got that wrong. The description says "On beating the drum, ringing the chimes, and lighting the brazier" - Page 29, meaning you have to do all these things at the same time for the eye to appear.

That's how I understood it anyway.

Ebon Hand Cultist
(3/10/04 5:44 am)
Re: Hmm
How i read it was interacting with any of the items brought the attention of the dark god to the shrine (thus revealing the eye) but you needed all the items to enact the ritual that is listed on the same page.

Im not against killing off people - its a great way to seep excess money from the group. The problem im faced with is the player of the bard is feeling a bit gutted because he enjoyed the character so much.

In my favor is the fact that it was the Bard who convinced the rest of the party to go to the moathouse to help find the girls father.

This will probably hold the bard in good stead with the community of hommlet and they will probably do as much as they can to bring the bard back from the dead.

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