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(4/6/04 6:58 pm)
Hive Mind
I let my players know about the Hive Mind too. But last session, after getting the wonderful advice of having Utreshimon recruit the hobgoblins from the ToEE, I told them that I'm going to refer to it as the Evil DM Network from now on.


(4/7/04 8:26 am)
Some more thoughts ...

Well, my players have been mulling to themselves, apparently. One of them stopped me in the hall today after class and told me the unofficial plan is to run like hell the moment we start and if Jondar stays to loot, then he stays to loot ... and maybe the next character will be a paladin and easier to get along with. *L* That guy played in the Friday game as well, so, apparently I'm not the only one thinking that.

I was wondering ... once they (the survivors, anyway) pull back, should I perhaps have this be a place (the first) where Varachan contacts the party in some way? I was thinking of sending them a note suggesting that they appeal to D'Gran's ego to bypass him, etc etc? I see two ways for this to go down.

One, they all pull back. The next day the wizard memorizes buffs up the yinyang and ignores battle spells, recognizing D'Gran has pretty fat SR. They roll in, it's just D'Gran and either he stays out of the way or they render him into dogmeat.

The other is that D'Gran goes to find Slaazh, out recruiting trolls, and pays the trolls what they want to come help out at the guard complex. I'd say this takes a few days. I'm sure the party will move past the complex in that time ... thing is, they have some loot at this point and they may want to go back to Verbobonc to sell and resupply ... in which case I could populate that whole area in trolls ... which would be mean, as I don't think they're high enough level to survive a dozen trolls. Especially with some having levels.

Right now, I want to light a fire under their butts. They're sort of unconcerned with what the temple is up to, and more concerned with taking their time and crushing all resistance ... I've been rebuilding and resupplying the temple, making it as realistic as possible, but they don't seem to GET that their 2-3 week trips back to Verbobonc are costing TIME. They went to the Moathouse in high summer, it's now the depths of Winter and they've only crushed one temple and have been thrown back from two bridge complexes. They haven't found enough info, yet, to really connect that the Doomdreamers have a time-table and things go on while they're back at the Silver Consortium learning spells and haggling with Jala over the price of a +1 Keen Falchion.

I need to figure out a good way to let them know that the Doomdreamers aren't just hanging out in their giant mountain temple PRAYING to Tharizdun and saccrificing the occassional innocent local, they're trying to get Big T up and running to crush the entire world.

Any thoughts? Any ideas? Letter from Varachan? Have D'Gran run off into the mountains with Slaazh and hang with Trolls for a week or two? If the party continues around they can level up 1-2 more times before they go to Vtown in game-time of only a handful of days. If they go to Verbobonc they'll be gone in-game for up to 3 weeks, more than enough time for D'Gran to come back with some heavy-hitter trolls that'll clean the PC's clocks.

Perhaps use the sirine-style Descratid as an NPC with some info to pass on about what the cult is REALLY up to?


Night Beast
(4/7/04 10:31 am)
Re: Some more thoughts ...
First, wait until you decide that Hedrack will start taking matters into his own hands before you press them on the mission. This, by the module, will not occur until after two temples are down. If you press them too early, they will eventually get frustrated as there is still a long way to go. Don't rush 'em too much, yet.

D'Gran really doesn't have a lot of money, and the two normal trolls aren't even full allies at the moment, so I don't think he would be able to buy off the whole tribe. Instead, I think he would defect to or take over another bridge complex, or perhaps (re)join the Fire Temple. Another option is to have Naquent bring him into the Outer Fane. Did Naquent or Hedrack learn that Dunrat is missing? Maybe they need a quick replacement. D'Gran would also make an excellent Supreme Commander of the Lightning Towers. He has the motivation to seek revenge on the party, that's for sure.

As for Varachan, I would urge you to be reluctant on tipping his hand. The party is faring pretty well, so I can't imagine V wanting to risk exposing himself for no good reason. Sure, it might alleviate the feeling of deus ex machina when/if you ever need him, but that's nothing. The players might think it is dem, but we know better. V is just a tool for the DM. Besides, if you never need to use him and the party reaches him in the OF, it will provide for some interesting RP. I think the best case scenario is when the players are fighting (and possibly losing to) Hedrack, and then get 'saved' by V in the middle of the fight.

As for finding out what the cult is up to, the best resource for that is Tarren. Perhaps they'll overhear something about that, or maybe Tarren's heard of them by now and can send them an animal messenger (rats should be common in the CRM), inviting them for a powwow.

(4/7/04 8:18 pm)
Re: Some more thoughts ...
If the players aren't getting the timeline, then I'd not let them get it. Very simply let the cultists uncover more of the temple; if the PCs ever figure it out they'll have more nodes to beat, and if they don't, by summer you should just let Thurizdun out and start a Midnight like campaign...


(4/8/04 8:06 am)
el ojo del diablo
The devil's eye allows the elemental to see in magical darkness.

Just looked up BoVD cos my kids finally made it back into the mines and I wanted to make sure they weren't wanting for challenges.:evil

Turns out Devil's Eye has range Personal, so no casting it on the air elemental.

Night Beast
(4/8/04 8:47 am)
Re: el ojo del diablo
Drat! Blasted personal spells, can't make potions out of 'em either. I suppose true seeing would work, but that's a little much, and not possible for Fachish. Maybe you could just houserule it to be creature touched, like I probably did accidentally. :)

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