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Knowe Remorse 
(3/9/04 3:46 am)
what to do...
I have a bit of a open situation, with a few possible outcomes, and was looking for a few suggestions.

My party has just entered the lower areas of the moathouse, they killed the first gnolls, the ghouls in the first rooms, and the bolstered skeletons and the cleric Gren, who died trying to flee to save the artifacts (rod, torch, cones, bead of force, etc.)

The party is going to head back to Hommlett in a hurry, they are out of spells and hurt.

Gerrick (gnoll ranger) has been informed of the humans who just fled upstairs and I'm sure the 2 clerics (Geynor and Ysslanch sp) near the newly excavated area will know shortly as well.

Chatrilon is also inside the moathouse, I had him hanging with Geynor Ton when the party struck.

I had ruled a ways back that the wagon would be arriving soon, and figure this could be a good time to introduce the cultists either packing the wagon with the Grick when the party returns the next time they get out to the MH.

What are some possible things I can do in town? The cultists will know the artifacts held by Gren have been snagged, and I'm sure they will want to retrieve them. The party has been staying at the Wench every night, they have not discovered Maridosen, or any of the cultists in town other than Chat (who killed their cleric). They dont know of the situation at the mill, nor do they suspect Jaroo.

Do the cultists make an open assault to get the relics or do they use subterfuge still? Any ideas would be great.

Ghoul Worm
(3/9/04 6:12 am)
Re: what to do...
Subterfuge is key - the whole cult operates 'below radar'. Anything else would have every nobler-than-thou knight in miles popping up for a chance to smite some (Elemental) evil.

I'd suggest if the PCs get back to Hommlet that Maridosen quietly let Dunrat know - Dunrat is really in charge of the whole show.

Bear in mind that the cultists in Hommlet have no idea that the PCs have any cult artifacts unless someone tells may be that Chat is sent out after the PCs leave with orders to report to Dunrat at the mill. The PCs will probably have little clue about this, and Dunrat will want to retrieve the artifacts if possible.

If the PCs leave the stuff locked up in their room, Maridosen can probably get at them and if she can't - if the PCs have the only key, for instance - Chat can pick the lock and steal them...probably, maybe with Maridosen running interference in the bar to keep any PCs who are hanging about occupied.

If they carry them about with them, the rifling through their gear may well go ahead anyway - the cultists don't necessarily know where the stuff is. If the PCs notice someone has been in their rooms, or catch Maridosen coming, may put them on their guard and clue them that there are maybe further cultists in Hommlet.

If they carry the stuff around it's all down to who they talk to about it - if they trust and talk to Jaroo, bingo! 'Leave them with me - I'll perform some divinations to determine if they are connected to the Temple of Elemental Evil...perhaps the old cult is awakening here once have done well. Get some rest, for further trials may await you tomorrow.'

If they leave the stuff with Rufus, Burne, Y'dey, Yether or some other local big-wig, then Jaroo may be the best bet for retrieving the stuff, in disguise of course.:\

If there's no other way, maybe Dunrat decides to try leading them to the mill (how is up to your devious self :evil ) and ambush them there, hopefully grabbing the gear and getting out of town fast...but this blows the deep cover in the town, and that of anyone (Chat, Maridosen?) used as a lure.


(3/9/04 6:26 am)
The Lure
Jaroo could also serve as a lure, shifted into someone else. I recommend Xaod. Get him drunk, get him passed out somewhere, then Jaroo and walk around town with impunity and Xaod himself won't even remember not leading the party there. Of course, an Undetectable Alignment spell is in order so as not to trip Xaod's Detect Evil.

In any event, none of the other cultists would have their cover blown.

Knowe Remorse 
(3/9/04 10:38 am)
Hmmm rereading the developments and events in the module, i can throw in one further monkey wrench into the process. The wagon should be arriving soon, in fact, it should be there at almost the same time the PC's get to the moathouse on the return trip. (72 hours after they first got there).

Perhaps I could have the PC's meet up with the clerics packing the wagon, already having sealed the shaft. (I was considering having the wagon carrying bags of limestone powder (good for sealing things and constructing things.. Like sealing up a shaft). And having the pool in area 32 be half filled and limestone powder and a couple empty bags be left in the room as evidence that something is further there.

They have not met Spugnoir yet (after they wiped the gnolls and undead, he will use this opportunity to escape after the PC's leave if he can) though they are wanting to speak with him. Perhaps he can clue the group into the room with the pool if they dont see the signs.

My biggest question still lies with the cult. If the wagon is here, and a large part of the recovered relics are stolen, when do they pull out the stops?

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