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(3/27/02 6:59 am)
Re: Andorax's Sunday Night Pcs
Madfox, while you have a valid point, I think it's also worthy of note that playing up the corruptive influence of this place is also in order.

A slow, gradual turning towards evil does not necessarily make the familiar any less loyal to it's master, nor the link between them any less effective. Is an Imp or a Quasit an ineffective familiar?

As well, a familiar, even one that doesn't particularly like it's master, can't "choose" to leave. They can have whiney and annoying personalities, but they are bound by the magic that made them into familiars.

As such, I may well have (and may well again, in my other group, if Annice completes her aim to become an Earth Elemental Savant and call her own Earth Elemental Familiar) turned the familiar to evil. It'll show in their personality and behavior, but it won't change the familiar-master relationship...and it will be reversible with a goodly long amount of time spent away from the corruptive influence of the CRM.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(3/27/02 7:08 am)
Re: Andorax's Sunday Night Pcs
If I remember correctly, Tomb and Blood hints that a wizard may only summon a familiar within one step of their alignment. So a good aligned caster can never summon a quasit or imp for example. This reminds me btw of a similar discussion either on these boards or WotC message board or EN, though that discussion was from an other point of view. Here the wizard changed his alignment due to an artifact and the question was what would happen with the familiar. The question is very interesting, but only if you consider the familiar as free willed as an animal companion. Clearly this is not the case. I remember reading somewhere that a familiar is an extension of the wizard. So IMO the familiar will never get corrupted, just like the human wizard will not automatically be corrupted.

On a side note - while I as a DM or player do not agree with the assesment, I would not object as long as the effects are pure roleplaying wise and not to the hindrance of my PC. If for example I play a LG wizard and my familiar suddenly starts killing prisoners without my concent, I WOULD get angry since as a DM you are more or less forcing my character to dismiss the familiar.

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(3/27/02 8:51 am)
Re: Andorax's Sunday Night Pcs
Ah...but therein lies the difference (and we might want to start a thread up on this, rather than continue in my Campaign thread).

You can't initially attract a familiar of radically different alignment...but if you (or your familiar) had a serious alignment shift, it could lead to a strained situation.

If your familiar started killing prisoners without your concent, then there would be a issue. However, if your familiar started going "Oh please master...let me kill them. Let me kill just one of them. Can I? Please? I won't make it suffer...too much. I just want to kiiiill one of them."

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Les the Ogre
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(3/27/02 2:57 pm)
Re: Andorax's Sunday Night Pcs
Boy I'm glad I heard from you guys. Initially, I was just going to have the familiar turn evil and attack the party. Now I know that it would not do that but I would want to. Saved a whole lot of arguements there. I will start a new thread on this as soon as the party gets to the Temple, probably next week.

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(4/1/02 9:44 am)
Re: Andorax's Sunday Night Pcs
Session cancelled on account of Easter. Resuming next week.

On a side note, Reaper miniatures has two great miniatures in their line...the Gargoyle Leader and the Ogre Mage. I'm in the process of using both to create a very impressive D'Gran mini that should really wow the group. Hopefully, it'll be done by next Sunday, just in case they go that way.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(4/8/02 6:54 am)
Re: Andorax's Sunday Night Pcs
And with the morning, the group prepares to set forth once more. They manage to sell a bunch of goods at the Rastor General Store, and don't seem to catch much of a clue that he's got a fair bit more cash than a frontier town ought to.

Tough news for wagon to the CRM should bring those arms right back, and a tidy profit for the storekeeper.

So I get all psyched up for the group to go after the Western Bridge Complex, and they turn 'round and go the other way. *pout*.

The Air Temple is basically vacant at this stage in the game. No replacement has yet been found and assigned, although the altar is still in perfectly functional condition.

The PCs managed to climb up ropes to the platform above the south entrance, and got into the dais room (with the bronze double doors on all three sides), only to discover their 'stuff' was gone.

Wandered down. Found Kellial's room looted, and the barracks empty.

They've found the secret door behind which lies Tulian's Eye, but haven't figured out that it's Arcane Locked and thus can't open it (probably healthier for them in the long run).

Three nasty battles ensued. First the Gargoyles (knocked Lyssa into the pit, but by then, it was too late. These guy shave way too much spell power). Then the Cloakers (nearly had Zane dead this time, but a hail of Magic Missiles from Tsindin, coupled with Lyssa going to Subdual damage on me, spoiled that plan). Finally, the Kuo-Toans. Nifty powers won't save you from repeated mass-damage spells. A Sonic Burst wipes out the 6 guards. The Chull slips on the Psion's Grease effects, but manages to claw Lyssa a couple times from prone anyways, and the Whip falls under a combination of Fireball, Sonic Burst, and Magic much for the Potion of Stoneskin.

Next week, they open the door and discover the boats. Where to from there? We'll just have to wait and see....

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(4/8/02 9:41 am)
Re: Andorax's Sunday Night Pcs
Your group appears to be about the same power level as mine. Instead of heading towards the Water door, as yours did, mine went the other direction and hit the Guard post at the Fire Bridge...they haven't explored the dwarf complex yet, either, though that's on the agenda for later.

The Fire Bridge is very tough, as I'm sure you well know. Just remember that D'Gran has all those resistances coupled with regeneration. My players finally got him down into the negs, but as it was all subdual damage (from regen) they couldn't figure out how to kill him. Setting him in the middle of the corridor and fireballing him didn't seem to work, nor did acid arrows or vials of acid poured on him, or holy water (though it did damage him...he's an evil outsider after all). His resistances and SR really caused them a lot of grief, even after he was down. They finally decided to wrap him up in blankets, weigh it down with stones, and drop him in the lake. Unbeknownst to them, regeneration does not heal suffocation, so I think he's dead...but it was fun to watch him go for so long.

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(4/8/02 11:07 am)
He is dead then. Suffocation is deadly even if you have regen.

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(4/15/02 7:28 am)
The incredible direction-switching PCs
And further multiple directions at once!

They discover the boats, groan, say "not ANOTHER way into the lake", close the door, and conference for a bit.

Finally, they decide to take the southern passage east of the Cloaker room. They enter the old armory, the Blade Spirit comes through the doors. Lyssa manages to turn it, and the PCs decide "ok...not THIS way...let's turn back!"

So they go back through the cloaker room (2), to the stairs to the old bolthole. They listen at the door (a 20 on the die), and hear the wind blowing from the outside. This reminds them of the place Pete tried to go in (it is), they remember the Spectre, and decide...

To turn back!. So off through the cloaker room (3) they go. Into the large cave with the shattered door, up the slope. Yup...ANOTHER of those cave mouths looking out on the lake. They're really starting to hate the lake now. Careful examination of the "statue", and then on to the Destrachan. After some severe pummeling (Fredrick was VERY annoyed when I reflected with my second attack and got 'round his Tower Shield), the group manages to down it. Exhausted, with three PCs in the single-digit hp range due to subdual damage, the party camps.

An hour after camping, there's a knock at the door! (Leo's Secure Shelter) The Druid has come to visit them, and guessed (rightly) that they're not with the Temple. Seeing a chance to net some decent coin, he winds up having a pleasent chat with the PCs, who buy EVERYTHING he knows, and two healing potions besides!

So, confronted with the fact that the most powerful temple lies ahead of them...what do they do?

They turn back!

So they pass through the Cloaker room for the 4th time. Why do I keep noting this? Because they keep walking back and forth over that hidden flagstone with it's nice little treasure, missing it again and again and again. Getting hard to keep a straight face.

Off through the Air Temple (not recovered as of yet...still laying plans for that). Off through the Orc Caves (strangely silent - one of the giants was sent through to finish the job after hearing the fighting going on a few days back).

Fredrick is silenced and invisible, 12' away from the door. Lyssa batters the door down, and Fredrick runs and stands by the gong I had placed in the room earlier as a security measure. A fight (well, brief skirmish) ensues, and the gnolls are dead, and hauled around the corner out of sight. The gong's dismantled, and the PCs head for the Giant's Quarters.

Very clever, Fredrick...he can't talk, can't motion. So he sets his dagger on the ground pointing where he wants the PCs to go, then picks it up again.

Checked the storeroom, came to the doors. Fredrick's crouching in the corner. Lyssa opens the door, and the giant just stares blankly at her for a minute or two. Then starts talking to her (but of course, she can't hear...she's in the silence). Giant strides forward, and gets a confused look on his face (now he's in the silence). Giant tries to talk, gets even more confused, and then the Gnolls come out (the silence covered much of their room, too).

Fredrick then chooses to run for it. Gets past 'em all, leaving the Giant and the Gnolls both asking Lyssa what the heck she (and Tsindin, behind her) are doing here, and what was up with the silence, and so on.

Well, a fight ensues. Giant starts going ballistic (full Power Attack) when the Wolverine is killed. Both the Giant and Lyssa drop to negatives in the same moment (Zane and Tsindin both readied Magic Missiles for when the giant's arm came into view 'round the corner as it attacked Lyssa). Gnolls dead to a fireball and to a summoned Zorn.

So now the PCs have a huge giant's chest, and no plan for the rest of the WBC. Looking forward to next week, and seeing what they do with 100 lbs of loot.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Les the Ogre
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(4/15/02 8:11 pm)
Re: The incredible direction-switching PCs
So they pass through the Cloaker room for the 4th time. Why do I keep noting this? Because they keep walking back and forth over that hidden flagstone with it's nice little treasure, missing it again and again and again.

HAHAHA!!!!!! :rollin

Also loved the part with the giant. Good use of invisibility and silence, though.

I liked how you handled the druid, too. I wonder if he might try to use the party somehow in the end?

Looking forward to the next installment.

Those who live by the sword...get shot by those who don't!!

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(4/16/02 5:57 am)
Re: The incredible direction-switching PCs
Of course he's going to use the party. They're already helping him out by enacting his revenge on the Temples...and they're going to be distributing vast amounts of loot with him (he's already brewing up another batch of fungal healing potions).

I'm going to try to keep secret the "side effects" of the fungal brews as long as possible. Right now, they seem to trust 'em fairly strongly.

I wouldn't be surprised if the PCs decide to revisit him several times before things are over.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(4/22/02 12:39 pm)
Can you push your luck far enough that it won't come back?
This group never ceases to amaze me. A very long session on Sunday, and a very exhausted, yet somehow victorious, group.

Through a second Silence, Fredrick was able to cover while they wiped out the bunkhouse of the Guardsmen. One of them, seeing his companions brutally slaughtered, tosses his weapon at Lyssa's feet and surrenders. The PCs accept his gesture, and he's tied to a chair with a bedsheet.

Alas, though...there's no way to block both the double doors and the corridor with Fredrick's now they're going to have to do it the hard way. 'round the corner, dump a grease off in front of the giant, fireballs and sonic bolts fly, and the fight is on! Giant slips and falls on his...he falls. Guardsmen hear, and come running out both sides...they fall to a couple rapid fireballs and Lyssa's brutal bashing with a Morningstar (I'm terrified as to what's going to happen if she ever gets a Greatsword again). The Giant slips and falls again, gets up, manages to hit Lyssa once...and dies.

That's when the Trolls show up. Zane and Tsindin are hidden 'round the corner, Fredrick has just gone visible at the wrong moment (Whitefire to finish off the giant). One Troll comes charging down the corridor, the other comes out the double doors, and swings at Fredrick with his double-sword (missing).

Then D'Gran arrives on the scene. He drops an Unholy Blight on Lyssa to relatively unimpressive effect (made the save, only 6 points of damage, but VERY descriptive effect).

So Fredrick manefests defensively, and goes invis again. Lyssa readies. The trolls, left without a target otherwise, charge Lyssa...and one goes down to another grease spot. The other stabs her, she hits back, D'Gran charges, swooping down from on high and hits Lyssa..and she collapses, playing dead!

The Fireballs and Magic Missiles fly...the greased troll can't get up to save his life. The ungreased one charges Tsindin, stabs her for much, and falls to a paniced barage of magic missiles.

Fredrick discovers bravery. Shielding Lyssa with his body and his tower shield, he stands up to D'Gran, and cuts loose with his Mind Blast (knocking our slippery greased troll out cold).

D'Gran just looks down at him cruelly, and slashes him right good with his sword. Fireballs and magic missiles fly once more (Tsindin and Zane are nearly tapped at this point), and D'Gran shrugs them off with his SR. In desperation, Fredrick burns up most of his remaining Psi points...on a second Mind Blast....and D'Gran rolls a 2.

A stinking 2! Mr "Hey, I'm immune to just about everything you got" is knocked out for 8 blooming rounds by a flagging 2 will save on a Mind Blast!

Well, the two mages keep them busy for a while, things gets summoned (Zane's Thoqqua, Tsindin's two Zorns (still no failure on the evil roll for elemental critters), and the Half-Orc's Pseudonatural Wolf (No, he's not an Alienist, I'm just using that as the default in lieu of Fiendish for any summoner in this place). Lyssa heals, Fredrick burns up a tattoo to go invis again, D'Gran is Coup-de-Graced three or four times, and the battle is basically over.

Well, after the traditional Troll-Roasting, and a lucky pot-shot on the enemy Invoker (Tsindin's down to using 2nd level spells for her MMs), the PCs are left with the issue of what to do with D'Gran. Any guesses?

Yup...another D'Gran goes for a permanent swim (with Large, Trollish Half-Plate tied to him). However, according to the entry on Ogre Magi, you can just as easily kill 'em off by severing their head and keeping it separate from the body for 10 minutes or so. Oh well.

They "rescue" the Halfling, and loot the place. The invisible half-Orc Wizard made off with the spellbooks and is halfway to Rastor by now (anyone notice there's 2 wizards and only one bed in the room?)

Some debate occurs about how to handle their two prisoners. Halfling loses her temper and demands "Her Stuff" back...which the PCs flatly refuse. Eventually, they knock her out with subdual damage and lock her up in the Velociraptor's room with a day's rations.

As for the guardsman...they haven't fully made up their minds yet, but for now he seems willing to help them haul stuff, and to uphold his end of "If you help us out, we'll let you live and give you your freedom".

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(4/29/02 12:58 pm)
Someone's been here already...
Ok then. Good progress today, and a near TPK. Umber hulks...nasty buggers. More about that later.

They headed back to the South Gate, with their recently recruited former-guard lackey. The trip was uneventful, and they made the gate safely. He made it clear that since they kept up their end, he planned to do the same, and will never be seen in the area 'round the CRM again.

Back to the Dwarven Shrine to stash their loot and rest. FINALLY they decide to actually mess around with the Bag of Holding, and much of their carrying capacity problems have been resolved.

Well, they set out for the Fire Bridge again. They find the female halfling has been torn limb from limb and it is her head, not the Umber Hulk's, that now decorates the spear in the guardroom. A bit nervous about this.

The trolls north of there are not at home. IMC, they found out the bridge crew were wiped out, and decided to just go home (as written on that map). The Barbarian Halfling insulted them, so they played wishbone with her before leaving.

A bit further on, and the Umber Hulks.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Gaze-critters don't use "actions" to's immediate, constant, and affects anyone looking at 'em every single dang round. These things are deadly in the extreme, especally the cagey older one. And my players genuinely and deeply hate Confusion now.

So Zane and Fredrick fall to confusion with the first Hulk. Tsindin gets one fireball off before it closes with Lyssa, and vice-versa. Big fight...lots of damage dished out...and the first Umber Hulk is down! But we're not through yet...because Zane then proceeded to scream "It's another one!" and dump a pair of Magic Missiles into Tsindin and another pair into Lyssa (MM, the same thing he did to the Umber Hulk when he had a round of lucidity against it).

They ducked around the corner, which left Zane and Fredrick staring at each other about 40' apart. Zane rolls another attack, and determines Fredrick is yet another Umber Hulk, dumping 4 MMs his way (his last spell). Fredrick responds with his Ecto-Cocoon. A couple rounds later, everybody gathers up their marbles, and the cocoon melts.

Some VERY important healing occurs at this point...without it, there would be more fatalities.

And then they round the corner. Lyssa takes a header right into the pit, the older Hulk turns...and yes, Zane gets zapped again!

The Hulk moves 'round, decides to grapple Fredrick (to try and solve some of those annoying problems getting 'round that Tower Shield). Tsindin drops a MM at the critter...and Lyssa Flame Strikes from pit's bottom (fortunately, just before he grappled Fredrick).

Fredrick, desperate at this point, makes a very tough Concentration check and wraps himself up in an Ecto-Cocoon, figuring it's the only way he, and his 2 hps, are going to make it out of there.

Zane...dang, this guy's reliable as all get out when confused (which he becomes...reliably) screams "It's a whole corridor of them!!!", steps back from Tsindin, and cuts loose with a Sonic Bolt (Lightning Bolt, Sonic Substituted). Tsindin is nearly slain, Fredrick is safe in his cocoon, and somehow the Hulk fails it's save and topples. Lucky for all, as his next action was to drop Fredrick on top of Lyssa, damaging them both (and likely killing Fredrick).

So now Tsindin is trying to figure out what to do, hiding from Zane, waiting for Fredrick to come 'round, and figure out SOME way to get a rope down to Lyssa. The Cocoon melts, and Zane's nowhere to be seen. So they let Lyssa up, and go looking for their wandered-off mage.

Well...that's the icky part. My next roll was a 1 (wander off for 1 minute). I rolled his direction at random, and he wandered right into the tentacles of the Violet Fungus.

Dang nasty critter...single round, hit 3/4 of it's attacks, poisoned 2/3 of those hits. Zane dropped from full health and 39 hps down by 18 damage and loss of 5 con points (enough to lose 24 more). Full health to rotting corpse in record time.

By the time the PCs caught up with 'im, he was quite dead.

So they recover his corpse, pile the loot up, and head back out. They decide (why, I have no idea) to leave via the Air Temple rather than the secret entrance...I think they're afraid of being tracked.

Random encounter roll...and they play hide and seek with an Adult Arrowhawk in the Air Temple proper for a while (initial scout of the new forces...they'll be seeing it again).

Then back out into the daylight, and a long hike back to Rastor. Zane's will specifies no resurrection, so now they're looking for a new 4th to accompany them, afraid that the 3 of them are insufficienct to survive long in the CRM (and with no idea that a Dragon lies ahead).

Session ended in Rastor with a huge pile of Masterwork, Large, and other equipment of fairly high value dropped off at the Temple of Moradin under terms that it be stored for them, and handed over TO them if the PCs don't come back within two weeks. Rerrid knows the CRM well enough to be willing to take that gamble, and a temple storeroom has been turned over to them for that purpose.

Need to repop the Air Temple, and do some thinking about what to replace the Fire Bridge with. Dang, but D'Gran was so unique of a bad nasty...nothing else quite measures up.

I also need to decide the final fate of Choranth. I'm still leaning towards giving her to Thrommel as a plaything for failing to guard the South Door.

I expect they'll be back through the Dwarven shrine tomorrow, in two days at the latest...that's soon enough to find an empty Fire Bridge, and get "safely" through to the Dragon/Ettin/Rust Monster area. They may well come to the Western Entrance next session (yay), and a happy reunion between Lyssa and her +1 Greatsword she's not seen for weeks.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(5/6/02 12:48 pm)
Re: Andorax's Sunday night PCs
Well, they did the unexpected...yet again...and once again I had to wing it.

After meeting up with Gath, their new half-orc Sorceror/Barbarian companion (a refuge from the Thursday group that folded, leveled up nicely), they go through a host of other town stuff. Lyssa has managed, through Fredrick, to commission the construction of a Greatsword of "magical ability". I've looked things over, and come up with a +1, Sure-Striking Greatsword. It's one of the few things a 5th level Cleric can manage, and should make her very happy. Only problem is, it's a week to make the sword, and another week to make it magical. Plus the cost (which, despite the Giant horde) is pretty steep).

Off to the mines. Oh sure...we'll just slip right in through the South Gate. It can't be occupied yet, can it?

So I had to wing it. Here's what I cooked up:

Djinn. Commanded via a ring, he is a very unwilling servant of the Temple, and he feels the corruptive influence beginning to change him.

Adult Arrowhawk. Actually a random encounter from earlier, it's there to keep things in order.

Big ol' tribe of Orcs hired in for muscle. Basically, replacement fodder.

Well, the PCs were rebuffed at the gates, and their story of being hired by D'Gran for extra muscle didn't hold water. So they go 'round to the secret door, and come at the Air Temple from behind!

Arrowhawk dropped disturbingly quickly by some lucky shots. Then, invisible whirlwind comes whipping 'round the corner, and wafting about PCs.

Tsindin's virtually helpless. Lyssa manages to thump the center of the whirlwind a couple times with her Morningstar, and gets ejected. Eventually, they drop the Djinn down to just a few hps, he drops Tsindin down the spiral staircase, and goes gaseous AND invisible.

So the PCs discuss their alternatives, and start trying to batter down the bronze doors. The Djinn contacts them telepathically, and tries to reason with them, convincing them to leave.

Much debate ensues. Finally, believing the Djinn to be trustworthy, they decide to depart.

I haven't decided yet whether I was lying through my teeth or not.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(5/6/02 12:52 pm)
Re: Andorax's Sunday night PCs
I haven't decided yet whether I was lying through my teeth or not.

Sometimes it is good to speak the truth, so that the lies hurt more later on :evil

Anyway, perhaps you might place some suggestions about the djinn being there involluntarily. It would give the players a good feeling to rescue a benign being from such a terrible fate. Perhaps it could give the PCs a warning about the corruptive influence of the area on elemental beings as some kind of reward for their services?

Then again, you might have other plans with the PCs.

[Edited a strange spelling error, you know, the type that you notice when you reread your message a day later, but totally overlooked when you actually wrote the message. ;) ]

Edited by: madfox at: 5/8/02 12:26:39 am
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(5/7/02 7:07 am)
Re: Andorax's Sunday night PCs
Given those two choices...I'll take both. Good suggestions, Madfox.

For now, he's an unwilling and upset servitor-being. If they come back later, they'll discover that he's become colder, crueler, and much more willing to serve the new High Priest of Air (whom I still haven't written up yet).

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(5/13/02 7:25 am)
Re: Andorax's Sunday night PCs
Well, the PCs kept their end of the deal and have left the Air Temple. Their current plan is to hunt down whoever's got his "lamp" and set him free (won't it be a surprise when they discover that in the meantime he's become a voluntary servant).

They headed up the other way, and now we've another Vranthis story...

Spotted the Kuo-Toa in the water, as he darted away. Set off the cave-in in room 30 and battled (and slew) the Digester in room 29. Isn't it odd how there's caves that are just on the verge of collapse, waiting on PCs to fall in?

Anyhoo, they come across the tracks, and try to figure out what to do next. Wanting to keep his feet on the ground, Fredrick suggests they follow along the floor of the cavern, rather than trying to follow the tracks (which start 40' above the cavern floor). Some distance later, they find the entrance to the lair.

Cautiously, they approach the nest. Well spread out, and ready for anything. Well, almost anything.

Vranthris gets a surprise round, and swoops into place, landing on top of the rail near the mouth of his lair (standard move for his partial action...has already pre-cast Spider Climb AND Mage Armor).

Combat ensues! Gath gets a lucky shot off with his bow, and negotiations are no longer an option. His hummingbird (holding a charge of Shocking Grasp) criticals it's touch attack against Vranthris...and deals 20 points electrical right to a tender spot!

So Gath and Lyssa (who was standing nearby) get a facefull of Acidic Gas for their insolence, and Vranthis leaps up, turns, and clings to the ceiling directly above them.

Tsindin goes invisible (improved, she loves this spell now). Lyssa responds with a Holy Smite, for which I failed my dang save! Fredrick fires off a Whitefire, powered up by two extra dice (ITCK). Gath fires, and hits him AGAIN (yes, AC 26, and this guy has only 2 Barbarian and 6 Sorceror levels).

So now he's blinded and pretty badly hurt. Not good for Vranthris. I yank a chunk of stone out of the ceiling (spreading a bit of random mayhem down below, but no actual damage), and huck it at the ceramic pyramid, and then scramble along the ceiling above the track, ready to get the heck outta here.

Well, the damage keeps coming. Lyssa hits with HER bow, Tsindin drops a Fireball on my arse. Fredrick dumps 7 more points into another powered-up Whitefire. Gath FINALLY misses.

Ok...Vranthis is outta here. After giving Lyssa, Fredrick and Gath one last parting facefull of acid, I swoop down the track and into the darkness. Meanwhile, the Fiendish Girallon appears, leaps over the nest, and clubs Lyssa from behind.

At this point, a bit of OOC comes through. Lyssa, as played by my wife, is the one player who knows what Girallons can really do. And she's VERY afraid. She starts looking for 4d6.

Lyssa bashes it (crit) for 36 with her Morningstar. Fredrick tries to grease the ground beneith it (bad roll, only a DC 8) . Tsindin starts summoning, and Gath takes one last parting shot at the Dragon. Irony is, if it weren't for the Mage Armor, he would have got me. Down by 125 hps, he guessed my square correctly in the darkness AND made his miss chance AND hit AC better than my natural. Damage was rolled anyway, and was a 9. Vranthis lives by a good spell choice alone.

So the Girallon proceeds to tear Lyssa limb from limb. I miss with both my bite and one claw attack, and "only" do 45 damage to her. Thanks to a very well-rolled Endurance spell this morning, she's only reduced to -5 (72 natural hps, 90 with Endurance going, 95 total points of damage).

The Xorn appears (drat, still normal), and flails at the Girallon to little effect. Tsindin fires off magic missiles, and they go splat against the SR (look of terror on mage's face).

Fredrick's courage shows through again...he slaps Gath on the back with an Inertial Barrier, and crouches behind his Tower Shield, praying.

Gath leaps forward, nearly ignores the attack of opportunity, and buries his axe in the Girallon's head. Victory! Lyssa even stabilizes of her own accord.

Well, the PCs pursue until they reach the pit room. They've no idea which way the Dragon went, so it's back to loot his lair and off to the Dwarven Temple Complex to rest and recoup.

The next day.....

They find a conch shell and a note by the end of the fungal room.

"You very powerful. You kill digester. You assault Dragon! My boss, he send me under flag of truce to talk to you. Go stand by water. Blow horn. I come, and we talk. No tricks!"

So they do so, and meet up with the Kuo-Toa spy that was there yesterday. Guess what? Tomorrow at dusk, I'll be meeting them back here again with a small boat, and they'll be "helping" with the attack on the Fire exchange for "half the loot" and under Nilbool's having "given his word."

Back into the mines. Well, no sign of Vranthris (IMC, he's lying at the bottom of the Stalagos healing up. He's no fool, has no friends here, and is hurting VERY bad). So they follow the track, come to the pit room, and send Fredrick on ahead w/o his Tower Shield and with Invisibility.

Fredrick slips past the Ettin (who botched his listen roll badly), and then spies the Rust Monster, who starts scuttling in his direction. A somewhat comical scene follows as Fredrick sneaks away and throws some grease on the ground, the Rust Monster scuttles after him, slips, falls, and the Ettin picks his favorite pet up and looks around, trying to figure out where these blobs of grease are coming from.

Eventually, the jig is up. Gath charges in, and gets pummeled by the Ettin, nearly losing his axe in the process. Lyssa fires off another of those Holy Smite spells. Guess what? Yup...blind Ettin. Rusty gets his revenge, though, and "poof", no more Chain Mail +1. Tsindin, by the way, isn't doing much as their effort for stealth required her to put the Everburning Torch away (she's the only PC w/o Darkvision).

Fredrick tries and tries again to Cocoon poor Rusty (He can't win. Everything is either Large (Dragons, Ogres, Giants), Dexterous (Digester), or Lucky (Rusty...and he rolled DCs of 6 and 8 for my Reflex saves).

Lyssa bashes Rusty with her Morningstar +1, and pulls back a stick. Gath puts an arrow in poor Rusty's hide. Tsindin says enough is enough, pulls out her torch, and fireballs the room (where Fredrick was, supposedly, somewhere invisible...they're going to have a long chat). That's more Ettin, no more Rust Monster. And no more session for tonight, as Lyssa morosely contemplates continuing through the CRM with a tunic and a Scimitar she's not proficient with.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(5/13/02 2:24 pm)
Re: Andorax's Sunday night PCs
Wow, this is a cool resource.

Its giving me all kinds of ideas for starting out this group. We've got one more adventure to go through and we'll be starting.

Just wanted to say thanks.

I am a Thrust-ship.

I am small and tricky - where you think I am, I probably am not. I can work very fast, but I tend to go about things in a round about way, which often leaves me effectively standing still. I hate rocks. Bloody rocks. What Video Game Character Are You?
"You must not Ph34r, Ph34r leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to beatdowns, and B34td0wnz Sux0r."

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(5/20/02 1:35 pm)
Re: Andorax's Sunday night PCs
Glad you enjoyed, Fellwind...and I hope you're still reading. They're most assuredly not done yet.

Well, the group wandered on further south, after Fredrick loaned Lyssa his Flaming Dagger +1 (Oh my, what a letdown from big, large, 2h weapons).

They found the cave with the pool, almost missed everything, but Tsindin thought to toss out a Detect Magic at the last minute...lo and behold, there were the items. They're not sure what to make of the Thurbule, but Lyssa welcomed the chance to get back into armor again (even if it was a Breastplate).

On, around, and back again...and then North. Past the Green Slime (1 fireball)...up to the Basilisk (1 fireball, reckless charge by Gath who did max damage with his axe).

Just a note on this party, if it's under 20 it doesn't matter. Gath and Lyssa both have 17-19s to begin with, both cast Bull's Strength daily (Gath casts an Extended one before strapping on HIS Adamant Breastplate). The amount of 2h damage these two dish out is just sickening.

Gath apparently has an immortality complex. Doesn't matter how dangerous it is, he charges full-force. It'll cost him someday. I did have some fun with this, for Tsindin summoned a Zorn to go check out the cave, and I finally got a corrupted one! She's scared to cast any other summonings right now.

Across, and a fight against Thoqquas...and I've finally very nearly slain Fredrick's %#^%))#%) Tower Shield. I have to remember that if it misses him from cover, it hits the cover. Keep that in mind, you Tower Shield hating DMs.

And then...the Western Gate. Lyssa and Tsindin's nightmares come flooding back, but they prepare to assault anyways. It's amazing what a bit of planning and a few levels will do.

During this entire fight, please note, Tsindin and Fredrick were both Invisible (Fred from regular Invis, Tsindin from Improved Invis). Lyssa and Gath were both surrounded by Inertial Barriers. Fredrick also had a Silence cast on him.

Into the Gnoll room (2). 4 Gnolls dropped quickly and silently. Across to the Archer's room (5). 4 archers dropped quickly and silently. Into the main hall.

Grease covers the hallway in several places. Party marches on northwards.

Into the second Gnoll room (3). Lyssa charges in and hacks. Fredrick is behind, so noise follows. Our favorite Trog cleric wakes up, comes out to investegate, and sends forth his undead minions. Lyssa hands over the Gnolls/archers to Gath, turns to face the cleric, and Tsindin lobs a fireball past the cleric, clearing out a horde of Zombies and hurting the Trog in the process. He casts Shield of Faith (AC 30 now...I gave him L6 from the last fight) and steps up.

Lyssa hacks him with the dagger, hits, and damages him some more (on top of fireball from before). In shock, he falls back and tries a Blindness on her (which fails). Meanwhile, Tsindin lobs another fireball and finishes off the remainder of the Zombies. Gath finished the Gnolls and is trading shots with the Archers, as Fredrick watches the double-doors, blocking all the noises from coming down from the hall.

Eventually, Fredrick gets nervous and follows up the hall. Just as he gets there (Silencing Tsindin), Lyssa hits the Trog AGAIN, and he ducks into the room to suck down a healing potion. Fredrick takes up position in front of Gath to provide invisible Tower Shield cover...and an arrow kills the dang shield off!

Well, Lyssa darts into the room and (yes, you guessed right) hits a third time. DANG her dice were hot. Trog is dead, zombies dead, archers dead (Tsindin's magic missiles helped a bad-aim Gath). Fredrick investegates, to find a soldier lying in the grease-spot in front of the doors, with Wormspike and Mereclar staring and wondering.

Gath comes running around the corner, and the action begins! Arrows fly, Wormspike leaps over the grease, Mereclar mounts and unchains the Howler.

Gath does a flying charge into Wormspike, sucks up the reach AOO, and CRITS! Wormspike dies in a single 63 hp blow.

Mereclar orders his beastie into the fray, and it slides along the greese, making a prone bite attack against Gath for what WOULD be massive damage, save for the Inertial Barrier. Now they're a bit nervous. Lyssa drops a Flamestrike (which catches Fredrick and nearly kills him (4 hps left WITH a +Con power going).

Gath manages to hack at the critter with his Greataxe, and gets mauled again for his trouble. That Inertial Barrier was a lifesaver...the most a quill can do is 10 points, exactly the DR of the it prevented quills from sticking. Lyssa sucks up the AoO, takes both much damage and much Barrier damage, and CRITS the dang Howler with her flagging Flaming Dagger (Power by 5, Feat of Strength). 41 %#*%)# damage with a stupid little dagger!

Well, it's not over yet. Tsindin and Fredrick collide (remember, both invisible, Fredrick silenced), and waste a round sorting that out. The Howler mauls Lyssa again. Mereclar would rather it finish off Gath, but he can't command it with the Silence in the area. A Magic Missile from Tsindin, and hacking from Gath and Lyssa, and the thing is down. Tsindin clears the room behind with a more soldiers. Mereclar doesn't take long to finish off, as he was already badly hurt from the Flamestrike...was just a matter of who got the blow in. 'twas Fredrick, who triggered an Ecto-Cocoon (everything's dead, no need for Invis), and coup-de-graces Mereclar through the breathing hole.

So it's happy looting time, and Lyssa is extatic to have her Greatsword +1 and Chain Shirt +1 back. Loot all around, and plans to drag the stuff back to the Dwarf Temple and move out from here. Still trying to make heads or tails of the two notes they found.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(5/20/02 3:08 pm)
Hmmm.... after reading your journals, I think I may start rolling behind a screen. I usually roll combat right out in front of the players.... keeps the random factors truly random, and keeps both me and the players on our toes as far as fleshing out the scene.

But, I have 4 very new players, one "invulnerable" power gamer, and only one highly experienced player. Not sure if they understand the concept of "run, stupid!"

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."

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