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Tristan DArque
(11/14/02 3:58:58 pm)
Re: Where do y'all live?
London, England

but I lived in Munster when I was born, does that count for anything with you German guys? (probably not, as the son of an officer of an occupying army...)

[and Lorrin, is that Farnborough, Hampshire?]

Edited by: Tristan DArque at: 11/14/02 4:06:54 pm
(11/14/02 4:30:43 pm)
Re: Where do y'all live?
Somerset, England - right in the middle of farming land =)

It's not that I'm afraid to die. I just don't want to be there when it happens.

(11/14/02 8:20:38 pm)
Lansdale, PA
Suburbs outside of Philly

Looking at the qoute below, you are wrong there. I have heard of your town. (my wife is German, met her there when I was over there in the military from 95 until 98. :)

Meschede or Muenster, Germany
Well, It seems like I am one of the few German guys around here.

And I'm absoulutely sure that no one ever heard of my hometown.

Edited by: Daeinar at: 8/8/02 8:07:02 am

(11/14/02 8:27:58 pm)
Re: Where do you all live?
I live in Repentigny, a suburb just east of Montréal, Québec in Canada. It's a great place to live, but there aren't enough gaming stores in the area.

(11/14/02 10:01:13 pm)
hah kind of funny that this thread is revived...
so .. i'm in good old (aka cold) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

JeffQ UK
(11/15/02 5:14:31 am)
Rack up another Englishman
To give my town its Sunday best name..

Royal Leamington Spa

(11/15/02 1:33:18 pm)
Canada Represent...
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the house!!!

Someone asked why there was no one from the Prairies region of's because me and my group feel we are the only roleplayers in Alberta...that we've noticed. I actually read this thread hoping to find some locals to hook up with, cause the only gamers in my city seem to be vampire fan-boys in makeup and pirate shirts. (My apologies to all the vampire fan-boys in makeup and pirate shirts who may be reading this...and to all the other Edmonton gamers; where are you when we try to organize con's and when people put up posters at game stores to find players!?! Stand up and be counted!!!)


(11/15/02 3:47:37 pm)
First from Hungary
I live in Budapest, Hungary.

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