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(4/21/04 7:49 am)
Hedrack's response
Common wisdom on this board has been that Hedrack's responses are: assassin, followed by Ukemil, followed by a Glabrezu. (I've left out the stalkers intentionally, as I have them being used to take messages around the CRM and OF now that three temples are in ruins.)

Relative to 3.0, the Glabrezu in 3.5 doubled in hit points, got a lot better in melee but lost some minor spell powers and had PW: Stun reduced from 7 to 1 time per day. Somehow the CR went from 15 to 13, which indicates to me it was probably too high in the first place. my game Chat served as the assassin surprise, had the perfect plan...and rolled a small, small number on his death attack roll and was summarily grappled and captured. Ukemil nearly had success, as his lions brought both the barbarian and mystic theurge into single digits, but he too failed to dissuade the group. So now old Hatrack (as my players refer to him) is pissed.

Should I go for the Glabrezu? Man, I don't think there's any way I could not kill my group with that thing. Reverse Gravity at will, chaos hammer and unholy blight from range, he'll pummel them, especially if its an outdoor ambush.

How did the Glabrezu go in other games?

Briar Beast
(4/21/04 8:01 am)
Re: Hedrack's response
I2k and myself both posted the outcome of the Infinitus encounter in this thread.

Scroll down to the bottom of the first page; the top of the thread talks mostly about how I was going to use Ukemil in my game.

Good luck!

(4/21/04 8:10 am)
Tough Encounter
What level is the party? If they are 10th or 11th level then they should be okay. In my experience players always find a way to deal with even the toughest encounters.

The Glabrezu does have a host of special abilities, but how many of them can he use in one battle? A Dismissal spell has a chance to end the battle quickly.

If you want to be nice to the party, then let Varachan warn them about it ahead of time. A buffed party is very powerful indeed.

(4/21/04 9:47 am)
Re: Tough Encounter
I agree that Dismissal could end it quickly, and the group's cleric does have a scroll of that spell ready. However, if that fails...bad things are gonna happen.

My group is currently 9th level on average, 6 characters in total, and are about to assault the fire temple. They'll take it before the Glabrezu attacks, so some of them may become 10th level.

Varachan is a card they haven't seen played yet, I think that's an excellent idea. Warn them that worse things are coming, and they'd better hurry up and get in here :evil

Night Beast
(4/21/04 12:47 pm)

Re: Tough Encounter
As I mentioned in the other thread, how can Hatrack (yes, my group calls him that, too) not use planar ally and get a glabrezu? Why would Tharizdun not send the glabrezu?

Therefore, if using 3.5 and with a party of sufficient level, I would definitely send him in, and don't hold back. Have his mission be to kill a couple of party members and bring them back. His reward can either be half the equipment he retrieves or what's remaining of the lives in the CRM (or perhaps Rastor). It's evil enough and suits the contract as well.

You're group I think it slightly underpowered, but you can best judge it. If you read that other thread, I had 6 PC's as well, at about 11th level each, and Infinitus beat the snot out of them. Still, it teaches them a lesson about what to expect. They are probably feeling pretty good about their power right, so it's always nice to take the opportunity and instruct them on real power.

(4/27/04 7:02 am)
Re: Tough Encounter
They feel good about themselves, but then they get shocked back to reality on a regular basis. Ukemil was tough for them. Actually, it was the pouncing fiendish dire lions that were tough, but you get the idea. From what I've read around here, that encounter is usually not a big deal. IMC, two characters nearly died.

My party is currently entering the Fire Temple complex. They have lost the advantage of surprise (which they always seem to lose, they're methodical, but not at all subtle) and are headed for one big nasty showdown in the temple proper. Its gonna be another knock-down drag-out fight to end all ages kinda thing, but they're good at that and I'm sure they'll come out on top.

After the FT though, they'll need to rest. I suspect they'll go back to the dwarven temple and rest there. Hedrack won't send his next force for another 18 hours or so. At that point it will be early morning, 2-3 AM, they'll be sleeping with a watchman and low on spells. Dead PCs.

I can have him wait till the next day to give them a fighting chance, but barring dismissal I expect the Glabrezu to take the corpses of 2 PCs to Hedrack for some fun. That will be letting them off easy, but still great fun for me :evil .

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of killing a few and taking a couple (not necessarily the same) back to ol' Heddy. Should really put the fear into 'em. 8o

Ghoul Worm
(4/27/04 7:30 am)
Re: Tough Encounter
As another option, rather than the Glabrezu (or rather before Infinitus first menaced this Board), I had Hedrack send a Hezrou after the pesky PCs (Barny the Purple Hezrou, to be precise).

A Hezrou is not quite as likely to be a TPK (still scary), but my group of five PCs (of level 11-12 IIRC) had exhausted their resources and ran scared rather than try to fight him (he hid out in the dark and blasted away with Unholy Blight and whatnot). Just catching them off guard (and not respecting their expectation that they could rest within an evil temple's stronghold - they were in the naga lair in the OF) really put the frighteners on them. The next time they met Barny he was with Hedrack and both the bad guys bit the dirt through some very lucky dice.

Tharizdun decides what ally to send, of course. Maybe he wants the PCs (mostly) alive and scared. Who can fathom the black mind of the Dark Lord?

Grumgarr - who goes 'bwa-ha' just thinking about it...

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