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(3/24/04 10:05 pm)
Anyone run an evil campaign through RttToEE?
Anyone run an evil campaign :evil through RttToEE?

My current campaign just turned evil (long story) and their evil god wants to thwart the plans for Tharizdun's release.

Being evil certainly does change things... a Detect Good from the bad guys reveals absolutely nothing, releasing prisoners ends up being interesting, and undead are now controlled instead of destroyed (zombies). Some of Hedrack's protection spells (Blasphemy, Forbiddance) would crush a good group but are now worthless.

My group is in the CRM now.

Comments from people who have run evil campaigns are especially welcome. ;)

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Night Beast
(3/25/04 6:42 am)
Re: Anyone run an evil campaign through RttToEE?
I know there were a couple, but I haven't seen those posters for a while (maybe a year or so). Being evil certainly brings a lot more RP into the CRM, but as you mention much of the bad guy spells and stuff become neutralized. If the party is somewhat lawful though, Hedrack can prepare Word of Chaos instead.

My overriding concern in this is that the forces of good, if they know about the ToAC at all, will definitely send in a group to deal with it. This presents all kinds of challenges for you as DM, though, so I don't know how you want to handle it.

Mr Kaze
(3/25/04 9:36 am)
Re: Anyone run an evil campaign through RttToEE?
I'm running an evil campaign where the party cultist's patron "expects that the world will be destroyed if this new punk-cult doesn't get put down, but since its not my world, I really don't care..."

I've got my thread Over Here and a player-level journal linked from that. I'm also running things radically differently since most of my players have seen most of the campaign before.

- You will positively and absolutely have to change the door to the inner fane.
- By the time the party has made it to the outer fane, it'll probably be pretty obvious that they're not here to help the temple -- Hedrack and them all will be able to change their spell prep to compensate.
- The cult would probably not be flashing symbols and wearing "Ask Me About My End-Of-The-World Cult" t-shirts, thus avoiding drawing obvious attention from the oodles of wanna-be heroes that would assault them (thus giving the party less to worry about once they're inside).
- The party will likely be winning encounters with bluff and diplomacy. Award them experience for that (as if they'd killed the monsters in question with no bonus XP if they do kill 'em later). Also remember that the bluff/diplomacy checks need to be supported by everybody present -- at least while the party is getting acclimated with the sneaky tactics. After all, if the wily rogue says "Oh yeah, we're here to help you detonate the world," and the stupid and charisma-less tank pipes up and says "What? How dare you turn against us you wily rogue!" then the bluff check of the rogue isn't going to help the meat-shield. This is one situation where the right answer will seem obvious to the players, but the dice roll dictates whether or not it's obvious to their characters.
- I'd advise cutting down on the CRM non-temple encounters such that you can play up the temple encounters and politics. It's worked out wonderfully for me.
- And if they fail in an attack on a temple in the name of temple rivalry, it's not an automatic TPK -- it's a "we don't like you, but you've got some skills and now we've got a job opening" situation.

Anyway, I have to say that having an evil team going through the CRM -- especially with a troll to befriend the other trolls -- has given us some delightful chances to role-play our way on through. It's much more rewarding than playing a "we're the good guys and we're saving the world because all of the other good guys kinda suck" dungeon crawl.


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