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A wanderer
(9/4/02 6:40 pm)
Re: DMDan's Campaign Story (long, but hopefully interesting)
Unfortunately, he could not see our hidden scout, Ivona, but she rolled to safety with only singed hair. As she rolled to avoid the flames, Ivona dropped the stone of 'silence' into the pocket of an unaware priest, stopping its vial spells. Both dark priest quickly ran off the platform to get away from the 'unseen' silence effect.

Whoa, that was a really cool idea!

That's going to come in really handy this weekend, if Dunrat (with Silence prepared) and Chatrilon (with his wand) team up to assasinate the PCs...

DM Dan76
A wanderer
(9/5/02 11:49 am)
Re: DMDan's Campaign Story (long, but hopefully interesting)
Yes, my Players thought it a stroke of genius.
They may not think so when I use it against them.

DM Dan76
(9/19/02 9:43 am)
Re: DMDan's Campaign Story
Episode 29, Chapter 2: (The Chimera)

Magic blasted from my ancient wand. Static filled the air. With a burst of light, foreign creatures were summoned to do my bidding. Great 'Ant' creatures filled the halls, and scuttled to take my orders. They mobbed one elven archer at the end of the hall.

Meanwhile, a hail of missiles volleyed from our positions, and the stunned defenders dropped. But as one fell, another ran from places of hiding, and took up the fight. They responded by trying to fend off the onslaught of 'Ant' fighters, now swarming their lines. Just as we were assured a victory, a goblin, double the size of any goblin we have ever seen
(magically amplified, I'm sure) raced along side his brethren. It quickly unlocked a strange mechanism in the wall, and then swiftly retreated.

Upon this action, our hearts dropped. A great noise echoed up from the dark halls. It sounded as if an entire herd of giant creatures rumbled toward us. Then ice crystals filled the air and the sounds of 3 separate beasts howled before us! To our horror, it was a single creature of our
nightmares: a fabled Chimera. It had the head of a white dragon, a lion and a goat upon a single huge body.

Dragging its now released chain around its neck, the great creature struck friend and foe alike. It smashed through its own front lines. The horror and bewilderment could be seen on the evil elf's faces as each head plucked them from their defensive positions. The 'giant' goblin laughed as he raced
to safety down a hallway.

Wounded, and low on spells, we knew this foe would be devastating to us. I commanded the 'Ants' to swarm the Chimera, and buy us time as we beat a hasty retreat. Everyone quickly fled the slaughter. Only blasted ice
crystals from the dragon's breath, and the crunching of summoned 'ants' could be heard as we raced to safety. We ran for hundreds of feet, until our legs could no longer move without pain. Panting, and out of breath, we finally emerged out of the caves onto the snow-filled mountainside.

Winter had blasted the valley with a vengeance, and it was a slow, dangerous climb back down the icy trail to our base-camp.

Once back at camp, we found the snow to be 2-3 feet deep. Only the deep trenches criss-crossed the snow where our Ox had foraged through the camp.
Later that day, a few members of the group returned from the icy village of Rastor to unload and trade our heavy goods and loot.

1st - 2nd Days of TinglingIce (Starday - Sunday)

We all needed to rest and recover after our constant battle, from the days before. We had settled into our frosty camp and began to make preparations for our next assault on the Chimera. But winters are rough in this high-country and the creatures that it brings are even tougher. We were blasted from our slumbers by screaming and the splattering of blood.

The snow was painted crimson as a huge white dragon dived into our camp and tore at our Oxen. With blasts of its frosted breath, and mighty sweeps of its claws and tail, it smashed down any how attempted to get near it. Our fighters and the 'petting zoo' tried to save our Ox, but were blasted back
for the attempt. Thankfully, the grand creature seemed satisfied at its kill, and flew skyward with the carcass of our dead animal in its clutches.

Episode 30, Chapter 2: (Get your paws off me you dammed dirty Ape)

3rd Day of TinglingIce (Moonday)
No one slept well, with the thought of a looming dragon off in the distance.

We moved slowly in the cold, and after a quick breakfast, we ascended back up the snow-covered slope. We once again found ourselves in the darkened mines. But instead of re-assaulting the same hallway we had in the days
beforehand, we decided to try the only other cave opening left unexplored.

We hoped this would lead to a 'back door' on this new temple area. Only after a few twists and turns in these rocky caverns, our scouts; Ivona and Ranx ran headlong into a pack of wild Apes! These primates were bulging with muscles and were twice the size of normal apes. Each of their eyes
glowed red, and our normal weapons bounced from their thick hides, like rain beading off of fine steel. We knew these apes were from the dark planes!

The ferocity of the apes pushed into our front line fighters, and forced Ranx and Ivona to retreat back up the walls with the aid of their 'sticky boots'. As the battle raged a mammoth male ape smashed into lines. This giant creature towered over its female harem, its eyes glowing and saliva
glistening from its huge fangs. As it began to rip into 'Stampy', the brave bear 'Fluffy' pounced on the creature in a titanic brawl. Rolling and smashing into stone and creature alike, the two massive creatures grappled in the cavern.

During this epic battle, our archers and fighters slashed at the female apes as they were distracted, trying to aid their male leader. Blade, arrow and magic missile soon fell these beasts, until only the leader remained in the grapple with Fluffy. The great 'Golden-back' ape sank its massive teeth into poor Fluffy, over and over again until the great bear slumped over.

Both Oskar and I quickly raced to its aid and pumped powerful healing magic into the bear. Fluffy quickly recovered and without the aid of its 'harem' to guard it, the male ape finally succumbs to our group. 4-5 of us pounced on the beast, while Ranx continued to stab at its eyes while it was pinned.

After much healing magic, our scouts began to explore and loot the area. Jeffery and Ranx soon found a great magical longsword with markings of this elemental temple upon it. During further exploration of the tunnels, Ranx fumbled (once again) into a vast pit-trap. Only his quick tumbling skills
prevented his death. The tunnel wound around to a set of side doors. Ivona could hear chains grating on the other side. But our Paladin Xaod could detect no evil beyond the door.

Our party was poised ready to assault the room from two sides. Our petting zoo splintered the closest door and charged in, followed by Oskar and Feiwyn. Our nerves wavered as our fears came true: there on the other side
was the Chimera!

With only glory in his eyes, Xaod and Stampy charged the beast. Oskar and Fluffy pounced and our mages raced in to fire their magic missiles. The great beast was immediately swarmed and could only make a feeble attempt at defense. It tried a quick blast from the dragon's mouth, but most of the ice crystals struck the roof as the beast crumpled under the weight of our onslaught.

Within seconds, the beast lay dead from massive wounds and singed magic. Our party was panting and relieved that this horrid beast did not have the reinforcements it had the day before.

DM Dan76
(10/8/02 11:56 am)
Re: DMDan's Campaign Story
Episode 31, Chapter 2: (The Hag)

4th Day of TinglingIce (Godsday)
We all covered in Blood. No spells left. We re-group and go to main entrance to rest. Sleep in cold-dark chamber.
Next day we set out again to look for evil goblin chief that Oskar sees in his pools. We go back to site of big battle. The glorious smell of victory still hang in air. We loot the vanquished. Find maps, items and supplies.

A quick check of 'Air Bridge Door' shows a dangerous route to center island: a long stone bridge to fortified towers. We close doors - and lock them tight. There must be easier way...?

Worked stone hallways change into long mining shafts once again. We enter, still searching for Goblin chief. We find guard chamber. Bodies littered everywhere. We follow blood trail. Horrible smelling Owl Bears eat latest victims. We charge in and within seconds, these nasty creatures join their
victims. Jeffery and Xaod slaughtered them before the rest of us even enter nest chamber.

We carry forward. The mighty god of roads and trails is indeed kind to this place, as these trails seem to go on forever. Soon we reach large cavern with underground lake at end of tunnel. Small note at water-line tells us to make peace with cultists in caves. Offers many rewards if we take small row-boat to negotiate. We spit on boat!

Ranx, Jeffery and Ivona use 'sticky-boots' to climb slowly along cave wall to other side. Oskar the beastmaster uses his powers to change into alligator to scout the depths of the water. The rest of us wait on the shore.

...20 minutes later...alligator lunges out of water and changes back into Beastmaster. He tells of horrible Hag in secret underwater cavern. She has helpless prisoners! Xaod the paladin hastily make rescue plans.

Sounds from the 'lake' center move closer. Shouting in triumph are Jeffery, Ranx and Ivona in a second rowboat. They arrive back at shore and tell of meeting with Goblin Chief. He wants to negotiate a deal to allow us safe
passage through the 'Water Temple' if we help fight 'Fire Temple'. Ranx and Jeffery relish deal! Xaod spits on deal, but no time to argue. Paladin (and mount) join Beastmaster to attack Hag. Beastmaster once again changes into alligator, while Paladin feeds himself and Rhino our last 'Water Breathing' potions. They all plung into water to attack Hag.
Hag surprise them! She swim VERY fast and attack Oskar-croc and Metal weight knight and his water hippo! I see water and blood churn from lake.

Me use wand to summon sharks to aid our friends. Even more blood, bubbles, and limbs float to surface. Minutes later, paladin emerges telling that captives too weak to swim. We use magic bag to return them. With supplies from last cult barracks, we keep them warm and dry. While resting, whole
group argues and fights over return of prisoners, and the bargain to be made with goblin chief.

Episode 32, Chapter 2: (The Green Dragon)

Argue, argue, argue. No one decide which way to go.

Finally, we decide to head back to old mine shaft with ore carts. We help the two rescued trappers into first ballista room, and hope they recover strength to walk down to Cador.
Of the two main tunnels with cart tracks, we decide to take the one closest to exterior of mountain. Our scouts take off to stealth ahead of group.

But Ranx, Jeffery, Feiwyen and I use 'hand-cranked' ore cart to move behind group. Farfang my god would be pleased at this form of travel. The use of strength for speed. This is good!

We hear the noise of battle up ahead, over the squeaking and clatter of the ore cart. Our scouts seem to be battling large subterranean creatures that use intense heat to move through the earth. Red hot fangs of the beasts have bit into our comrades. 'Fluffy' the bear is consumed in flame and
rolling around the ground. We soar along the tracks to aid our friends. Up ahead we see Xaod with his mount 'Stampy' and Oskar have decimated the scorching beasts.

Our cart speeds towards the tunnel, packed with our friends standing over the fallen beasts. We quickly apply the hand break. The wheels spark and screech over the metal tracks, but the cart only slows a bit. Our friends panic as we scream for them to move. They fling themselves this way, and
that as we hurdle towards the battle site! Our cart slams headlong into bodies of the fallen beasts. The whole cart de-rails and we are all thrown from the wreckage.

The dust clears, and fires are extinguished. Wounds healed and the cart is once again placed back on the tracks. We head onward, our scout Ivona in the lead with an invisibility spell placed upon her. This time Feiwyen refuses to enter the ore cart and walks beside Xaod.

Our cart clanks ever forward through twists and turns of the old mining tunnel. Slowly it begins to rise above the tunnel floor, on wooden scaffolding.

Up ahead, we hear a horrible scream from our scout Ivona. Then, a side cavern filled with a horrible green blast of gas. The smell was retching!

A great shadow emerged from the poison gas cloud. Huge blasts of green air swirled as the reptilian creature spread it's wings and landed. Sniffing at the air (*the dragon could spot Ivona, even with her invisibility spell) it swatted at it's unseen opponent.

Pouncing on the great dragon was 'Fluffy'. The bear snapped and tore into it's scaled hide. But the dragon savagely fought back and 'Fluffy' was torn to shreds, limping from huge wounds in its sides. Charging from the tunnel, Xaod and his mount smashed into the reptile. Green blood splattered and the horrible creature took to the air. As it flew upwards, it blasted the animals with more poison gas, and disappeared down the cavern behind the cloud of gas...

After a fruitless pursuit, we all gathered the wounded, and moved back into the dragon layer for booty! Among a nest, jewel crusted wall, and a small alcove filled with gold, a small floating pyramid was found. usual...managed to set off the trap located in the floating item. It flashed, and transformed into a gigantic ape, with 4 horrible arms stretched
forward. It charged out and rend the unsuspecting Ranx into pieces. The creature darted forward to the 'petting zoo', but magic and Xaod/Oskar's quick blades slaughtered it before it could do any more damage. I rushed to Ranx's aid. None too late, too - as in another few seconds, he would have
been beyond my help. Once more, I preyed to Farfang to help heal my traveling companions.

DM Dan76
(10/31/02 1:57 pm)
Re: DMDan's Campaign Story
Well, I have a new PC writing the players log now. We are missing a session , in where the PC's fought the umberhulks, and this next post from Feiwyn the Elven Sorceress picks up from there.

Episode 34 (Walked Right Into It)

We all thought we were doing all right after taking down a few Umber Hulks and burning a troll to nothing, we were not prepared for what was waiting for us.

After taking on these foul beasts we entered a stone corridor with rooms and hallways running every which way.

In the lead were Xoad and Stampy, Ivonna, Jeffrey, Oscar and Fluffy. Ranx and I decided to check out a side room, we both were looking for some nice loot to put in our pockets. Snaggletooth stayed back watching our flank.

I felt the hot wind blow my long hair over my right shoulder and hit my face as I turned to see what was happening I saw another spell like fireball but dark. I do not know what that spell was.       
As the second spell hit I heard the screams of pain. Jeffrey ran back and yelled to the three of us, "Demon, two wizards!"

Oscar casted his flamestrike spell hurting one of the wizards, killing the other but didn't even phase the demon.

While all this was going on Stampy was getting attacked by a giant troll standing in a hallway next to Xoad.

I darted around the corner and hit the last wizard with my acid arrow spell hopefully breaking her concentration. As I darted back down the hallway the demon disappeared.
Snaggletooth ran ahead and healed Ivonna.

I guess Xoad didn't want to get hit with another fireball so he charged the wizard at the end of the hallway. On his way the demon appeared and attacked Xoad.       

The attack hurt Xoad but he stayed on his mount and drove
Stampy’s horn right through the wizard, ripping her in two. As Xoad slowed Stampy he entered the next room where he discovered a hill giant and some gnolls. He also saw a throne room with a female halfling chained to the wall. Ivonna took a few shots with her bow at the demon.

While the heat of battle was just starting our little thief was already hard at work, Ranx found a hidden door in the small room he was searching.
Ranx, Oscar and Fluffy went through the secret door into the next room.

Snaggle could see that the paladin needed his help. So he ran around the giant troll and evaded a giant swing that whooshed by his head and ran past trying to get to Xoad and Stampy. Out of a side room six warriors stepped out and started attacking Snaggletooth. The demon flew over and swung his great sword at Snaggle but again his agile feet allowed him to dodge the deadly blow. Just as we thought that the paladin would be cut off from the rest of the party he casts zeal and charges right through the enemies, so
quickly that the demon misses an attack on Stampy.

Jeffrey spring attacks and I cast lesser sonic orbs on the giant troll. The giant troll moves toward us so Jeffrey and Ivonna double back to the hallway, I do as well but step into the small room.

The paladin and cleric both see how evil the demon is as it casts a cold icy spell from its fingertips hurting Stampy, Xoad, and Snaggle, and it killed one of its own warriors.

After Xoad and Stampy get healed from Snaggle they leave him with the demon and warriors and they go attack the giant troll. As Snaggletooth is left alone with the warriors, they surround him not allowing him any means of escape.

Ranx and Oscar with Fluffy move out of the newly discovered room and bump right into a second giant troll. As they attack the troll hits a switch on the wall opening the iron grate beside fluffy and Oscar. Two raptors jump out and attack Fluffy. Ranx tumbles inside the raptor cage and backstabs
at one of the vile creatures.

Jeffrey casts invisibility and disappears. I am beginning to realize that the complaints about his fighting tactics may be true. I guess his natural spell abilities allow him to hide while mine allow me to fight.

As the battle moves along I had an escape route but I could not let my companions battle alone as they needed me. I ran into the secret room and held my breath from the vile odor and jumped on one of the beds, I turned and saw a second troll and I blasted it with my magic missile wand.
The creature screamed in pain from the burning hot darts of magic as it keeled over in a pile on the floor. Since I was still hasted I lunged off the bed towards a corner of the room to make out two raptors in the battle. I held out the wand and fired another volley of missiles into a raptor. Again with my superior magic abilities I fired the magical shards of light right
through the creature’s eyes and finding the target right in its brain.       
The creature couldn’t even make a sound as it fell sideways with blood running down its face.

The demon bellows, "Take him prisoner", but I don't know who he is talking about as I can’t see the dark beast.

The last raptor slices into fluffy with its razor sharp claws and takes a huge chunk out of the bear with its mighty jaws.

I can hear the hill giant screams as Xoad and Stampy attack the first hill giant and badly wound him and on the other side of the hall I hear Oscar command Fluffy to chew up the troll.

I jump out and blast another volley of my magic missiles from my wand into the hill giant.

Snaggle appears out of a door near Oscar, Ranx and myself. He asks us "If we want a heal?" just as Xoad and stampy kill the hill giant.

The real Snaggletooth kills a warrior and runs over to Stampy to give him a heal spell after the troll cuts Stampy deep with his giant axe.

As I look down the hallway past the dead hill giant, I see another Snaggletooth. I yell out that I see two Snaggletooth's. Unknown to me, the fake Snaggle come around the corner and accuses the real Snaggle of being
the impostor, I don't know whom to believe. Xoad knows who the real Snaggle is and charges down the hallway to attack the counterfeit Snaggle.

The second hill giant follows Xoad ands yells out "Die puny human, Vengeance!"

Ranx jabs deep with his flaming dagger deep into the fake Snaggle's back. When Ranx pulled the steaming blood covered dagger out of the fake Snaggle, it looked puzzled why it couldn't find it's footing while stumbling around.
In the creatures daze, it never even notices Oscar attack it, with a loud scream the demon drops to floor with open wounds pouring out with its blood.       
The creatures then mutates back into its demon form lying on its stomach showing the deep wound Ranx inflicted into its back.

I can hear the real Snaggle yelling at Xoad for leaving him behind again after he heals either Xoad or his mount. Xoad yells back "You're lucky, that's why we leave you out to dry!" Even in the midst of battle I think that's not the right thing to say to the only cleric in the party. Like most elves I rather not be to close to a half-orc, but you don't bite the hand that heals you!

I can hear Fluffy attacks the second hill giant. Fluffy's claws scrape down the giant until they dig into his flesh and tear bloddy chunks out and the giant screams out in pain. This must have pissed off the giant as I hear a load thud with the sound of breaking bones only muffled by the howl that the bear let out, and then silence. I figure the bear has been killed and I'm not a superior close combat fighter so I move back through the secret passage into the initial hallway.

Just as I step into the hallway I see the first large troll and a human approach towards me, before I can do anything Ivonna appears out of thin air in front of me and shoots two arrows into the human right into his lungs, as the human gurgles for his breath he drops to the ground dead.
Ivonna then shoots her third arrow into the troll, which doesn't even stun it as it swings, its giant axe at her. She takes the blow and is reeled back in confusion as her legs and arms go numb, she starts to stumble away, gasping for air but only tasting her own blood. Being a ranger she is aware that she is close to death and she tries to move as far away from the troll as possible.

I try to kill the troll with two casts of my wand but the magical missiles don't even slow the large vile creature and I'm forced to back off as one hit from the menacing creature could snap all of my bones.

The last thing I hear as I go out the exit is Xoad's battle cry and the sound of swords and armor hitting together in the rhythmic sound of battle.

I damn the party for splitting up, the elves need the other members for shields so we can kill the enemies from a distance, both Ivonna and myself are in great danger with no meat shields to be seen, how typical.

DM Dan76
Here for a while
(1/22/03 7:05 pm)
Re: DMDan's Campaign Story...Still going.
Well it has been forever since I posted an update to my campaign log.

Unfortunately Feiwyn's (the character keeping the journal) notes must have been partially destroyed because I am missing the entire conclusion to the Western Bridge battle and everything up to the Air Temple.

But without further ado, I will let the story continue...

DM Notes are in the [....] brackets.

Chapter 3 Episode 39 The Battle of the Air Temple

With Ivonna, Xoad, Oscar and Ranx on one side and Jeffrey, Snaggletooth and myself on the other side we start our attack on the air temple.

We all begin to move into the large cavern that houses the temple, when we hear a voice say, “Get ready guys!” Snaggletooth looks down the cave and can see an evil cleric. Snaggletooth casts a spell that summons a flying ghostly creature that he later calls a harrier, and commands it to attack the evil cleric [Fechish].

From the other corner of the temple a priestess [Choranth] says some words to the undead bears, and they start to run up towards Jeffrey, as she casts another spell.

Some sort of spell must have hit Jeffrey because he didn’t even move or defend himself as a group of enemies surrounded him. All he can do is blink. The gnolls near Xoad run to attack him but as they move they shriek out in pain and yell that the floor is sharp.

Jeffrey is lucky his mage armor hasn’t expired as it blocked blows from gnolls and an ogre. I try to help Jeffrey and cast a volley of magic missiles into the ogre and then the cleric. Snaggle tries to dispel the magic that has Jeffrey stopped, but the spell fizzles and it doesn’t effect the magic on Jeffrey.

Ranx, Oscar, and his dire lion move up and start to attack the lowly gnolls and human warriors. A humanoid in full plate armour points his sword at the lion and mutters some words as the lion takes damage from a gust of wind hitting it. Stampy swings his head and drives his horn through the ogres chest, then with a shake of his head the ogre’s body rips in two so Stampy can take on some more of the evil creatures.

The cleric has summoned an air elemental and he casts a spell on it, and points to Snaggletooth. Snaggletooth moves back beside me. As the air elemental moves close enough to attack Snaggletooth I notice the loss of all sound, and I realize that the elemental has somehow silenced the area. I move away from Snaggletooth and the air elemental and when I can hear again I use my wand and hit the elemental with magic missiles. Jeffrey can move again and he casts his shield spell and volleys three magic missiles into the air elemental. Snaggletooth and I keep backing off from the air elemental, half-orc barbarian [Graud], and the humans.

After six volleys of magic missiles the air elemental dissipates and the half orc continues his attacks on Snaggle. The half orc with foam drooling out of his mouth attacks Snaggle again. Snaggle moves back beside me and heals himself. As Snaggle heals I use my wand twice and hit the half orc with the magic missiles. Snaggle must have been very injured because as the half orc approached us again Snaggle ran by me and down the other tunnel away from the barbarian. Fortunately as I see Snaggle run away I also see Ivonna run around the corner and I know that I’m not alone. The half orc attacks me but the wound isn’t critical enough to stop me from casting my wand another two times and with the first cast the large half-orc drops to the ground and my second cast drops a gnoll.

Back In the main chamber, Oscar and his dire lion rush in to attack the humans. Stampy clears a way for Xoad who tries to turn the undead bears but he fails in his attempt. Ranx also moves up into the battle. With the harrier keeping the cleric [Fechish] busy, he casts a spell that summons forth a magical dagger that begins attacking the incorporeal bird.

The cleric [Fechish] ends up using his healing wand because of the wounds inflicted from the harrier’s attacks. Jeffrey returns an attack from the ogre and hurts him badly. Stampy and Xoad start to attack one of the undead bears. Ranx tumbles by the humanoid in plate armor and stabs him in the back with his flaming dagger. The humanoid attacks Ranx and dives his long sword deep into Ranx’s shoulder. The priestess casts a spell and it must have been blindness as Ranx’s cries out that he cannot see. Jeffrey using his wand kills the ogre, a few humans, and a few gnolls. Oscar and his dire lion continue their attack on humanoid [Kellia].

Jeffrey had dropped his sword to use his wand, but he puts his wand away picks up his sword and then killed a gnoll. As Jeffrey sword finishes cutting through the gnolls neck, with blood running down the edge of the blade, both Ivonna and Jeffrey hear a loud “Oh yes!” [Jeffrey’s intelligent sword, which has a bit of a bloodlust to it]

Xoad casts zeal on Stampy and himself and he moves up to the priestess. The priestess casts hold person on Xoad as I send another volley of magic missiles into the cleric. Oscar creates a large cloud of mist and surrounds Ranx, his dire lion, and himself in the mist. Snaggletooth also moves into the mist. As Oscar and the dire lion stand in the mist, the humanoid [Kellia] whirlwind attacks both of them with his sword and steps away out of the mist. Oscar and his dire lion both follow the creature out of the mist and kill him.

Snaggletooth moves out of the mist and casts another harrier to attack the priestess and then moves near the undead bears. He uses his divine power to turn two of the bears.

Stampy uses his horn and bashes the cleric with the blunt side of his horn dropping him. He then runs over to the priestess allowing Xoad to attack. Xoad swings his great-sword and drives the blade from her shoulder to her opposite hip, slicing the female in half.

Snaggletooth turns the rest of the undead bears and we attack them until they all drop and Jeffrey finishes off the last human warriors that were scattered around.

Chapter 3 Episode 40 Watch out for Ghosts!

Xoad and Oscar watch the hallways as Snaggletooth pulls loot together so I can see if there are any magical items. Xoad finds a room with a ball of orange fiery light with bone fragments spinning around it hovering above a bed. We decide not to investigate anything for now, instead we will rest and I will identify the magical items.

Oscar and Xoad both have the first watch. Xoad sees an ogre down at the end of the hallway and he tells the rest of the party. Oscar hears Xoad talking about the ogre and transforms into an eagle and he heads down both hallways and is able to see the ogre has opened a door to the outside and is running down the mountain.

The next morning we all suit up and get ready for more exploration but Xoad has to have his morning beer first. We all wander off in groups or individually but meet up in the large room with the black dais. Oscar finds a balcony looking towards the inner fane [the outer-fane actually, but that is what they are calling the center island in the crater]. He finds two scrolls. One describes the minerals in the area and the other scroll has information about a large diamond called Tulian’s eye.

Ranx, Ivonna, Snaggletooth, and myself decide to thoroughly search the area for an hour for any hidden doors. Oscar, Xoad and Jeffrey get bored and they all decide to explore further ahead. After Jeffrey fails to bash a door open he gets Xoad to crash Stampy through the door, and then the three split up.

Oscar heads down a dusty unused hallway and comes to a room with a window facing the outside. As he passes a corner he doesn’t see a creature that was waiting for him. He feels a cold touch on his shoulder that inflicts some pain but what he really notices is he can’t remember some of the higher spells he memorized last night. As well everything seems a little harder to do, as if he has been drained somewhat.

As Oscar turns to look over his shoulder he sees a ghostly creature and before he can do anything the creature touches him again. With the second touch Oscar feels twice as drained. Oscar transforms into a hawk and flies out the window and makes it back to the entrance that is still open. He transforms back and tells the searching group what happened to him. Xoad finds a room with a pit designed to protect people from a creature escaping from the pit. Ivonna decides to explore as well and joins Jeffrey as they enter a room full of statues. They find nothing magical or hidden here.

We all meet up and decide to kill the ghost creature. Jeffrey borrows Ivonna’s ghost-sword, and then Jeffrey, Xoad, and I move into the room where Oscar was attacked. As we approach I launch 2 fireballs down the hallway just to make sure it is clear. As we move closer the creature rises out of the ground and touches Jeffrey with both hands. He feels the drain as well and he tries to attack but in his weakened state he misses the creature. I casts magic missile twice into the creature and Xoad moves up and attacks it with his sword and the creature dissipates into the air.

We all discuss whether we should explore further or head to Verbobonc. Snaggletooth tells us since he didn’t memorize that spell that we would have to rest before any travel were possible, so we decide to push on.

We head through the statue room and Ranx opens a door and says, “We have four enemies!” He runs in and attacks one of the fish looking creatures. As he stabs at its gut from left to right the wound opens right up and he disembowels the creature. Ivonna fires an arrow at one. Ranx attacks the mage fish creature and hurts it. Stampy and Xoad charge in. Xoad swings his sword at the mage creature and beheads it and his following swing kills one of the lower fish creatures. I move in and cast lesser sonic orbs and all three orbs hit and kill another one of the creatures. Snaggle casts a spell and grows 12 feet tall and scares the last of the creatures down the hall. Xoad and Stampy run by and kill the last two creatures with ease

Snaggletooth finds an area with two boats in water tied to iron spikes. He decides to lead the party into the next room. As he enters the middle of the next room a flying stingray-like creature flies down off the ceiling and tries unsuccessfully to grapple Snaggle. Snaggle tries to attack the creature but misses. The monster makes a loud unearthly moan, towards Oscar but nothing happens. Xoad attacks the creature and misses and hits Snaggletooth in the head with the flat part of his great-sword. I hear the battle ahead and cast shield and move up. Snaggletooth’s spell ends and he shrinks to his regular size and he moves away.

The creature then successfully grapples Xoad around his head and tries to bite him. The creature [the second cloaker, hidden in the shadows actually] also moans towards Snaggle and he finds he can’t move. Oscar attacks the creature with his scimitar and kills it, but he didn’t take in the account the creature is very thin and was wrapped around Xoad’s head. His blade pierced through the creature and sliced into Xoad’s head.

After the battle we have to decide to continue on or rest. We also have to find out if the ghost attacks on Jeffrey and Oscar will wear off or not. We might have another trip to Verbobonc.

Chapter 3 Episode 41 Clean Up The Area and Mov[/b]

After we finished off the fish like creatures we decided to head back to the pit room that Xoad had discovered. As Xoad and Ivonna open the large double doors they are surprised attacked by two gargoyles. The gargoyle near Ivonna grabs onto her and she tries to wrestle free but is overpowered by the gargoyle. The gargoyle near Xoad drives his head into Xoad’s chest goring him with his horns.

Ranx runs up and tries to attack the gargoyle that’s got Ivonna but he misses the gargoyle and drives his dagger into Ivonna’s side. Jeffrey can’t find any space to join in the fight so he sheaths his sword and pulls out the magic missile wand I made for him. He finds a good vantage point to cast from. Oscar sees an opening to attack the gargoyle that has Ivonna, he runs up and swings his scimitar but he misses and slices into Ivonna.

I can see that conventional weapons aren’t helping my elven friend, or maybe it is the wielders, anyways I get it right and I cast magic missile twice from my fingertips. All the six missiles hit the gargoyle and not Ivonna! Xoad and Stampy both hit the gargoyle attacking them. Snaggletooth sees a large gargoyle flying over the pit and he casts a harrier to distract it. Ivonna breaks free of the grapple and retreats. Ranx tumbles by the gargoyle and backstabs the creature. Jeffrey points his wand and fires two rounds of magic missiles into the gargoyle near Ivonna and Ranx; the magical shards finish off the creature as it falls to the floor.

I cast another set of magic missiles into the large gargoyle. Xoad and Stampy kill the gargoyle that was attacking them. Snaggles harrier lands an attack on the last gargoyle. Jeffrey joins in with more magic missiles, and Xoad swings his sword and really hurts the gargoyle. It looks stunned and it’s wings start to slow down. Before the creature can retreat Xoad’s second swing cuts right underneath the creature’s chin and his blade cuts through the neck as both the body and head fall to the floor. A door opens and a crossbowman steps out.

He didn’t even have time to fire his crossbow, as Ivonna’s arrow drives through his chest nailing him to the door. We don’t find too much loot and we decide to rest in the room with the large dais.

Snaggle uses his divine knowledge but he can’t help Oscar and Jeffrey with the damage the ghostly creature inflicted on them. He asks who wants to join Jeffrey, Oscar, and himself in Verbobonc but the rest of the party refuses his offer, wanting to stay. I guess we all spent all of our money on the last trip so there isn’t much need in going to the city.

The next day while I was going over my journal I noticed a glow above Xoad’s head. I talked to Ivonna about it and we both agreed that we were being scryed upon. We told Xoad after the glow disappeared and we shared the information with the rest of the party after they returned from Verbobonc.

The next day Snaggletooth has a great idea. He casts a spell on himself that allows him to see hidden doors and he gets Xoad to ride him up and down the hallways on Stampy. He finds a secret door in a room that Jeffrey had been in the previous day. We spend a lot of time trying to open the door but it was easily opened when we found the hidden switch. The room has a long hallway that has an altar with a large diamond resting on it. We found Tulian’s eye!

Ranx finds a pit trap that runs the length of the hallway. Jeffrey and Ranx sticky boot on the walls towards the altar. Ranx doesn’t find any traps on the floor near the altar and he steps on the floor. As soon as hit foot touched the floor a tentacle from the altar attacks him. Snaggle thinks this maybe be a trick and casts true seeing but the altar is still an altar and the diamond is a diamond. Xoad yells out, “Stone crushes the weak!” As he points his sword at the altar stone fragments fly from the tip of his sword and strike the altar. The altar starts to bleed from where the rocks hit.

I send a fireball to the back of the room and the explosion engulfs the altar and the wave of fire just stops at Jeffrey and Ranx’s position. They don’t get hurt but the feel the wave of heat in their face. The altar screams from the fire damage. Jeffrey casts magic missile twice and the altar’s tentacles stop moving and there is blood pouring out everywhere. We all agree that we had just vanquished a creature we all have only heard about. The altar was a mimic. Ranx picks up the diamond and exits the room. He gives the diamond to Snaggle to put in the bag of holding.

We all meet up and prepare ourselves as we head through to the next section. The tunnel is designed to look as if we were walking directly into a dragon’s mouth. We enter a room with a high ceiling. This looks like where the dwarves smelted their metals. A skeleton is lying against the wall near the exit. A ghost appears and starts a small whirlwind. The wind picks up weapons that are lying around and hurls them at Ranx. I’m not sure but I think three of them hit Ranx. Ranx attacks it back and Jeffrey casts ray of frost at the ghost. I didn’t think he was that low on spells; I haven’t casted ray of frost for a long time.

Anyways Ranx’s dagger looks like it has a mind of its own as it tries to force his arm to bend to drive the dagger into his chest. He is able to block the attack and regain control of his dagger. I cast magic missile twice at the ghost and all the missiles hit hard. Xoad slams the blade of his sword into his forehead. He pulls the sword away and has a nasty gash above his eyebrow and blood spills out into his eye. I think he believes girls like guys with cool battle scars. Perhaps, but not when you see the him hit himself with his own sword. Either the ghost must have done this or he’s really got to stop drinking. I cast twice again at the ghost and all the magic missiles hit hard once more. Snaggle casts a harrier to attack it and the creature hits. With that hit the ghost disappears and so does the harrier.

We finished up and clot our wounds before we move on. We start to head through more caves that look like they have been unnaturally carved out. As the front of the group heads around the corner dinosaur like creatures attacks them. The creatures are similar to the acid spitting raptors but these creatures do damage like my lesser sonic orbs. Both creatures do this sonic damage to Jeffrey, Oscar, the dire lion, Xoad, and Stampy. Stampy charges in and attacks one of the raptors and Xoad attacks as well. The creature didn’t have a chance, as it was very outmatched. Jeffrey runs around the corner and casts his magic missiles twice and drops the second sonic raptor.

We are somewhat half way on spells and the day is still early. I guess we have to decide whether to move on or rest. In the short time I have spent with the party I can see them excel at their fighting and casting abilities, as well as my own.

Chapter 3 Episode 42 Hunters Become The Hunted

After killing the sonic dinosaur like creatures we decide to double back and take another tunnel that slopes up to higher ground.

As we move ahead Xoad is in the lead. The tunnel enters an area that is dug out as if a hemisphere of rock was removed. The floor slopes down to the middle and the ceiling slopes up to the centre. Xoad rides Stampy down the slope to the middle of the room. He looks to his right and notices a reptilian like creature. As Xoad watches the reptile it lets out a roar and his armour and sword begin to vibrate. He notices all the metal on both Stampy and himself begin to vibrate as well. As the oscillations picked up the small buckles on his backpack break apart.

Xoad worried that the accumulation of his wealth, his sword, armour, and rings, could be destroyed turns Stampy around and rides him to the back of the party down the tunnel. As Xoad runs by all of us we can hear him muttering about almost losing all his metal items. I move up and catch a glimpse of the creature. I then take a step back to hide behind the cover of the cave entrance and I cast a fireball beside the ledge engulfing the area in a circle of flame. Ranx not worried about the slope of the room rolls down the crater, with his amazing rogue abilities he is able to land right on his feet. Xoad asks the group around him, “Does anyone need any healing?”

Oscar transmutes into a bear and he leads his dire lion into the cave. I move up and cast a magic missile at the reptile. As usual the shards of light find their mark. Jeffrey realizes he’s tapped out on spells and he heard Xoad muttering about his metal items, so he moves back. Snaggletooth as well is concerned as his magic armour could be affected, so he casts silence on Ivonna to protect her from sonic attacks. Ranx moves up to the ledge and swipes his flaming dagger at the creature. Ivonna finds a spot to fire, and lets three arrows fly at the creature. All the arrows hit the creature in its chest, she landed them precisely and the wounds start flowing with blood.

Xoad tries to bluff us that he was protecting the rear but we all know he was worried about his items. Oscar still in bear form lunges at the creature and bites into its neck; tearing out the creatures throat. He can taste the hot blood on his tongue as the reptile slumps onto its side. Ivonna searches the area but can’t find anything and she leads the party into the next tunnel.

Ivonna finds that the tunnel splits and she heads down the right tunnel. As she heads down she finds an area covered in fungus and there is a very pungent odour. She feels that she needs Oscar’s help and she motions to Ranx to get Oscar. Ranx then brings Oscar and his dire lion up to Ivonna’s position. They all see a human wearing hide armor and decorating himself with human skulls walk up towards them.

His lips are moving but the silence spell on Ivonna prevents the group from hearing him. Ranx feels only evil people wear skulls and runs in to attack. Oscar sees this and moves in as well. Ivonna then sticky boots up onto the ceiling, which allows Ranx to hear the human. He says “Again, what is your business here.” Ranx replies, “We’re killing evil here.” Ranx swings his dagger back and forth as he talks and rips three grievous wounds into the human. The hide armor is the only thing holding his guts in.

With a load roar Oscar and his dire lion start attacking the human, Oscar seems to believe this is an evil druid by the looks of his armour and the area he is in. From behind some large mushrooms rises a dire bear that’s twice my height it charges out and attacks Oscar. Snaggle runs in to help the party. The druid takes a step back and casts a spell. The spell is the same as Oscar’s; Ivonna, Snaggle, Oscar and the dire lion get caught in a flame strike. The fire damages their exposed skin but it isn’t enough to seriously hurt them.

Ranx changes his target and starts attacking the dire bear and his flaming dagger finds its mark twice, digging deep into the creature’s side. The dire lion follows Oscar’s lead and it rakes it claws into the dire bear. Ivonna from the roof shoots an arrow at the druid. The arrow finds it mark as it dives deep into the human’s eye and lodges its tip into the back of his skull. The giant dire bear, furious with his master’s death, attacks both Ranx and Oscar. Ranx gets pulled underneath the great bear from one of its large paws. I didn’t see Ranx under the bear so I cast two fireballs at it. The first fireball exploded and caught the dire bear and Ranx.

Ranx was already in poor condition from the bear attacks and the fire damage left him close to death but he was able to dodge behind one of the bear’s legs to avoid being hit by the second fireball. Ranx, barely conscious, stabs into the bear’s chest three times. On the third attempt his dagger slips below the creature’s ribcage and the tip find’s the dire bear’s heart. It lets out a load moan and Ranx scuffles out from underneath the bear before it falls to the ground.

We decide to rest in this area for the night and Snaggletooth teleports to Verbobonc to sell some of our loot. As Ivonna only needed two hour of rest and I only need four we were both awake when the rest of the party was sleeping. Ivonna hears noises and alerts me from writing in my journal. I send my familiar down the hallway to scout and it returns with news of two humanoid creatures lurking at the end of the tunnel.

I alert the party by casting a spell that creates a lot of noise and the party moves down the hallway, except for Ranx who wanted to spend the time to put on his armor. Only Ivonna and myself have armor or armor like spells on. As we investigate the end of the tunnel two assassins appear out of thin air and attack Xoad while he was riding Stampy. With their surprise attack and Xoad wearing no armor he could not block their swords as they drove into his chest.

Before anyone can react Xoad slumps forward unconscious and the female assassin slits his throat. In our horror we couldn’t stop the male assassin from escaping but we were able to kill the female after she electrocuted the group twice.

Xoad is beyond the reach of the druid and the ranger. I hope Snaggletooth can help him. I know why we are being scryed upon. We have become the hunted!

Chapter 3 Episode 43 We Turn The Tables

After we got retribution for Xaod’s death we pulled his body back into the camp area and propped him sitting up against one of the cave walls. We all kept a high alert during our watch incase the male assassin returned.

The next day we wait for Snaggletooth’s return but he doesn’t appear. After a few hours of waiting Ivonna and Ranx decide they will track the male assassin. It will ease everyone’s mind as we feel that Snaggle has all the treasure including Tulian’s Eye and we are worried that he has kept the treasure for himself and he won’t return.

Ivonna and Ranx get Jeffrey to turn them invisible. They track the male assassin down the hall to an opening to the water filled crater with bridges. They follow his tracks to one of the bridges that lead to the center island with towers on all sides. They return back with news that the assassin had crossed the bridge but they did not follow.

We decide to rest again at this spot and hope that Snaggletooth will appear. The next morning Snaggle materializes and tells us he had tried teleporting yesterday but the spell didn’t work properly and he was in the wilderness but luckily he had no problems. We tell Snaggle that Xaod is dead and he looks to make sure we are correct. I send my bat down the hallway to the right of our position to scout the area and it returns with news that it spotted fifteen humanoids and two flying creatures.

After I tell the party of the creatures we decide to barricade ourselves in, and let Snaggle prepare spells. The next day Snaggle casts a spell that allows him to talk to the dead and he tells us that Xaod would like to use his party treasure share to purchase a true resurrect. Snaggle teleports himself, Xaod, and Jeffrey to the city of Grey Hawk where Xaod get resurrected, Jeffery buys some scrolls, and Snaggle buys some new armor. Oscar spends both days scrying on the goblin-like creature we encountered before and the male assassin. On the second day the group from Grey Hawk returns.

After a small argument over what we should do we decide to try our own assassination. We were worried that the male assassin would still be hunting us; so we decided to strike first!

Jeffrey casts invisibility on Snaggle, Oscar, Ranx, himself, and me and we all hold onto Snaggles shoulders and Oscar transforms into a sparrow and sits on his head. Snaggle casts his teleport spell that should put us in the same room as the assassin but the room we jump to is empty except for an ebony table with a large horn on it. One wall is covered in ebony triangles with an upside down “Y” on them. The rest of all the walls are completely black and its so cold in here we can see our own breath.

The room’s unholy power overwhelms me and my grasp on Snaggletooth tightens while I whisper that we all should go back to the cave. Snaggletooth offers another option. He says we can dimension door to the assassin then teleport back to the cave and complete the task we set out to accomplish. Since the room had put me on edge I was the only one who wanted to return right away so we all continued with the assassination.

After the dimension door we were all lucky we were invisible as we all suffered from teleportation sickness. This room is very small and I cannot fireball, as it would engulf all of us in flame. The room has a bench where the assassin is sitting and the walls are purple with dark veins running in it. Oscar still an invisible sparrow flies in front of the assassin but the sounds of his wings makes him look up just glancing if he can see something. Ranx gets lucky and his position to backstab is perfect. He casts haste and stabs at the assassin. His flaming dagger digs deep into the assassin’s back.

The wounds are deep and the pain forces the assassin unconscious. Snaggle quickly puts the body in his bag of holding and we all grab onto him and teleport back to the campsite.

After we get back I begin my ritual task of identifying the magical items. Jeffrey removes the assassin’s armor and ties him up. I guess this isn’t enough for Ivonna and she pulls out her dagger and slices through his clothes leaving him naked. Maybe it’s some sort of ranger knowledge removing his clothes but I’d rather not see an evil human naked.

Snaggletooth heals him enough to wake him up and the group starts to interrogate him. The questions from everyone overwhelm the assassin and before he can say anything Jeffrey runs up and kicks him in the crotch. The pain of Jeffrey’s boot crushing his genitals drives the assassin back to unconsciousness. Again Snaggletooth revives him and starts questioning him again. I guess Jeffrey’s tactic worked as the assassin begins to talk. He speaks of the triad and of the doom dreamers. He also mentions a female called Nanquet.

The room we caught him in was part of the inner fane [outer fane actually, but heck, they don’t know any better yet]. We also learn that there are four lesser keys and we need to use them to get a greater key that unlocks the door to the inner fane. After he spoke of this I guess he was done with us and tired of the interrogation. He looks at Xoad and yells, “May Hextor eat your souls!” With the last word on his lips he spits into Xaod’s face.

Within a split second Xaod’s sword was swinging through the air while he was yelling “For Heironeous!” The sword cut clean under the assassin’s chin and the blow forces his head off letting it bounce down the length of the cave. We all decide to rest again and then continue on with our exploration and extermination of evil.

We head off to find and fight the fifteen humanoids. Jeffrey is in the lead and he enters a cavern with a large red marble plate that is on the floor in the shape of a diamond. Four obelisks surround the diamond shape. There is a glowing orb hovering over the centre of the diamond shaped plate. Jeffrey alerts four fire mephits and they all touch the orb and four fire elementals appear. Jeffrey uses his scroll of fireball but the mephits are undamaged from the attack, that’s how we discovered they must be fire mephits. Jeffrey realizes he has just alerted the area of our presence and he casts invisibility on himself.

The group moves up to enter the cavern area to start our assault. Oscar transforms into a bird and I cast invisibility on him and he picks up a stone he casted silence on and flies into the cavern. Xaod charges in on Stampy. As Xaod attacks a mephit, Stampy uses his horn and tries to attack a fire elemental and get singed in the process. With a burst of light I see a fireball go off in the middle of our party, everyone but Snaggle, Oscar, and myself get caught in the flame. The fireball did kill two humans though. There must be a mage or wizard around.

Jeffrey sees two humans one with red armor and the other in robes. He moves towards them while staying invisible. I move up carefully and to my right I see a group of elves with weapons drawn. I cast a fireball and I knock five of them down with one left standing. Before the elf can understand why his comrades are on the ground I send a volley of magic missiles his way, finishing him off as well. The human in the red armor yells out “Attack the rhino and the rider!”

The four fire mephits send out cones of fire and engulf Xaod and Stampy. The fire also catches two humans and kills them. Three of the fire elementals try to attack Stampy but they all miss and the fourth misses its attack on Ranx. Xaod skewers a human with his lance as he tries to get through the peons to attack the female wizard and warrior in red armor. Ivonna fires three arrows into a mephit and kills it and moves up into the battle. Jeffrey chases after the wizard after he turned and ran. Jeffrey tries to stop the wizard by casting magic missile but the shards of light and energy bounce off of an invisible barrier. Jeffrey also becomes visible but the wizard continues to run.

Snaggle runs by Jeff taking a few magic missiles in the back from the mephits and casts a harrier to attack the wizard. Snaggle also casts knife spray and hits the wizard. Back in the first cavern I kill an elemental with magic missiles and damage a second one. Oscar transforms back into a dwarf and casts a water ball that hits the humans, mephits, elementals, Stampy, Xaod, and the warrior in the red armor. This water spells drops the humans, mephits, and the fire elementals. The warrior charges Ranx but misses with his attack. Ranx tumbles around the human and backstabs him with his flaming dagger. Stampy and Xaod move into finish the warrior off but Ivonna beats them to the kill driving three arrows into the human’s neck. The warrior drops his swords and falls to his knees grabbing at the arrows. In his eyes you could see he knew he was doomed. Before Ranx or Xaod could finish him off the warrior slumps forward driving the arrows through his neck.

I think we have just hit the fire temple and each element has had an altar of some sort where an elemental has appeared. Could this be the entire fire temple? We have been told they are the strongest, so I will be cautious of the next caves.

Chapter 3 Episode 44 A Rhino Is Not A Good Rogue

Jeffrey, Xaod, and Snaggletooth try to attack the invisible wizard but within a minute they lose any chance of finding her. Snaggle moves back to our entry point into this cavern and I ask what happened. He quickly informs me of the failed attack on the wizard and then calls out to everyone “What are we doing?”

After a few minutes Oscar, Ranx, Ivonna, Snaggle, and I head over to find Jeffrey and Xaod. The room we have to pass through is covered in sulfurous smoke. Xaod describes how the smoke choked him and his mount. While he was unable to breathe he was getting hit with blasts of fire [Arlainth was lobbing fireballs at the none too quiet rhino through the smoke]. Oscar transforms into another bird and he and Snaggle both fly into the smoke.

I hold my breath and instruct my bat to help me see where the exit is. As I near the exit Xaod runs by me on his rhino. I am very lucky that he didn’t trample me to death. As I continue to move my familiar (Peren) starts yelling for me to stop as it sees Xaod and Stampy fall down a hole up ahead. I move up to the hole and it looks like a pit trap and Peren tells me its about 80 feet to the bottom. Peren also tells me there is movement down there so there is a chance that Xaod is ok.

I jump over the hole and Ivonna and Ranx sticky boot by the trap. We enter a cave and we find Snaggle and Oscar cleaning off their weapons with a dog like creature lying dead on the floor. Snaggle believes it to be a hellhound as it tried to burn them with a jet of flame from its mouth.

This cave has three corridors connected to it. Jeffrey tells us he is invisible and he has the silence pebble nearby and he will scout the next area. As he scouts Snaggle flies down the trap and gives Stampy a potion of levitate and Xaod rides him out of the hole. Ranx then tells us of a cave he found that seemed to be a lair. He didn’t go any further because he was alone but it might be worth looking over. We continue to wait for Jeffrey. I start talking to Ivonna about her bow and she gave me some tips on archery. The time might come again when I have to use my weapons instead of the powers I have.

We all hear Jeffrey return. He tells us what he found. To one side is a large door guarded by four spider-like creatures. There is a room with chains hanging from the ceiling. The chains have body parts with hooks through them and the floor is covered in blood and guts. He tells us it is someone’s room because there is a bed and a chest in there. There is another room with torture devices and a human shackled to the wall. The last room that catches my attention is a room with perfume and female clothing.

We quickly derive a plan to kill the four creatures and to block the sound of attack with two silence pebbles. Ivonna steps around the corner of the tunnel and fires three arrows into one of the creatures and it drops to the ground. The arrows flying by signal Jeffrey to throw the last pebble behind the creatures to block the sounds of battle from the next room. I move and catch a glimpse of one of the creatures and I send a fireball down the corridor. It explodes right beside the creatures but they look as if the fire did nothing at all.

Xaod and Stampy charge in and kill another spider-like creature. With Xaod as bait the last two move in to attack and Ivonna and I ready ourselves. We wait until both creatures are visible and we both attack. Ivonna’s three arrows find their mark and so do my magic missiles. The last two creatures fall.

Ranx and Jeffrey convince us that we should let them go ahead. They argue that they will be quiet and will only go for the chests and for the human that is shackled to the wall. We all agree. While we wait I begin another conversation with Ivonna. With both of us being Elven we are intrigued by each other’s magical abilities, hers of the divine nature and my own of the arcane. We quietly chat and wait for Ranx and Jeffrey to return.

EPISODE 45 Another Attack On The Fire Temple

After Jeffrey and Ranx's return we decide to head back to the cave where we fought the druid to camp again. Morning comes soon enough and we quickly ready ourselves for our deeper exploration of the fire temple.

We decide to bypass the room with gore so we wouldn't have to pass through the stench and blood. We approach the large double doors that were protected by the spider-like creatures. Ranx doesn't find any traps but the doors are locked and he can't figure out how to open them. Oscar takes a few moments trying to figure out if he can stone shape the wall to drop the door. With precious moments going by with our spells running Jeffrey says, “Forget this!” and says he is going to enter through the gore room. The large animals try to break the door down and fail, so they try again. We make two large crashing sounds; if we wanted the element of surprise it is gone now.

We now have but one choice to follow Jeffrey through the blood and gore room.

Jeffrey is ahead of us and he peeks into large room. Jeffrey goes invisible and heads in. The walls are decorated with demons throwing people into flames and there is a large pit in the middle of the room with flames burning in it. Xaod and Oscar both try the direct approach and they walk past the curtain right into the large room. Xaod boldly says, “Who locked the door?” and he is answered back with magic missiles hitting him. We all hear the sound of a horn blowing; an alarm has been set off, I decide to stay behind the curtain and see what we're up against.

Out of the pit a group of creatures with human torso's and snakelike bodies crawl out and start moving towards Xaod and Oscar. I hear Oscar cast a spell and the dire lion roars as it engages one of the snakelike beasts in battle. A large fire elemental [Tessimon cast lesser planar ally to get the aid of the large fire eleme[/i]] rises out of the pit and starts attacking Oscar while a another flaming snake humanoid appears beside the dire lion and hits the cat with his great sword and smacks the lion with it's tail. I quickly cast my magic shield in front of me and I hit the creature with the great sword with my magic missiles.

I hear explosions and screams of pain from Oscar, Stampy, Xaod and the dire lion. Ranx goes through the curtain and dumps a bag of dust over himself and disappears. Ivonna moves through the curtains and fires three shots off towards the creature with the great sword but they all bounce off his armor.

Again I can hear explosions and Oscar, Stampy, Xaod and the dire lion scream out in pain again. This time Oscar and the dire lion run to the back of the gory room through the curtain. He quickly tells us that there are enemies up above us in the cavern. Xaod rides Stampy back in front of the curtain and says “Heal me!”

Except for Jeffrey and Ranx the rest of the group including myself are either just outside or inside the gore room. The fire elemental comes closer and starts attacking Xaod. I cast my spell that hold's people and the second attempt stops the barbed great sword creature from moving [My mistake for not looking up hold person [Luckily this was Skassik. I replaced him with a salamander Ftr1 wielding a great-sword. Skassik is at the Earth Bridge meeting with Eeridik]. Just as I finish my spell a flash of flames come down from the ceiling and engulf Xaod, Stampy and Ivonna just in front of me.

We all get hit by a fireball except for Jeffery and Ranx I guess, because I can't see them, we all notice Ivonna doesn't even move after getting burnt and I guess she is being held as well. Oscar casts a water ball spell and it explodes catching all the fiery snake creatures and the elemental. The fire elemental misses Snaggletooth but catches Ivonna and she catches on fire. I fire magic missile after magic missile on the elemental until it drops to the ground. Xaod takes down a few of the ordinary snake-like creatures.

Oscar starts to cast a spell but it looks like he needs to take a few seconds to get it cast properly. As I watch Oscar move his hands and listen to him cast a spell, it becomes drowned out by the sound of a drum beating. The last time we heard a drum was at the earth temple when we fought the creature that could move through earth. This could be very dangerous. As I turn to look out the cave I see the snake humanoid creature with the great sword drop from many small wounds. I think Ranx took advantage of the spell I cast on the creature.

Snaggletooth grabs Ivonna and drags her back deeper into the room we are using for cover, while Xaod holds back the rest of the snake creatures. Oscars spell goes off and the large cave is flooded with insects so thick you can't see through it. He then casts the water ball spell again and takes down the last of the snake like creatures. We now get over run by animated flaming skeletons.

Xaod happily smashes one into pieces and I take down another with my magic missiles. Just as it looks like we are doing well, another fireball hits the group in front of me. Snaggletooth turns the skeletons and they begin to flee. He then quickly moves behind me in the cave. Oscar transforms into a bird and flies into the large room while Xaod smashes another skeleton as he rides into the large room. The drums get louder and I decide it might not be wise to give up my cover yet. I peer around the corner and see the female wizard that attacked us before and I cast my fireball at her.

Just after my fireball hits the area we get hit with a flame strike. Snaggle quickly moves up and heals me. I peer around the corner again and fire two fireballs at the wizard and she falls down to the platform. As soon as both my fireballs hit the drums go silent. Jeffrey appears to my right and he casts two volleys of magic missiles at the female cleric on the platform. I follow his lead and cast my last magic missile spell at the cleric and move away from the entrance. Snaggletooth still behind me heals me again. We both notice that Ivonna has fallen. She had no way to communicate how hurt she was because she was being held. Snaggle takes a closer look at Ivonna and shakes his head and says “She be dead.” I look at my fallen elven comrade and realize how close I cheated death. Without Snaggle's spell I would have been dead as well.

Episode 46 We Beat the Fire Temple but We Have Bigger Problems

As Snaggle pulls Ivonna’s body out of sight I peer around the entrance into the large room in time to see Jeffrey and Oscar getting hit by a fireball. The gnome who hit them with the fireball screams out in pain and falls forward with two deep wounds in his back. As both of my magic missile casts from my wand miss the priestess, I hear Snaggle cast a spell and see him run by me towards the platform.

The priestess pulls out a rod and she says something in a different language and three black tentacles stretch out of the rod and begin to flail around. Jeffrey and Oscar try to attack the priestess but she must have some sort of magical armor on because their melee attacks aren’t even hurting her.

My magic missile wand seems useless against this foe [Tessimon had cast spell resistance] so I put it away and start to ready myself with my bow. As I notch an arrow Jeffrey tries to attack again and Oscar transforms into a bear. We all notice that two of the tentacles seem to be wrapping around an invisible object. It could be Ranx or some sort of invisible evil object [It was Ranx].

I finally get my bow ready and take aim but I guess I needed more advice from Ivonna as everyone notices the arrow fly thirty feet wide from the target. Jeffrey, Xaod, and Snaggle look at me confused on why I am trying to use my bow and then Snaggle shouts to me to take care of the creatures that are knocked out on the ground.

The loose tentacle grabs onto the invisible object as well and we all realize it has to be Ranx as we hear him screaming, “Help me!” At the same time I put away my bow and unsheathe my sword, Xaod does the opposite and gets out his bow. Jeffrey tries casting a ray spell twice but it doesn’t faze the priestess and Snaggle hops onto the platform and heals Oscar while I dive my sword deep into the eyes of the creatures at my feet.

[The platform was that low to the ground because of the insect swarm that Oskar had cast. To get out of the bugs I had to lower the platform down so it was at the same level as the floor. It was only a 5’ jump for them to then get onto the platform. Bad tactics on my part]

Oscar still in bear form grapples the priestess but she continues to hold the rod, which has Ranx. Jeffrey uses his sword and disarms the priestess the rod falls on the floor but the tentacles still have Ranx. Snaggletooth casts a spell at the rod and the tentacles retract back into it. With the rod being harmless Jeffrey picks it up and tosses it to the cave wall, while Snaggle heals Ranx. With Snaggle’s heal Ranx regains consciousness and drives his dagger twice into the priestess dropping her to the ground.

We all start to finish off the creatures making sure they don’t come back and getting all the loot together so I can see what’s magical. While we all pitch in a hand we notice Jeffrey isn’t around he must have gone off on his own or he’s invisible and hiding from us.

We all head back to cave and I begin to identify the magical items while the rest of the party mends their wounds and cleans the blood off their weapons and armor. In the middle of my identification spell Jeffrey returns and he looks charred and bloody. He hands us some loot and says it’s not magical and asks for someone to heal him. He tells us that he found a room with a pool of water, another room that had two magical statues with runes at the foot of the entrance. He also says he heard talking down one of the halls and that he set off three traps and got hit by all of them.

As I finish up my identify spell the group tries to get information out of the tortured human we rescued. The human’s only response is to rock back and forth and mumble to himself. We spend the rest of the day arguing whether we should leave him here or take him to Raster. In the early morning Xaod, Ivonna, and Snaggle are on watch.

They notice Jeffrey casting a spell but his shield bumps into his arm and the spell fizzles and Jeffrey starts swearing to himself. Again Jeffrey casts a spell but this time he goes invisible. Xaod, Ivonna, and Snaggle hear the beginning of a scream from the rescued human as they see Jeffrey appear with his sword against the human’s throat. The screams wake everyone up except me but Ivonna casts dawn and wakes me up.

Oscar runs up towards Jeffrey and I stand up and cast magic missiles from my wand at Jeffrey. Snaggle quickly pulls out two scrolls and casts them at Jeffrey but they have no effect. Xaod runs up and attacks Jeffrey with his great-sword and Stampy hits Jeffrey with the blunt side of his horn. Jeffrey still able to move and fight pulls his sword across the human’s neck slicing through his skin, deep into his neck. Blood begins to squirt out and Jeffrey, Ranx, Oscar, and Xaod get splattered with the human’s blood.

At the same time I launch another volley of magic missiles at Jeffrey and Ranx pulls out his flaming dagger and stabs Jeffrey in the back three times. Ranx’s second slice into Jeffrey’s back causes so much internal damage Jeffrey cries out in pain, but before he can drop to the ground in death Ranx drives his dagger into Jeff’s back again, I guess to make sure that he gets the killing blow.

We wait a few hours and everyone is well rested and has their spells except for Jeffrey and the human, who are, well….both dead. Snaggle casts speak to dead and he talks to Jeffrey’s corpse. The first question we asked was why did he do this. Jeffrey’s body responds with “He wouldn’t talk to me.” The second question we asked was if his magical sword influenced his decision [Jeffrey has an intelligent magical sword]. Jeff replies, “It might have.” The third question we asked is if Jeffrey would want to come back if we sold his magical sword and his body replied, “No.” The last question Snaggle asks Jeffrey’s corpse is, “Did you do this of your own free will?” The corpse answers, “Yes”.

We spend an hour discussing whether we should bring Jeffrey back from the dead or not. While we discuss what we should do Snaggletooth prays to his god to get divine answers to our questions. He tells us that Jeffrey has not turned evil, he just was evil momentarily and his sword had nothing to do with this act. We feel that his punishment if he wants to come back and join us would be to pay for the human’s resurrection and his own as well. All I know is I’m going to have to stop sleeping so deeply around this group or might find myself facing a killing blow in the night.

[What had happened was that Jeffrey, for no real reason, decided to kill the human that they had rescued. His reasoning was that he wasn’t giving them any info, so he wasn’t of any value to them. This puzzled the rest of the group, since the human was obviously catatonic and not able to respond to their questions. Jeff, the player of Jeffrey, later told me that he just wanted to stir things up a bit because in his opinion the game was getting boring. He wanted to throw the group a surprise, and for no other reason than to start a fight with them. Jeff (the player) is not sure if he will bring Jeffrey back or perhaps bring in a new character. I just fear that no matter what character this player is running, this may happen again]

For anyone still actually reading this, I'm sorry if this post is a little (alot actually) long. I will attempt to keep my campaign log updated more frequently.

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Re: DMDan's Campaign Story...Still going.
That was long, but a lot of fun! What did the party ever do with Victor's body, not to mention how did they fit it into the bag of holding? :)

Good fight at the fire temple. It seems like Tessimon really gave all she could.

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(1/23/03 2:38 am)
DMDan's Campaign Story (long, but hopefully interesting)
Veeeery entertaining. I wish I would have a player in my group who could write a decent journal. But I don´t ... *sigh*

Anyway ... little question. In Episode 10 your group gets back to the moathouse after appx. 3 weeks and the shaft still is not sealed. Was that intentionally ?
I only ask because I am at a very similar point with my own group now and try to gather some information around it !!!


DM Dan76
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Re: DMDan's Campaign Story (long, but hopefully interesting)
Well infiniti, I'm not sure what they did with the body of Victor to tell you the truth. I'll have to inquire about that.

And yes, Tessimon did give all she had. With her casting flame strikes, Arlainth casting fireballs and Firre using up the necklace of fireballs, I knew the group would be in deep trouble. Luckly they gout out of it with only one causilty.

I guess I am luck to have a player in my group who enjoys writing the journal. In fact, the first too authors (Welby and Snagle-tooth) were the same player, but the current author (feiwyn) in a different player. They both have told me that they really enjoy writing the journal and the rest of my group loves to get their mid week fix of DnD (we game on monday nights and the journal is emailed out usually around thursday to all the players).

Now to answer your question Kyle, I left the shaft open on purpose. The cult did have plenty of time to seal up the shaft, but I frankly didn't want my players to miss out on that part of the adventure. I didn't want to take the chance that they would miss it If I had sealed the shaft back up.

I'm glad to see that there are people actually reading this stuff. Thanks!

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Re: DMDan's Campaign Story...Still going.
Wow!! Very long and very cool. I was kind of worried about the idea of teleporting into the outer fane, but it's obviously not being abused. Of course, when they appeared in the Greater Temple, I was sure that someone was going to die. Keep up the good work!

DM Dan76
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The story continues
Episode 48 Dumb, Dumb Troll

The monk that attacked me flexes his muscles and it looks like some of the small wounds we inflicted on him have healed. After he finishes this healing method he runs up to Ivonna and swipes his leg at Ivonna's feet and knocks her down. Ivonna still stunned by the monk's blazingly quick attack is unable to stop him from kicking her in the gut. She has to stick further back like me and let the rest of the party take the hits while we do the real work and kill from a distance.

We must be hurting the trolls as one bolts for the stairs and the other ducks around the corner. Xaod is able to maneuver Stampy out of the area he got stuck in and as he rides by he pulls out his healing wand and holds it against his skin repeating the command word over and over again. Ranx drinks a potion and moves behind me. The troglodyte tries to cast a spell on me but I'm able to shrug it off. There is only Snaggle, Ivonna, and myself near the large group of enemies. I can see Snaggle is looking pretty hurt so I run up to him and tap him with my invisibility wand and I launch a fireball into the pillar area and move back past Ranx near the hall that leads to the bridge. A door that nobody really notices opens behind me and a group of humans come out blocking our escape route. I guess it blocks most of our escape routes except for Oskar as he flies over them in eagle form.

The monk tumbles by Xaod and Ranx who could attack them but he is too quick. He jumps back up behind my magical shield and I'm able to dodge his punch and kick but his elbow hits me square in the back. Ivonna is
getting attacked by the troll that ducked around the corner and she's all on her own. I notice that the trog must have hit her with a spell because she never drops her bow, and I can see it lying at her feet.

Ranx tumbles by the render and the monk and is able to backstab him twice. With both the render and the monk flanking me I begin to panic, initially I want to bolt from this area to an opening near the bridge but then my small but useful training in melee kicks in. I stand my
ground while I duck and weave to avoid attacks. I launch a fireball and kill all the humans and fire another at the troll and trog attacking Ivonna. I know everyone thought the training I spoke of would never be
used and I even doubted it as well, but it sure came in handy.

Oskar flies in and casts his mist that blocks sight and slows movement.
The monk moves away from me but yells out, "Hit them again Eedrick!" As soon as I heard those words I cringed and a bolt of lightning crackled down the hall. I could hear screams from Ivonna, Ranx, and Stampy from
the large bolt of electricity.

Xaod quickly gets off Stampy and attacks the render. Ranx tumbles by me again and positions himself to backstab the render. After two quick but precise jabs from his flaming dagger the render falls over luckily not
on top of Ranx.

I have memories of being ambushed by the trolls that we knocked out so I start to move through the mist to find the incapacitated troll and finish it off. As I hear Snaggle casting a healing spell, I also over hear Xaod yelling, "Enemies ran up the stairs!"

I step through the fog and get charged by the monk but he isn't able to get by my shield. Surprised but unharmed I quickly step back into the fog and put away the invisibility wand. I move up again and magic
missile the monk and I'm surprised to see Ranx ten feet away and he also hits the monk with his flaming dagger. The monk tries to tumble by us and I anticipate his trip tactic and block it. Ranx quickly drives his dagger deep into the monk's side and with a loud cry of pain the monk
falls to the ground. Ranx and I both hear the sound of the approaching bees and we both grab a door and close it. We could not bar the door as I didn't have the strength to lift the bar and Ranx is too short to

I head towards the sound of Xaod and Stampy to lead me to where the battle is. When I make it to the end of the mist I can see Snaggle trying to grapple something invisible and there is no sound coming from that area; so there must be some kind of silence spell. Oskar is trying
to help Snaggle by attacking the invisible creature with his magical flame sword. While they are trying to kill the mage a troll runs up and starts attacking them. Oskar shows great sword skill and burns a hole right through the troll chest and it slumps to the ground.

Ivonna sees the last troll run up the stairs and hears him say "I'm outta here!" and she hears the trog yell "No!!!..."
Ivonna sees the troll run into the circle and inside the circle mist and lightning begin to twirl around.
Xaod rides Stampy into the room with the swirling mist and attacks the trog but he sees something materializing in the circle. The troll steps out of the circle and tries to get by Xaod but Xaod swings his large sword at the troll as it runs by and lobs off its head. The troglodyte
tries to run through the circle but an enormous spider creature appears and kills the trog.

The spider creature spits out a large blast of its sticky webbing and it catches Xaod, Stampy, and Ivonna. The webbing is so thick I can only see twenty feet in. Ivonna yells, "Spider in here!" I look over at
Snaggle who also notices the web even though he has the mage pinned now.

He motions with his loose arm to use the wand. I guess he means the fireball wand to burn the webbing. I launch the pea sized ball from the wand and it goes twenty feet in and explodes. I hear screams of pain
from Ivonna and I feel very upset. I have to take more caution with this spell or I could kill one of my own comrades. The webbing doesn't burn one bit from my spell and I'm left with no options.

I hear Xaod cursing the huge creature about how much he paid for Stampy's armor. I guess this creature destroyed Stampy's armor. Ivonna frees herself from the webbing and says, "Large spider ahead." She
looks like she is really hurt.

Between Snaggle's barbed armor and Ranx and Oskar's attacks; Oskar kills the rat mage with a finishing blow from his magical flame. As we hear Xaod and Stampy continuing to fight the spider; Oskar finishes off the
salamander and Snaggle uses his magic to move through the webbing with out getting stuck. Snaggle tries to free Xaod but the webbing is too strong. The last thing we hear is Snaggle yelling that he is teleporting Xaod and himself back to the mushroom room. We start to
move for the exit when the spider quickly moves out of the webbing and bites at Ranx.

I'm almost out of spells. I activate my boots of haste and begin to run for the exit. I notice my comrades following my lead.

Episode 49 Second Attempt Against The Spider Demon

Back in the mushroom cave, Snaggle pulls Xaod and Jeffrey's corpse out of his bag of holding. Xaod begins to remove his armor while Snaggle begins to cast a raise dead scroll on Jeffrey.

But meanwhile at the bridge opening the spider closes in on us. Again I can hear Ivonna and Ranx yell as they both get trapped in more webbing from the giant spider. Still I had activated the last charge on my boots
of haste and I run out the door but I stop just as I pass the room with the net that would have dropped on us. Oskar who was still in the mist curses when he tries to burn some of the webbing with his fire blade but
fails. Over all of the cursing I hear Stampy scream out in pain. The spider must be trying to finish him off.

After Stampy's scream, I hear everyone in the webbing yell out for help. So I move to the side of the
cave and look through the opened door but I don't see anything moving because of the mist. I yell out, "What's happening in there!"

Oskar still failing to burn the web notices a half-orc chained to the wall in the room where the humans poured out. Oskar heads out of the mist and says, "Put the fireball by the door.", and points me out a target before transforming into a war pony. I launch a fireball down the hall and the explosion burns the mist away but it also show me that I as well failed to burn the webbing. Oskar motions with his head for me to climb on and it looks like my only way to retreat as my boots are all used up for today. I climb onto Oskar's back and he runs off towards the mushroom room.

As we leave we hear a guttural roar and chains breaking as the half-orc must be free now. Ranx tries to open the magical door but the half-orc attempts to knock it down and Ranx decides to leave the door alone.
Ivonna is lucky as Stampy moves up and blocks the spider's path to her allowing her some time to find cover. Ranx quickly searches the monk and gathers what loot he can see. He also finds a potion and he quickly drinks it hoping it is a healing potion.

Ranx doesn't heal up but he notices his hands look blurry. In orcish Ranx hears, "Where are those enemies!", and another battlecry. Ranx hears the sound of the spider chewing through flesh and large bones unknown to him the spider just chewed through the rhino's neck decapitating it. Ranx tries his last escape route and opens the doors leading out to the bridge. As he peeks through the crack he sees the large bees being controlled by riders.

Ranx gets hit by a large goo of webbing from behind and is stuck near the opened door. Before the bee riders even notice the opened door the spider digs two large deep holes in Ranx's chest while ripping off his
armor. Ranx stays stuck to the web as all his life blood spills out onto the floor.

Ivonna now behind the spider searches the invisible mage's body for loot. She hears something down the hall and he hides around a corner and watches. The spider has returned but it heads down the opposite
hallway. Ivonna tries to follow it but it notices her and spits out more webbing near the pillars. She doesn't get caught in it but the creature is beyond her and it closes for the kill. It rips off her armor and bites her with poison which knocks her unconscious.

Back in the mushroom cave Xaod watches Snaggle start yelling about Jeffrey's lifeless body. Snaggle knows the spell was casted properly but Jeffrey's spirit did not return. Snaggle pulls Jeffrey's cloak of haste off and uses it to heal himself and to help Xaod remove his armor.

As Oskar and I approach the mushroom cave I yell out, "It's us, don't attack!" Snaggle hears us and flies right up to both us. I jump off Oskar and notices that he heads for the back of the mushroom cave.

Snaggle asks me what happened. I tell him how Oskar transformed and it seemed like the only way for us to escape the spider. Snaggle tells me of his plan to rescue our party members. I tell him I would like to
join him and before he lets me into his bag of holding I tap him with my invisibility wand. As He puts me in the bag he says, "Strip Jeffrey."

I see Xaod floating around in this plane as well as Jeffrey. I cast invisibility from the wand onto Xaod as well. I quickly pilfer through Jeffrey's corpse and remove the magic missile wand I made for him and a few scrolls.

Snaggle's plan is to fly though the area with the giant bees while he is invisible and to enter the area where we were through the double doors. We all hope those bees can't see invisible creatures. It looks like we made it as Ranx joins us in the bag as well. Except we notice the large holes in his chest and realize how deadly this spider is.

Snaggle finds Ivonna and heals her from her unconsciousness and she casts a scroll to protect her from the poison. He tells her to leave and he continues to search for the spider. I cast two scrolls from Jeff on myself blink and mirror image. Snaggle also picks up his belt buckle with silence on it and puts it in the bag of holding.

I never realized this bag can hold so much stuff. Snaggle pulls Xaod and me out of the bag. We all see the spider has ripped apart a door and is actually removing part of the stone wall to get at a large bear in the next room. Xaod become visible and charges at the spider but his sword bounces off the spider's exoskeleton. I cast a fireball from my wand but it looks like it did very little damage to the spider.

Now the spider has turned toward us and it rips Xaod's master work chain armor off and bites him. I try to fireball again but the spell does very little damage and the spider just looks singed. Snaggle runs up and tries to hand Xaod a flaming sword while invisible but Xaod must be really hurt as he retreats behind me and says "Stone crushes the weak!", and hurtles stones at the spider but they do no damage. I see Snaggle move beside Xaod because of the unsheathed flaming sword and the bag of holding drops near Xaod's feet.

I use my mirror images for distraction as I magic missile the spider. After Xaod is in the bag I cancel my blink spell and continue to distract the spider until I get into the bag. After we're in the bag the opening opens again and Ivonna joins us in here as well.

As Snaggle flies back to the cave he notices the half-orc we heard. He pulls Xaod partially out to detect evil and the half-orc is not evil.

After Xaod gets back in the bag, Snaggle moves closer to talk to the half-orc and notices a tattoo of Farfang on his shoulder.

I guess we're off to Greyhawk to bring Ranx back from the dead. I wonder if I will have enough time to make some wands. If we're in town I could investigate this foe, I have a feeling that it is some kind of demon.

[The half-orc is Jeffreys new character. He decided not to bring "Jeffrey" back from the dead, but instead to come in as a half-orc barbarian.]

DM Dan76
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Re: The story continues
Episode 50 Goodbye Jeffrey Hello Crank

Snaggletooth and the half orc spend an hour talking in orcish. If Ranx was alive he could listen in but he still is in the bag of holding with two mortal wounds in his chest. Snaggle tells the rest of us that this half orc has decided to join us to free the temples of evil. The half orc introduces himself to us in common; his name is Hank O'Conner but would like to be called Crank.

When we return to the evil druid's cave we find Oskar back in dwarf form but we also find a dead air mephit. Oskar tells us this mephit delivered a message and some supplies. Part of the message said to kill the messenger. He followed those orders and killed this air mephit. We decide we have to go to GreyHawk to bring Ranx back to life. We spend most of the day running around selling most of the magical items we found. We also unload all the masterwork items we found. At the end of our selling I was able to deposit my share which puts my bank account at twenty thousand gold pieces. With the extra money I decide to rent quite a lavish room at the inn. With the private bath and having my clothes cleaned, and spending the rest of the night getting all the knots and dirt out of my precious hair; I forget to do some research on the demon we're fighting. Before I even know its dawn and Snaggletooth is hammering on my door to wake me up so we can teleport back to the evil mines.

We're back in these damp caves again. The musty air has the scent of death on it. With all the creatures left to rot this place is beginning to smell from everywhere. The party puts on all their protective spells on themselves and each other. We walk towards the bridge complex but we decide we will head back to look down the area with the magical statues later; we have a demon to kill.

At the bridge area the webbing is still here so with torches we slowly burn though the halls. In the unexplored room we find eight human guard corpses. The demon broke down the wall and busted part of the stone wall to get to these guards. Ranx tries to pick the locked door with the rat sounds behind it but he realizes the door is magically sealed. Xaod rides Stampy and bashes down the door. As usual in our group if we don't have the skills or knowledge we can suffice with raw strength and toughness. The room has some large rats but we quickly kill them and begin to search the room. Ranx apparently pulled the short straw and with luck finds a bronze box in the pile of refuse and @#%$. The lock appears magical but before I can determine what kind of magic it is Ranx tries to disarm the trap and snap the box opens. Thank goodness he didn't set it off as it appeared to be some sort of petrification trap.

We burn through the web up the stairs to room with the magical circle and loot the troglodyte corpse. Before we can warn Crank he runs through the magical circle but nothing happens. Whew, I though we were going to have another demon to deal with. Ranx continues to pick open locked doors and we find a lavish room that we think we begin to use for our camp site instead of the dank mushroom cave. We find the corpse of a dire bear and Oskar looks upset that the demon killed an animal he could have had as a companion.

Ivonna continues to track the demon but Ranx decides to check out a side area and nearly gets crushed by a large boulder from rubble falling from the ceiling. I notice stuck in webs up ahead large panther like creatures with tentacles on their backs. I tell the group these are fiendish displacer beasts and they were no match for the spider demon. We continue on and in a tunnel with ore car tracks we hear a fluttering of wings above us. I see two dark spheres appear in front of me and the party members that were standing there disappear. Something wizzes by Ivonna's head and something slams into her and it feels like a tentacle. Quickly Ivonna runs through the blackness to the other side of the tunnel. Something hits Ranx in the blackness as well and he sticky boot up the wall. Xaod yells out "Fireball!" My bat quickly hops on my shoulder and describes the creatures to me. They seem like flying octopus. I ask my bat to describe the room so I can properly cast the fireball Xaod asked for. Snaggle runs into the blackness and yells, "Is there any light on the other side?" and he casts his knife spray up into the air. The knives dig into one of the creatures and it falls to the ground. With its death one of the darkness spheres disappear. Crank runs into the last sphere and ends up getting grappled by the tentacles. By this time my bat has instructed me where to point the fireball wand. With a word the pea sized ball flies into the darkness and engulfs the creature and Crank in a ball of flames. The creature falls from the air and we all can see Crank smoldering from the fireball.

We continue to track the spider demon and we come across some corpses of humans, a dwarf corpse and bugbear corpses. Ranx finds a pot with a magic glyph on it. I move up and ask if I can try my new spell. This mage hand spell opens the lid and sets of the trap left by the glyph with nobody taking damage. This could be helpful in the future.

After we continue through more caves Ranx hears the sound of a large arachnid and before he can speak he gets hit with a large gob of webbing. The webbing grabs onto Ranx and he is stuck in it. Ivonna yells out "Spider!" Snaggle casts his freedom of movement spell on Stampy and himself, before Xaod rides Stampy into the webs I cast invisibility on him. Snaggle and Xaod both move into the webs. We can hear Ranx screaming in pain as the demon bites into him. Crank stays out of the webs and tries to hit the demon with an arrow but it bounces off its armor. Ivonna tries the same but two of her magical arrows dive deep into the demon's head. The wounds begin to bleed black ooze out of them. Oskar moves up and casts a flame strike but in his haste he hits Ranx as well and knocks him unconscious. Luckily he notices and places his second flame strike further back. Oskar moves closes and casts his flame blade but misses the demon with his sword of fire. I quickly use run through the webbing nimbly avoiding the strands so I don't become stuck. As I turn around the corner I see Ranx getting dimensioned door by Snaggle and Oskar defending himself against the demon. I quickly cast my magic missile spell and all four missiles find their mark hitting inside the demon's mouth driving up into its head. The demon begins to attack Oskar but it doesn't even come close as its legs give out and it collapses to the ground.

Hmm the sound of Feiwyn Alanadel the Demon Slayer doesn't sound too bad.

Episode 51 Mmm Black Pudding

We all celebrate our victory over the demon spider and we quickly check the area for treasure but this demon was only interested in killing.

Ivonna and Ranx scout ahead as we all follow. We find more dead bugbears and a dead dire boar. We head down the opposite track and find an area where the metal on the rails has been eaten away. Ranx, Snaggle, and Ivonna enter a slimy cave to see if there is anything of interest. Ivonna moves further in while Ranx takes a few moments to search the area. Ivonna finds a black mass that is pulsing and is some sort of ooze. Ranx and Snaggle spot Ivonna attacking the ooze, Ranx yells out, "Black pudding!", and Snaggle yells out "Normal weapons split in two!" After Ivonna hit it the slime it turned into two creatures. Oskar tries to use his wilderness lore but he hasn't really seen this out in the forest. Crank quickly yells out, "I'll watch the entrance", as he takes off out of the cave. I activate my boots of haste and start casting my fireballs. Xaod moves up and says "Hey, how's it going, have you killed one yet?" Snaggle moves back near Xaod and says "No, not yet." The two puddings hit Ivonna and their acid attacks burn off her clothing except for her mithral armor. I cast two more fireballs and step back and the black puddings begin to look burnt. Ivonna runs by the puddings and is able to evade their attacks but Ranx gets hit and the acid burns off all his non-magical clothing. I fireball the black pudding that is away from Ranx and kill it. As soon as Ranx moved away from the last pudding I cast the my last fireball and burn the pudding to death. It seems like the elves where the only ones able or willing to attack these creatures.

It seems as I gain more power the group waits for me to cast off my higher level spells and if the monsters we're fighting are still standing they'll attack it.

We head back and Ranx checks out the secret door we found on the map. Ranx opens the secret door and we find a stone dragon that has a moveable arm. With the party outside the room except for Oskar I use my mage hand spell and move the arm up. The door closes and we all hear stone on stone. Oskar gets lifted up to a secret area where we could camp out. When he rides the elevator back down he shows us the secret room. As we head down from inspecting the secret room we decide to find out what happens when you push the lever down at the main level. The platform lowers and stops at a door with a metal grate in the front and water starts rushing through the grate filling the shaft. Oskar begins to swim, Ranx is flying, but Ivonna, Snaggle and I begin to drown. Oskar transforms into a giant octopus and casts water breathing on Snaggle. Snaggle then casts his dimension door and teleports Ivonna and I back to the main level outside the secret door. Ranx then flew up and picked the main level door so we could throw down a rope to Oskar and pull him out.

We head towards the area that Jeffrey spoke of the magical statues. Xaod runs ahead and smashes all the statues into rubble and Ranx moves up and finds some tombs. As we enter this crypt some large dire bats attack us but we easily kill them off.

Crank starts breaking the sarcophaguses open. Xaod walks away and he is the only light source around so I get left in the dark. Oskar hears me complaining and lights up a sun rod and throws it on the ground near me.

Xaod gets surrounded by shadows and spectres. Snaggle turns one of the spectres and banishes three of the shadows. This opens an escape route for Xaod and he runs by me yelling about the ambush. I move closer to Snaggle position and kill one of the shadows with magic missiles. The last spectre goes after Xaod through the walls and he misses the spectre with his lance and Xaod screams for help. Snaggle banishes the last shadow. I kill the last non-turned spectre that was attacking Xaod with my magic missiles.

Do we wait for the turned spectres to return to finish them off or go back to the mushroom grove to rest and hope they won't follow us?

Episode 52 We Head Back to the Water Temple

We head back to the mushroom grove. Hoping the spectres didn't follow us. As I rest I have a dream of all us burning to death. During the night Crank, Oskar and Ranx notices a scrying sensor over Xaod for seven hours. The morning comes and Oskar casts a spell and turns all of us except Snaggle into birds. We all perch on Snaggle and he teleports all of us to Greyhawk. While in town I spend most of the day identifying items and Snaggle spends a lot of his time selling off what loot we don't want. We all hear that the merchant who bought the magical swords from the temples was murdered and those swords were stolen. Ranx tries to get more information from the thieves' guild but we all have a feeling that someone we have to fight has returned for their swords.

We all teleport back to the front ballista room and we notice large boot prints. We buff up and head back the other way to directly attack the water temple. I cast improved invisibility on Ranx and Oskar. Ranx takes the ceiling and Oskar transforms into an octopus and drops into the water. Oskar heads into the small cave area where we found the sea hag and he finds a large green dragon. Oskar quickly swims out of the cave and casts stone shape and traps the dragon inside. Snaggle casts a spell and makes most of the lake disappear.

I get my bat to scout ahead and Ranx jumps the remaining water and heads toward the guard area he had previously spotted. The guards must have heard Ranx as they threw a sun rod down near his location. The guards were unlucky though. They threw the sun rod to spot Ranx but there was enough light for me to see them. I casted a fireball their way and only one guard was left standing out of the five guards.

Oskar, Crank, Ivonna, Xaod, Stampy and Snaggle move up. Crank and Ranx both get stuck in a web that looks similar to the demon spider's web. Ranx can see from where he is stuck the large goblin that Oskar scryed on and who he conversed with. Oskar turns the rock on the side of the wall to clay and Xaod tries to get Stampy to ram through it but the clay is too thick. Oskar asks Snaggle for a silence stone and I hear Snaggle say "Here's your silence stone." I move closer to the web and I hear Ranx yelling as he evades a few lightning bolts. I quickly cast my shield spell on myself. Snaggle tries to dispel the web but the spell level is too high.

I yell out, "I'm going to burn the web with a fireball if nothing happens soon!" Crank breaks free and climbs over the ledge and Snaggle uses his freedom of movement and climbs over the ledge as well. Xaod quickly moves himself and Stampy away from the web. I fireball the web and Ranx is able to evade the explosion of fire but Crank gets caught in it and takes some damage. Snaggle sees four humans with shields and bastard swords. Crank quickly runs by Snaggle and cleaves two of the humans in half and Snaggle beats the last two to death with his spiky club.

Wow, we're back in the evil temple for a hours and we already fighting and we have found a dragon to kill.

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Re: The story continues

Episode 53 We Meet the Naga

Ranx still with improved invisibility runs up near Snaggle and Crank. Ivonna climbs up the wall and through the entrance with her sticky boots. I move close to Stampy and Xaod yells out “Snaggle help!” Snaggle runs back to the entrance and in his large form he can reach Stampy and as he touches the rhino he says “You may now serve Farfang on the ground and in the air. As Stampy begins to fly I grab onto a saddle bag and Xaod flies me up onto the stone ledge. I let go of the saddle bag and go down the right tunnel towards Snaggle and ask “Heading this way?”

Crank still affected by a slow spell moves up and sees two humans. Ivonna quickly fires off three arrows and two of them drive into a human neck dropping the evil man. Crank tries to attack but the slow spell causes him to miss, but Crank sees the humans belly get cut open from left to right and he can smell burning flesh. Ranx starts to enjoy my new spell as he prepares for more kills.

Xaod takes the left tunnel and flies Stampy up to Crank and yells “Anything up ahead?” Xaod and Crank continue further into the left tunnel and find some reptilian humanoid creatures. When Ivonna catches up with Crank and Xaod they all see a blurry mage appear wearing robes with a creature looking like a dire wolf near him. Crank kills the hurt reptile like creature and misses on the second one and his weapons slips out of his hands and almost hits Ivonna. Ivonna still slightly stunned from Crank’s sword almost hitting her is still able to get three arrows off at the mage and land them. When each arrow hits it sounds like its hitting stone.

The mage then casts fireball on Xaod, Ranx, Ivonna and Stampy. Stampy and Xaod start killing some of the reptile like creatures to clear a path to the mage. Ivonna again fires off three arrows each arrow hits one of the reptilian humanoids in one of their eyes, and she kills three of them. The dire wolf transforms into an eight foot goblin like creature and it charges Xaod but Ranx while still invisible is able to jab deep into the back of the goblin’s knee as he runs by. Stampy attacks the goblin creature, while Ranx sneaks up from behind and drives his dagger right into the goblin’s groin. As the goblin howls in pain he drops to his knees giving Ranx the attack posture he needed; Ranx climbs onto the goblin’s back and drives his dagger deep into back of the goblin’s neck, severing his spinal cord leaving his body limp with large open wounds that quickly lull the creature into death. Ivonna quickly kills off a few mephits, allowing Crank and Xaod a chance to attack the mage but before they can even charge in he opens a magical portal and steps through it and disappears.

Xaod flies Stampy up into the air to kill the last air mephit, partially blocking Ivonna’s shot. She still fires off an arrow and lands a hit right on the rhino’s ass. Xaod quickly disposes the mephit and brings Stampy back to the ground before he gets hit with another arrow. As five humans come charging down the tunnel they try to go by Ranx who is still invisible. As each one passes Ranx, he rips into their bellies with his flaming dagger each takes a few steps past him before they try to hold their intestines in. After the screams Ranx counts another five humans to his kill sheet. Before the last two humans can even comprehend why their comrades have fallen Ranx drives his dagger into each of them. We all couldn’t see Ranx but we all knew he must be grinning from ear to ear right now.

At the same time in the other tunnel, Snaggle runs ahead and finds a room with a blue altar with braziers burning pouring out a scent of salt and fish. I try my best to keep up with Snaggle but he can really move even in his large form. Snaggle gives me the all clear after he checks out three tunnels connecting to this large room. One is just a small alcove, another is filled with water and the last heads off into darkness. Snaggle and Oskar quickly head down the dark tunnel and I’m forced to put on my light spell and attempt to keep pace with them. I find Snaggle and Oskar beginning to talk to an ancient Naga. She spends a few minutes giving us information. She has been here longer than anyone and she has knowledge of a lot of the temples. The outer fane is actually the area across the bridges and the inner fane is inside that area. The outer fane is protected by two powerful sorceresses and we shouldn’t try a frontal assault. The inner fane has many worshippers who pray, but their prayer makes them crazy. We should try our best not to disturb them. There is a secret entrance in the water temple to the outer fane which would be our best option to take to enter the outer fane. We can open it by joining the two water lesser keys to make a greater key.

After she is done talking to Snaggle and Oskar I ask where this tunnel leads, she replies that it is a secret entrance to the outside. I start to head back to find the rest of the party as Snaggle checks out the tunnel to see if really joins up with the outside. Snaggle finds the tunnel does lead to the outside and on his return he asks where the water temple is. The Naga explains it is through the tunnel filled with water.

The other group takes a few minutes to heal up which gives us time to catch up to them and to tell them about the Naga. Ranx tells us since he’s still invisible he’s going to search the area. Ivonna searches the area as well and finds an illusionary floor falling into a fifty foot drop. After that fall if you survive you have to outlive a carrion crawler. As I head away to search the bodies for magical items, Snaggle tells Xaod, Oskar and Crank that Ranx has disappeared out of his true seeing. Snaggle, Crank, and Oskar hear a muffled cough and the silence. Everyone except Ivonna and me check into this noise. The four of them find a room with a high ledge with archers on top. Snaggle moves against a wall and yells out archers. Xaod and I hear Snaggle and head towards him to give them a hand. Crank kills an archer with is bow and Stampy still can fly and Xaod flies up and kills two archers. The last archer I kill with one of my many magic missile wand.

Where is Ranx headed to? Why are we having dreams of killing or torturing each other? It seems the more we explore the more questions we get. If we keep the Naga as our friend we may get the answers we need to hear.

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Re: The story continues
Episode 54 An Unlucky Stone for Me

Snaggle quickly asks me if I can help him search for Ranx. He tells me he is worried that Ranx might have found a trap similar to the one with the large diamond called Tulian's Eye.

I quickly cast my detect magic and slowly walk back to the room with the large trap Snaggle spoke of.
As we enter the large room with a boxing ring Snaggle hears Xaod, Oskar and Crank getting into battle. Snaggle yells back if they need help but Crank replies that they can handle it.

Just as I get near the boxing ring I detect magical auras inside this room. I quickly tell Snaggle to hold, as it will take a few seconds to register where the auras are coming from. Ivonna spends a few minutes rummaging for loot and she spends some time attacking and killing the carrion crawler. The other group made up of Crank, Oskar, Xaod and
Stampy battle some elves and fish like creatures.

After a few seconds I detect eight auras coming from a cabinet. I tell Snaggle the location and he moves up close to the cabinet to open it.
After all our experiences with traps going off I quickly cast my mage hand to open the cabinet door. As the door opens Snaggle still has his true seeing and sees Ranx slashing back and forth at the area in front of the cabinet. Snaggle quickly runs by me and says, "Ranx is mad!"

Without warning I feel two hot slashes into my gut, I know it had to be Ranx but with the sight of my hands holding my intestines in I quickly step back and activate my boots of haste to start running away. In my confused state I forgot that I could have dispelled the improved invisibility spell, but I was lucky that Snaggle had his true seeing on and he had memorized hold person. Before Ranx had another attack
Snaggle casted his hold person spell and stopped Ranx in his tracks.

Xaod must have heard my screams and he quickly rode Stampy back to our position. Snaggle quickly informs Xaod of what happened and they decide to knock Ranx unconscious before he can move again. Snaggle quickly drapes his cloak over Ranx and Xaod and Stampy both start to hit Ranx with the blunt side of their weapons. I get my composure back and I dispel the invisibility spell and with taste of revenge in my mouth I yell out my magic missile spell and send the bolts at Ranx and knock him unconscious.

By now Ivonna and Oskar make their way to us, but Crank continues on ahead and defeats four giant scorpions. While we wait for Crank to return Xaod uses his healing wand to cure my near fatal wounds. We put Ranx in one of Stampy's saddle bags and all of his equipment into the bag of holding. We start to discuss different options as we begin to track the area up ahead for Crank.

When we meet up with Crank we tell him what happen; then Xaod checks the party with his ability to detect evil and only Ranx is evil. Snaggle decides to try a long shot and casts a remove curse from a scroll onto Ranx. Xaod then checks Ranx again and he is no longer evil. As we head back Ivonna discovers some dragon tracks. We head back to the Naga
after finding the dragon's tracks. She tells us the dragon has gone down the tunnel with water and we decide that we have to kill the dragon otherwise if we rest and it attacks we would be unprepared.

We head down the water filled tunnel and Xaod is in the lead detecting evil. He stops and tells us there is evil ahead. Xaod, Crank, Oskar, and Ivonna quickly kill two of the frog like creatures but are horrified to find a water elemental. Xaod desperately tries to hold the outsider back but it flurry of attacks leave no choice but to fall back and heal.
While Stampy runs by Oskar's flame strike doesn't harm the creature. I begin to magic missile the elemental and it seems like there are being effective. Crank heroically runs up and blocks the elementals allowing us to get a few more shots in and letting Xaod heal from the elementals attacks. Crank takes four massive hits from the water elemental and
with out a scream he drops into the water and fades into death. His effort was not in vain as it allows us to regroup and defeat the elemental.

During the battle I never even noticed that Snaggle had healed Ranx. I quickly ask Xaod to keep checking him for evil as I still have pains coming from the large wounds he dug into me. Xaod understands and tells me he'll let me know if Ranx is evil. We quickly put Crank's body into the bag of holding and head down to Rastor through the entrance the Naga
told us about.

We head into town and speak to the owners of the new trading post and get lodging at the local inn. Oskar decides to leave us and to go into the forest to look for more of his animal friends. The rest of us relax for the night sitting around a table at the inn. We ask Ranx what happened. He tells us that the luck stone he bought from the party must
have been cursed. It started to make him plot the death of the party.

He tried to kill me today because the stone was identified by me, and I couldn't detect that it was cursed. As well it was the first item he purchased through our party share system. Also for hitting him with five fireballs he murdered a family of five elves in my name the last time we were in Greyhawk.

Later that evening Snaggle casts a spell on Ranx to help him cope with the evil deeds he had committed.

The next morning Snaggle teleports away to get Crank resurrected. As a party we usually wouldn't pay for a true resurrection for a new party member but Crank proved his loyalty giving his life to protect us.

There must be a murder investigation looking for me, I wonder if I will be banished from more areas. I have to get my name cleared.

Episode 55 Jeffrey's Reunion

Xaod and I discuss with Snaggle how we can clear my name when he teleports to Greyhawk. After Snaggle drops off Crank's body with the priests he goes to the local guards and asks how their investigation is going. They know that the elves were murdered from a halfling thanks to a talk to dead spell. They begin to question Snaggle on his interest in
this case. He replies he was looking for information to help me as there was a rumour of a murder committed in my name. They ask Snaggle to pass on the message that they would like to question me.

We spend the day in town. Xaod is drinking and starting on getting drunk. Ivonna and I drink down in the bar and gossip. She inquires about some older female elf traveling in a harem. We spend the rest of the evening relaxing in the inn.

Early in the morning Ivonna and Ranx hear a loud banging on the door of the inn. Ranx puts his boots on and ready his goggles but lies back down. Ivonna starts to get dressed and cracks her door open. She faintly hears the inn keeper yell, "Keep your pants on I'm coming!"

Ivonna gets near the stairs and hears a door open and then a muffled scream. A few seconds later, Ivonna hears the sounds of a spell being casted. Ivonna quickly runs up stairs and wakes up Ranx, she knocks on my door and when I answer she tells me we are being attacked, and she
knocks on Xaod's door telling him to get his damn sword.

Ranx rolls out of bed and looks out the window and sees it snowing out. Xaod and I both take a few seconds to put on our boots of haste while Ranx begins to quietly sneak down the stairs. Ivonna quickly starts throwing all her equipment into her bag of holding.

At the foot of the stairs Ranx hears something approach him. A blurry humanoid appears out of the thin air and attacks him with a spear made of complete blackness. Ranx tumbles by the figure just as I cast my shield spell and cast magic missiles into the blurry figure. Ranx quickly takes two swipes at the humanoid before it runs for the door.
As it runs I realize the creature is Jeffrey our fallen comrade whose spirit didn't return to his body when we tried to raise him from the dead. His skin in now pale green and the wounds Ranx inflicted on him before are partially sewn up. His eyes caught my attention they were glowing red just like the metal the blacksmith hammers.

Xaod communicates to Stampy that he should come to the front of the inn and asks me what's going on. I answer, "Jeff's undead!", and I move outside and out of the light and realize I have to cast light on my wand but I also cast improved invisibility and hide the wand under my robe.
Xaod tracks the marks in the snow and detects evil to his right after getting onto Stampy. Ranx moves ahead and I move up to Xaod and cast improved invisibility on Xaod and ask, "Which way should we go?" I get a sinking feeling in my stomach when Xaod mentions where my familiar is and I quickly instruct my bat to fly to my location. As soon as my bat perches on my shoulder I cast invisibility on him as well.

Xaod tracks Jeffrey to the back of the inn where it looks like he has climbed up the wall and onto the roof near our windows. Ranx quickly climbs the wall with his sticky boots and enters the window into his room. As Ranx enters the windows he sees his door open and he gets attacked by Jeffrey and the undead creature become visible. Xaod climbs
off the rhino and he heads through the window beside Ivonna. Ivonna starts attacking Jeffrey with her bow but without armor she repeatedly gets hit by the dark spear. I run back inside the inn and try my hold person spell but it doesn't affect the undead creature. Jeffrey tries to hit me but having my mage armor ring and shield spell on I easily
block his attack. I cast a few sonic orbs at Jeff and Ivonna hits him with a few arrows before she runs into her room and she locks the door.

Ranx also hides in his room and locks his door. Xaod and I follow Jeffrey downstairs and Xaod turns the undead creature and we both see Jeffrey run out the door and disappear. I did notice that one of Jeffrey's feet look like a demon's foot.

The dead inn keeper, Ranx, Ivonna and Xaod all have these black wounds that won't heal. Ivonna is very close to death and healing wands and potions don't seem to help. We rest that night having at least two of us on guard. Luckily Jeffrey doesn't return. Snaggle shows up the next morning with Crank and Oskar arrives with a dire lion who has human-like intelligence can speak common. Snaggle tries to heal the black wounds but he cannot heal them either. The next day we all teleport to Greyhawk to see a healer. The healer says he hasn't seen these wounds, but he has knowledge of them.
This kind of damage can only be inflicted by great evil weapons or creatures. Fortunately these wounds will heal if they are healed on hallowed ground. Snaggle quickly heals Ranx, Ivonna, and Xaod while we are in the shrine.

Being in Greyhawk Oskar leaves the group to go around town to look for a craftsman to make him wooden armor.

The rest of the group is still together. I wonder if Xaod will talk to the local militia about the crimes Ranx committed. I also question whether I should speak to them as well; my worry is I don't want to be held in jail for questioning.

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Re: The story continues
Episode 56 I Should Stay Further Back

We all teleport back to the ballista room and begin to head towards the water temple after returning from Greyhawk. Just before the earth temple we hear a spell caster casting and Crank sees a dark cloaked figure casting at us. Before anyone can react the rock ceiling turns to mud and drops on top of us. I get completely covered by the mud but I was able to get my head and arms out. It looks like Oscar, Xaod and Snaggle are above the mud. Oscar begins to cast a spell but the shadowy figure casts again turning the mud back into rock. This leaves Diago, Ranx, Stampy, Crank, Ivonna and myself stuck in stone. Snaggle dimension doors Ivonna, Ranx and himself further down the left cave.

Xaod gets off Stampy and charges to attack the magic user. As he runs up two dire lions run by and speak in common just like Diago! Xaod takes a swipe at one of the dire lions as it runs by. As he turns back to attack the magic user, and now he suspects it is a druid, two more dire lions jump out in front of him and attack him. The two dire lions that ran by attack Stampy and Oskar. With the ceiling falling on me my frail body was almost crushed and in my haste I chose to do a full attack instead of trying to hide. I quickly launched off two fireballs and hit the dire lions and the druid near Xaod.

Oskar’s spell goes off and the area in front of him is covered in a swarm of insects. Xaod, Snaggle, Ivonna, Ranx, two dire lions and the druid are caught in the swarm. Xaod moves out of the swarm and attacks the dire lion attacking Oskar. I fireball into the swarm aiming for the last spot the druid was in. I hit the two dire lions in the swarm but I also hit Ranx and Xaod. The fireball does burn the insects in the area and I’m able to launch another fireball and I hit the druid and the dire lions again. This drops both the dire lions but it also has given me a lot of attention. Oskar flames strikes the druid and the last two dire lions, killing on of the dire lions. The druid turns to my direction and casts flame strike. The flames surround me and drive me into darkness as my body is left burnt black and smoking.

Snaggle cats a harrier on the druid and Ranx follows the druid up the wall to attack him. Xaod moves back from the dire lion and lays hands on himself to heal. Ivonna drives two arrows deep into the last dire lion and kills it. Ivonna sees the troglodyte druid appear from the swarm of insects on the ceiling. She drives an arrow into the druid and knocks him unconscious. Ranx, Ivonna and the harrier finish the druid off. Oskar casts rock to clay and the rest of the party is dug out.

The group puts my body in the bag of holding and they head down to Rastor to spend the night and the next day we head to Greyhawk. I awake in Greyhawk back from the dead. I am happy to hear the Ivonna finished off the druid and he isn’t left alive somewhere.

The next day we head back to the ballista room again and head to the area where we fought the water elemental. Xaod is riding Stampy, who I casted fly on, sees the temple with a female priestess and a demonic looking fish creature, the mage he fought before and another evil looking humanoid. Snaggle casts a harrier on the priestess and yells out, “Enemy on altar!” Xaod flies Stampy up to the altar. The demon creature flies forward and casts a cold greasy fireball [unholy blight] and hits Ivonna, Oskar, Crank and Diago. A dragon flies out of a side passage and attacks Xaod and a monk runs up and attacks Stampy. Snaggletooth parts the water to reveal four reptile like creatures and the water elemental.

Crank runs up to the water elemental and attacks it. Ivonna hits the priestess with three arrows. The priestess casts a spell and raises the water back up. The reptile creatures charge Oskar and Crank. Oskar gets hit by the water elemental and looks like he is really hurt.

The water elemental is no longer slowed and Xaod is cut off from the group. We either have to quickly kill the elemental and help Xaod or rescue Xaod and retreat and try another tactic.

[DM's note: I awakened the feindish dire lions that were with Ukemil. I also, in the heat of battle, forgot about their fire resistance and damage reduction! In any event, it was a memorable encounter.]

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Re: DMDan's Campaign Story (long, but hopefully interesting)
Episode 57 Failed Attack on Water Temple

After Xaod charged ahead and the rest of the party is cut off is where I finished writing my last entry. Xaod and I both enter the Naga's room and we take a moment for everyone to catch up. I quickly write down how the battle went as it all happened so fast.

One of the cloaked mages near Xaod magic missiles the harrier that Snaggletooth summoned to attack the priestess. The other mage drinks a potion and quickly pulls out a wand and casts a lightning bolt and kills the harrier and hits Xaod and Stampy. I quickly cast two magic missiles volleys at the flying demonic fish creature. The dragon hovers over to
Xaod and attacks him with its four claws. Snaggle neck deep in water, just behind Oskar and Crank, casts fly on himself.

A new fish like creature appears out of the water and climbs onto the altar and misses Stampy on its attack. Crank steps away from the water elemental and attacks one of the fish like creatures and hits with both attacks. As Oskar tries to run away the water elemental hits him and knocks him
unconscious. Ivonna still invisible climbs up the wall and fires an arrow at the demonic flying fish creature and misses. A lobster crawfish type creature appears near Crank and misses with its large claws. The priestess casts a black fireball and Xaod and Stampy and they both wave off the feeling of being sickened. Two of the large creatures that Snaggle calls Scum run up and attack Crank. The attacks all hit and Crank scream isn't heard under the water as the dark murkiness becomes his grave. More fish like creatures appear on the
altar and near Snaggletooth.

We all know the attack has failed as within thirty seconds two party members have fallen. Stampy and Xaod start to fly to the exit as the enemies attack them it looks like they will make it, but the demonic fish creature flies up and delivers a touch spell that dazes Stampy.
This leaves Xaod on his mount that is hovering twenty feet in the air. The mage casts a fireball and hits Ivonna, Ranx and Diago. Ivonna looks right into the blast and the fire damages her dark vision goggles. As the group reels from the heat of the fireball the mage casts a web in the same area.

Now the party is in great danger and I remember a promise I made to Xaod that I would help him if he was in great danger. I pull out one of my dimension door scrolls and visualize myself on Stampy as I read the scroll. Instantly I am on Stampy, but the dragon can see me even though
I have an invisibility spell on. The dragon hits Stampy, Xaod and me with a cone of acid. The acid gets around my shield spell and begins to burn away at my flesh. The monk throws a spear at Stampy and misses.

Snaggle moves away from the water elemental and takes a hit from it so he can drink a potion of haste. The spear carrying creature dives into the water from the altar and swims past the water elemental. Diago attacks at one of the fish like creatures. The priestess casts dispel and cancels Stampy's fly spell which drops the three of us into ten feet
below the surface of the murky water. Two Scum creatures swim up and one hits me which knocks me unconscious which cancels the invisibility spell on Ivonna and myself. The water elemental attacks Diago with its three attacks and kills him.

Xaod who can now see I was trying to rescue him pull me close and uses his lay hands healing spell to revive me from being unconscious. I quickly slide off to Stampy's side away from the enemies and cast my last dimension door scroll and teleport Xaod and myself back into the hallway that leads to the Naga.

Snaggle casts darkness and true seeing on himself. The group of enemies start ganging up on Stampy. Two Scum attack with the elemental and Stampy survives. The demonic fish creature knocks Stampy unconscious and the dragon attacks with both claws and a bite turning Stampy into
chum. Xaod and I can hear the temple cheering as Xaod felt that Stampy had perished. Xaod and I start running down the hallway with Ranx on our tail. Snaggle flies into the large area that houses the altar, to rescue Crank and Oskar who were dragged in by the lobster like creature.

Snaggle dives into the water and casts dimension door and teleports all of them near the entrance to the cave we are heading down. Snaggletooth quickly heals Oskar and heads back into the cave as he cannot justify the battle unless we have at least one kill for our side. Oskar transforms into a polar bear and picks up Crank's corpse and start to run after us down the tunnel. Snaggle kills off one of the peon
creatures and then flies down the tunnel after us allowing us more time to retreat.

This has been the worst battle so far. We almost lost everyone if it wasn't for good luck.

DM Dan76
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Re: DMDan's Campaign Story (the story continues...)
Episode 58 We Attack Again

After getting defeated we all walk down to Rastor and rest for the night at the inn. We all teleport to Greyhawk and while Xaod gets Stampy true raised we all run around town buying supplies to help us attack the water temple. We rest that night in the city where again, I can relax and get a decent bath and regret that we have to head back to Rastor in the morning.

The next morning we head back to Rastor and spend most of the day offering different plans of attack. Late into the night we are still undecided. Oskar spills some water on the bar and it pools in a low spot. He then starts a trance and looks into the water. He tells us the priestess, the fish like mage and the elf mage were conversing this afternoon when he scryed but now they are all asleep. Oskar offers this as a tactic to use against them and attack the enemies in their sleep.
Everyone but Xaod loves the idea.

The next morning the sun rises we eat breakfast and Xaod has a beer. We wait out the day and as the sun begins to set we start our climb up the mountain through the snow. We all planned to head through the area where we met the Naga and head to the nearest bridge opening. I had almost the entire party handing me arcane scrolls they bought in town.

I quickly spouted off the words and casted the spells they wanted. I also casted improved invisibility on Ivonna, Ranx, and myself. We all touch Oskar and he transforms us into eagles. We all take off and fly towards the opening near the ice shelf to the water temple.

Ivonna flies over to the far side of the opening and in mid flight transforms back into her elven form and sticky boots to the wall.
Snaggle hovers over the snow on the ice shelf and transforms back into a half-orc and drinks a potion. I fly down and land on the ice shelf and transform back into my normal shape. Xaod and Stampy fly in and land on the altar. Xaod is holding one of Snaggle's silence stones and this must have alerted the enemies.

The elf mage yells out "We're under attack!" and he pulls out a wand and summons a howler that attacks Xaod while he is still in his bird form. The fish like mage who has the lightning wand jumps into the water. The demonic fish like creature flaps his wings and flies twenty feet into the air. Oskar flies in and casts a spell that changes the rock ceiling into mud. The falling mud catches the demon, both mages and the
priestess. Even in bird form Ranx is able to dodge the mud. Xaod and Stampy move back from the howler and transform back into their normal selves. Ranx lands on the roof where the rock turned to mud and transforms back into his halfling form and sticky boots to the ceiling.

The priestess moves onto the stone altar and gets chest high out of the mud. Ivonna quickly shoots two arrows into her and I cast a single magic missile spell and knock her unconscious on top of the alter. The water elemental splashes out of the water and hits Stampy but part of the damage is absorbed by the stone skin I casted on it. Snaggle flies in and casts a spell he calls divine favour. The fish like mage flies up through the water and points a wand at the group and Xaod succumbs to being slowed. Oskar lands on the altar and transforms while the howler hits him but the stone skin protected him from some of the damage. Out of the water these greasy fish like creatures appear and throw spears at Snaggle and Oskar.

Now the battle is on. The dragon flies out of a side cave and attacks Xaod. Stampy defends his master and attacks the dragon. Ranx now fully transformed tumbles off the ceiling into the mud. The fishy creature with a short sword, who ran after Ivonna before, misses an attack on Oskar but has moved in to allow the howler to flank him. Ivonna fires three arrows at the dragon and the all bounce off his armor. I cast two fireballs off and I hit the dragon, the lobster like creature(chull), the fishman with the short sword, Xaod and Stampy. The fire damage kills the howler and fries the fallen priestess.

All right two kills for me, but I have to focus, the battle is still far from over. The water elemental begins to lay a beating on Stampy.
Snaggle starts hammering the fish mage with his spiky club and it runs away and dives into the water. The demon casts a spell and tries to touch Snaggle and misses and an area of darkness surrounds them and part of the altar. The monk jumps out of the water and climbs on the altar and Oskar attacks and hits him. Now four scum climb onto the altar and
one of them misses Oskar.

Xaod heals Stampy with a scroll as the dragon misses an attack on him while he's casting. This gave Ranx the opportunity to backstab the dragon twice and it looks really hurt.

The fishman with the short sword hits Oskar and backstabs him as well just like Ranx. The dragon takes a swipe at Stampy and hits but the stone skin absorbs the damage. I fireball twice and hit the monk, scum, dragon, fishman, and Oskar. The dragon and the fishman with the short sword shriek out in pain and drop to the ground. Oskar looks like he is almost dead after the flames subside. I killed another two creatures but I am causing too much attention to myself.

The water elemental moves up and swings at the area where the magical fireballs are coming from but it misses me. The fish like mage then pops out of the water and points at me and a ray appears from its finger tips and hits my chest. The intense pain was quick as my body turned to dust and my equipment slumped into a pile on the ice. The scum attack
and miss Snaggle, who flies over to the fish mage and casts knife spray at it. Ivonna also fires an arrow deep into the fish mage as well.
Snaggle then casts his control water spell and pushes all the water out of the temple and it slows the water elemental. Oskar drops off the altar near the water elemental. Xaod kills a scum and heals himself and misses an attack on the monk.

I find myself again visiting the plane of Wee Jas and able to set aside the time at recollect on my mistakes. I wonder how my comrades are doing.

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Re: DMDan's Campaign Story (the story continues...)

Episode 59 Back From the Ashes

The mage fish creature casts a mist around him and disappears from Snaggle's view. Just as Snaggle flies into the mist to find the mage, the demon creature fires another greasy fireball and it only hits Xaod.
The monk runs up and swings with both fists at Xaod but Xaod's armor easily stop the monk's attack. Ivonna fires one arrow into the demon and the two following arrows bounce off his natural armor.

Amazing enough Oskar stands his ground in battle unfortunately I only get to hear about it and not see it. He ran up and hit the water elemental and step backed and avoided an attack while doing so. Then the lobster crawfish creature charged him and he avoided that attack as well. Oskar then turned his attention to the lobster creature and
continued to attack it while evading it's attacks as well as the water elemental.

Xaod attacks the scum to his left as Stampy hits the monk to his right. Xaod then commands Stampy to jump off the altar to the ground and Xaod uses his riding ability to miss a swipe attack from the scum when he rides by. Snaggle finds the fish mage in the fog but the mage casts a spell and disappears. Snaggle moves forward and guesses where the mage would be and swings his club but he only hears the club swing through air.

Ivonna can see that the demon looks very close to death but then it casts a spell and some of the larger wounds close up. Ivonna fires off only two arrows and the second arrow hits and damages the demon creature again. The monk tries to punch and kick Ranx but misses and then he tumbles off the altar near Xaod. Xaod charges the monk and misses but
Stampy attacks and rips the monk in half. Ranx feints an attack on the scum and it falls for it, then Ranx dives his dagger deep into the scum's side and kills it. The halfling then heads into the darkness part of the altar.

Oskar moves up and attacks the lobster creature and evades both the lobster and the water elemental. Snaggle hears the mage run into the water under the ice and moves back to help Oskar with the water elemental. He flies back and evades an attack from the elemental and drives his spiky club through the water splashing a lot of it to the ground. Oskar on the opposite side of the elemental with his persistent
attacks on the lobster crawfish creature kills the beasts that tried to drag him away. Xaod charges the water elemental and does a fair amount of damage and rides as far as he can but is still in the elemental's attack range. Meanwhile the demon casts a spell and flies down and begins to look at the body of the priestess. Ivonna drives another arrow from her two shots into the demon, but it reaches into the cleric's robes and pulls out a key. It then pushes the two keys
together and they transform into one larger key.

Snaggle continues to smash water chunks off the elemental. Xaod charges the elemental and knocks more water off as he does his ride by attack with his lance. Oskar jumps in and attacks the water elemental. I guess in the rush of the battle the three people who attacked the water elemental all felt they did the most damage to finish it off. I must say from the sounds of it they all deserve a pat on the back standing up to a creature like that.

Ivonna hits the demon with another arrow from two shots and yells out "Demon... greater key!" Ranx hears this in the darkness and turns around and starts to head back to the centre of the altar. The demon begins to chant over the middle of the altar and Ivonna fires two arrows, the
first hammers into the demon's leg making him lurch forward onto the altar and the second drives into his back piercing its evil heart and killing it.

The group then explores the area grabbing anything that could be worth some money. Ranx finds some hidden treasures but he did set off some traps and became cursed.

We drag a few carcasses to the Naga and ask about the key and the swords. We find out that the demon was casting bless on himself which would allow him to go through the door without using the key. As well we learn that we have defeated all four temples but there may be random dangers still lurking the caves or heading to the inner fane

We head to Rastor rest a night and the next day teleport to Greyhawk. That day I get resurrected and I spend the day identifying items. I also found out that I didn't have all the gold needed to get resurrected and I have to thank Ivonna for the extra gold. That day Oskar scrys on the wizards and continues to scry for the next few days.

As we look through the water we recognized the area the stone walls look like the rock we encountered when we assassinated the assassin. Oskar scrys on the mages and they have a female with them in a small room, a few scrys later they notice and black out the scry. On the last scry
there is a male pacing between the two yelling at them and he is wielding a tentacle rod as he paces back and forth. Slowly he looks up at the scrying sensor and writes down on some paper and holds up the message towards Oskar and it reads, "Do not come back will be sorry". He holds it up for a minute and the area blacks out.

Ranx tells us that we are stilling being scryed on as well.

Well it's nice to be alive again. I think this time I will have to buy more defensive scrolls and actually casts them before I start my fireball launches. So we have to decide do we try an assassination mission that they probably know we are going to try or do we try Snaggle's plan of flying to the towers of the outer fane? The Naga did speak of the water door which she said would be our best bet.

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Re: DMDan's Campaign Story (the story continues...)
Episode 60 The Giant Turtle Crushes the Paladin Tin Can

We spend an extra two days in Greyhawk so I can have an arcane teleport spell created. Our plan is trying the Naga's advice and to head through the water door. Snaggle casts his teleport spell and brings us to the mushroom cave. We all put on buff spells and head to the open area that leads to the giant crater that had a dock and boats.

The boats are now crushed in the ice. Before we transform into birds I cast my invisibility spell on Oskar, Ivonna and myself. Oskar transforms all of us into birds and we begin to fly across the ice. As we all get 10 feet from the door we can see a dock in front of it covered in snow. As we
approach Ivonna, Ranx, Stampy, Xaod and I get hit with lightning from the tower in front of us.

Ranx, Xaod and Stampy fly to the door and begin to transform. I fly underneath the dock and transform back and drink a potion of healing.
Oskar lands on the ground and casts shape stone on the tower but it fails. Snaggle transforms mid air and lands on the ground near Oskar.
We all hear another lightning bolt but can't see what it hit. It hits Ivonna as she flies up and enters the bee area.

Ivonna flies into the entrance and lands on a relief jutting from the side of the tower. As she looks down she realizes this is where the bees nest. At the bottom a group of the bee riders are quickly running around putting on their armor. Ivonna fires three arrows off into the first bee rider and kills him. The bee riders look around to see where the shots came from and another volley of arrows come down and kill
another bee rider.

One of the large bees flies up to the ledge Ivonna is standing on and it quickly notices her scent and attacks the area she's in but it misses. Ivonna drives three arrows into the bee and it drops to the bottom of the tower. Ivonna jumps to the next platform but the bees have her scent and begin to fly to the new ledge. Ivonna fires
another three arrows and kills another bee. One of the riders has begun to climb a ladder that continues up into the next chamber.

Snaggletooth sees a relief the same color as the key. He touches the key to the relief and the door begins to come down. As the door slowly opens Ranx waits, I cast my shield spell and crawl out from under the dock. Xaod casts his divine favour and gets on Stampy and readies his heavy lance. Snaggle, Ranx, and Xaod look into the door as it fully
opens, there are no enemies visible.

Oskar flies into the room almost to the end of the pool in the middle. Xaod moves in and he sees a snapping turtle with claws about as large as Stampy splash out of the water next to him. Xaod swipes at it with his heavy lance and I magic missile the creature. Oskar lands near the door at the top of the stairs. The creature attacks Stampy. Xaod attacks
the creature and Stampy does as well. Xaod and Stampy are getting pummelled by the turtle, so Xaod tries to ride by the creature. The creature hits Xaod and grapples him while Stampy continues up the stairs. I move into the chamber as the door begins to close and I magic missile the creature again. Snaggle runs up and heals Stampy.

Ranx pulls out his crossbow and fires at the creature but misses and hits Xaod. Ranx begins to feel a burning feeling on his forehead. The turtle pulls Xaod under the water but Xaod lays hands on himself healing the damage the turtle inflicted. I fire another magic missile spell at the turtle. Oskar dives into the water and turns into a large octopus.

Ranx jumps into the pool and lands at the bottom. The turtle with Xaod in his mouth swims through an entrance from the pool into the water under the frozen lake. Xaod break the creatures grapple and begins to sink to the bottom of the lake. A secret door near Stampy opens and three minotaurs come out. Two bugbears at the top of the stairs yell back as the see us in the chamber. I fireball and hit the two minotaurs
attacking Stampy. Snaggle flies up and taps Stampy with a heal spell.

The turtle grapples Xaod and he looses his heavy lance as it sink to the bottom of the lake. I cast another fireball and burn the minotaurs some more and kill the two bugbears. Oskar tries to the hit the turtle but he misses. The turtle swims away with Xaod and damages him more and he is close to death. The rhino hits the minotaur and really hurts it. I
cast another fireball and take down one of the three minotaurs. Snaggle block off one of the minotaurs from attacking Stampy. Stampy rears his head and kills the minotaur in front of him. Stampy is near death after
an attack from the last minotaur. I magic missile the last minotaur.

The last minotaur drinks a potion of haste. Xaod is killed by the turtles grapple and Oskar begins to swim back to us. Ranx after a minute sticky boots out of the pool and he has a glowing mark of Farfang on his forehead. He almost drowned in the water because he couldn't move.

If we already lost the paladin this far into the outer fane what are we going to be up against further in? We certainly can't rest here and we can't cross the ice without getting hit with bolts of lightning.

Hey does anybody know where Ivonna is?

DM Dan76
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Re: DMDan's Campaign Story (the story continues...)
I have finally got caught up on my groups campaign log.
I was without email for a few months so this is what has happened since the last episode.

( is quite long. )

Episode 61: Hey Look its Xaod’s Body

After we rest in the mushroom grove we head back to the docks to look for Xaod when we find he has been delivered to us along with a note. It explains to us that the insider who contacted us before has helped us again. He also tells us that most of the outer fane’s defences has been moved to the water door in case of another attack. He suggests we use the air door, as it is the weakest entrance in.

We teleport that day to Greyhawk and get Xaod resurrected. I sell my boots of haste they don’t seem to work the same way they used to. I find a nice magical set of bracelets and purchase them.

We all rest that night and the next day we cast spells on each other to get ready for our assault. The plan is to teleport into the area where we saw the mages speaking with the man who held up a sign for us to never return.

We teleport with no problems and appear in the small chamber. Ivonna moves up and listens to hear anything through the door. Ivonna steps through and to her left she sees a woman clearing dishes and she hears coughing coming from the halls.

Ivonna and Ranx head separate ways. I move next to the door as Xaod and Stampy pass through it. That just leaves Snaggle and myself in the chambers. As Snaggletooth puts on a black robe and a lilac mask, I cast my shield spell. Xaod then drinks a potion as Snaggle finishes his costume with a cape with a yellow glowing eye.

Oskar follows Ivonna’s lead and inspects the room with the servant. Ivonna still invisible quietly moves up to the serving wench and readies an arrow in her bow. She asks the wench, “How many serving staff is here?” The woman lowers her head and begins to push her cart away when Ivonna drives an arrow through her chest. Without a whimper the wench drops to the floor with an arrow through her heart.

Back in the hallway next to the chambers where we teleported to, Ranx sees two bugbears. Ranx runs up while invisible and stabs one of the bugbears and rips a large hole in its side. I quickly help Ranx and magic missile the bugbear and kill it. Xaod rides up and he charges with his lance as Stampy drives his horn through the second bugbear. But before it dies it yells out, “We’re under attack!”

Snaggle moves to my left and opens the door. The door slides down and a demon like creature is standing there. The demon asks Snaggle, “What’s the commotion?” Snaggle responds with, “They’re attacking the water door!” Snaggle can tell the demon didn’t believe his lie and he runs back down the hall.

Ranx sees an area with a deep pit; the floor and walls are red marble with black specs and streaks. There is an altar that has fire jutting out of it. Ogres move up and attack Xaod and one of the bugbears shoots one of the ogres in the back with his bow. Ranx backstabs one of the ogres and digs deep into his leg cutting a major artery. With blood spilling out of the creature I finish it off by hitting it with magic missiles. Xaod drop an ogre with another charge and an attack from the rhino’s horn. Ivonna starts to run towards the sound of battle. The last ogres charge Xaod and Stampy and as they pass Ranx, who is still invisible, one of them gets stabbed in the back. The bugbears along the wall continue to fire arrows at Xaod and Stampy.

Before I could find out if the demon could see invisible or not I ran after Snaggle through the wall of fire. When I caught up to Snaggle I grabbed his shoulder and said “Heal me.”

A huge red dragon appears behind Ranx. The dragon scares Ranx and picks him up with his mouth and begins to crush him.

Xaod moves closer to the dragon and kills one ogre with one hit and attacks the second ogre twice and hurts it. Stampy kills the last one with a massive gore wound that rips the ogre in half.

Snaggle heals me and says, “I need stone skin.”

Two more ogres appear next to the bugbears. Oskar moves up and casts water ball on all the bugbears and ogres.

Ranx crawls partway out of the dragon’s mouth and stabs it twice in one eye. He then yells out that a dragon is eating him. Everyone hears him but me. I guess I was still shaken from all the fire damage I had taken.

The demon steps out of his room and pulls out a whip. The demon tries to hit Oskar with its whip but misses.

As I finish casting stone skin on Snaggle, the dragon uses his fire breath while Ranx is in his mouth. The fire hits Xaod and Oskar and knocks Ranx unconscious. Ivonna yells out that the dragon is eating Ranx just as Snaggle yells, “Pull Ranx’s charm!” I say Ranx’s name as I pull the charm I keyed to him and his smouldering body appears at my feet. I dispel the invisibility spell on Ranx and tell Snaggle I’m going to help the group.

The ogres charge Oskar and miss. Oskar turns around and casts a second water ball on the ogres and bugbears. Oskar and the demon both exchange blows but Oskar is able to shrug off the effects of the whip. The dragon hits Oskar, Xaod and Ivonna with another blast of fire. Xaod charges with Stampy and drives a large hole into the demon’s right side while Stampy tears a second hole into its left side. The demonic screams echoed though the hallways then the demon disappeared. I cast a volley of magic missiles and hit the dragon but then it disappeared as well.

Snaggle heals Ranx back to consciousness and they both head down the hallway to fight the dragon. I can hear Ranx jabbering on about all the gold he saw in the chamber with the dragon.

Snaggle runs up and casts invisibility purge but the demon and dragon don’t appear. Oskar tries to cast a water ball but the drow are somehow immune to his spell. I cast a fireball at the group of knocked out bugbears and hurt them but I can still see them breathing. Snaggletooth casts remove fear and moves into the chamber with the pit and he finds the dragon. The two drow teleport to the hallway near Ranx.

Well it is a good thing for Ranx that I pawned my boots for this new bracelet. Xaod from what I’ve heard has really put a good beating on the demon and the ogres. Now we just have to go in and kill the dragon and attack those evil drow.

Episode 62: Glutton for Punishment

The last bugbear charges Ivonna, but as he passes Xaod and Stampy they both hit him with deadly blows and kill the vile beast.

Ranx continues down the hallway towards the dragon. Oskar follows as well as he casts a healing spell on himself.

I see the ochre robe drow female cleric. Her clothing has some inverted pyramids embroidered into it. She gets ten feet from where I am standing and peers around the corner and starts casting a spell. I quickly cast a fireball and hit the priestess but it looks like the fire damage was absorbed. Still invisible I run around the corner and see more bugbears heading our way.

As I turn around to look back at the group I watch Xaod, Stampy, Ranx, and Snaggletooth being crushed by giant hailstones.

Ivonna fires two arrows at the drow priestess but hits the wall that the drow is using for cover. Xaod and Stampy both charge and hit the dragon while Snaggle runs behind and heals Stampy. Ranx runs and jumps into the large room just behind Xaod and Snaggle.

As the bugbears move down the parallel hallway I see that they brought some ogres with them. I cast off a fireball and start heading towards the dragon. I know that the noose is closing around us and I’m going to grab Ranx and get out of here. As I start heading down the hallway to the dragon I hear a male voice casting see invisibility ten feet behind me.

The dragon launches a burst of flames from its mouth and engulfs Xaod, Oskar, Snaggle and Stampy. This almost kills everyone and Oskar and Xaod notice Snaggle is surrounded by a blue glow that seems to protect him from dying from the flames. The glow seemed like some sort of divine intervention.

I cast another fireball at the bugbears and the priestess but the fire only hurts the bugbears. I start to run towards Ranx so we can teleport out when Ivonna and myself get hit by a cone of cold. Ivonna freezes to death from the ice blast and it knocks me unconscious.

The dragon continues its attack on Stampy and Xaod and they are both close to death. Snaggle runs over to my body and heals me and I wake up on the ground. The ogres move in next to us and Oskar runs in and attacks one of the ogres. Now I realize we are doomed if we stay. The last time in Greyhawk Ranx and I split the cost of a teleport scroll so we could both escape if we were in peril. Unfortunately for Ranx, Oskar was the only party member close enough when I stood up from the ground and casted the scroll defensively taking Oskar to Greyhawk. This was where Ranx and I both agreed where we should teleport to if we had to use the scroll.

The dragon rips into Stampy with its claws and wings and tail and kills him. Xaod stands his ground and continues to attack the dragon as he screams, “Take that evil beast!”

Snaggle casts a spell on himself and picks up Ranx and moves towards Xaod. He tells Ranx to get into the bag.

Back in Greyhawk Oskar heals me as I key another charm for Ranx so I can honour the pact we made.

Ranx climbs into the bag of holding and as he gets in he says, “The @#%$ went to Greyhawk!”

Xaod moves in between Snaggle and the ogres and takes the attack from the ogres while Snaggle teleports to Greyhawk with Ranx and Xaod. They appear beside Oskar and myself in the inn and Snaggle says, “Pull Ivonna’s charm.” I also pull Stampy’s charm and teleport both corpses to the inn.

Later that day we get Ivonna raised and we rest for two days. The next morning Snaggle teleports us back into the same room. We have all our spells on and the rest of the party wants to kill the dragon. I disagree and will be ready to teleport away again when the battle goes against us.

Snaggle moves in and casts his invisibility purge and sees half of the dragon. Ranx hears a female casting a spell. Xaod tries to cast a spell but screws it up. We all move into the dragon’s lair as Ranx says, “Female casting spells.” The dragon turns and hits us all with its fire but the protection spells help us from the fiery damage. Ivonna drives an arrow into the dragon and everyone is able to fight now. Snaggle casts a stone wall on one hallway and now I have to cast a wall of force on the hallway where we entered from to trap the dragon in.

It looks like were in the fire again. Hopefully we can kill this dragon and grab the loot.

Episode 63: Against the Dragon

After Snaggle casts his wall of stone on the other hallway, I start casting my wall of force scroll. As I begin to cast the spell I start to fumble the words but manage to get the spell off right. We now have the dragon boxed in.

Snaggle casts a divine spell and moves behind the dragon. Ivonna fires an arrow at the dragon’s belly but it bounces of its scales. She then quickly moves to the stonewall that Snaggle put up. I quickly dash behind an altar to use it for cover while the rest of the group distracts the dragon.

The dragon starts to hit Xaod with its wings and tail and it also bites him as well. It looks like the stone skin absorbed a lot of the damage. Oskar casts two water balls that hit the dragon. I cast my magic missiles and hit the dragon as well.

The dragon flies to a new positions and drowns Ivonna, Xaod and Snaggle in fire from its mouth. They all seem ok and continue to battle. Snaggle charges the dragon and hits it with his spiky club but also gets hit by a wing as he runs in.

Ranx joins the battle and uses his flying cape and lands beside the dragon. I cast another volley of magic missiles but they bounce off the dragon. Xaod charges the dragon with a smite attack. The force of his lance hitting the dragon breaks one of the dragon’s scales in half as the lance dives deep into the belly of the large beast. Oskar charges the dragon but misses with his scimitar and the dragon bites him but the stone skin helps him as well.

The demon that had the whip appears near Ivonna but he has his back to her. Snaggle and Xaod can’t see him as they are facing the dragon. Before the demon can attack or cast a spell, Ivonna drives three arrows into the demon two of them went right through his chest. The demon quickly teleports back into the hallway past my wall of force.

Xaod does a ride by attack and jabs his lance into the dragon making a second large wound. The dragon looks seriously wounded. Ranx with his haste on drives his dagger into the dragon four times. On his second attack he was able to dive his arm into the dragon and cut a major artery knocking it unconscious and with his last two attacks he finished off the dragon.

Both Oskar and Ivonna yell to drop the wall of force. I dispel the wall and yell back that it’s gone. Ivonna quickly fires two arrows at the demon. They both find their mark one in each eye socket. The demon drops to the ground.

Snaggle starts hacking the demon corpse and starts burning it over one of the fire altars. I cast detect magic and begin concentrating to find magical items. Ivonna begins filling her bag of holding with all the coins in the pit.

Oskar sees a door lowering. It’s the door where he saw the drow before. Oskar approaches the opening and he can smell incense from the chamber.

Oskar yells for help and hits the priestess twice with his scimitar. From the corner of the room Oskar hears a spell being casts and some of his spells are dispelled. Snaggle tells Xaod he’s watching the stonewall and Stampy and Xaod run over to Oskar’s position. A four-armed creature is summoned and Stampy attacks it. Ranx runs over and stabs the four-armed creature in the back and Xaod kills it. The priestess disappears and Xaod yells out, “Invisibility purge!”

I detect a magic armband and pull it off the dragon before running over to help. I wouldn’t want to leave empty handed, again!

Oskar and Ranx get hit with large chunks of ice. Snaggle runs up and the two drow become visible. Xaod dismounts off Stampy and stabs the drow mage with his heavy lance. I cast a fireball into the room and I only hear Xaod yelling that he almost lost his shield from the fireball.

The mage casts cone of cold on Xaod and Oskar. Xaod stabs and kills the drow mage and Oskar and Ranx finish off the priestess.

We spend the rest of the time in the fane disabling traps and finding loot.

We begin to explore. Ranx and Oskar listen at a door and hear dialogue in a different language. Xaod opens the door and sees fiery creatures. He yells to quickly transform us to birds and teleport us to Greyhawk.

We arrive in town and I pull the charm I keyed to the dragon corpse. I spend the night identifying the items.

That battle went great, nobody died! Again the paladin ran from creatures that could damage his armor, but I would run from a mage permanently dispelling my magical items. All in all everyone helped out in taking down the dragon, demon and the drow. So what do we do now?

Episode 64: The Return of Danford

That day in Greyhawk back from the evil temples a mage and a dwarf appear at the inn. The mage gives his farewell to the dwarf and teleports away. Ivonna, Snaggle and Ranx quickly go and greet the dwarf. They must know him. After a few minutes they introduce the rest of us to a cleric fighter named Danford. He looks like a competent fighter and we always could use more healing power, but I’ll wait until battle before I trust this dwarf.

That night I cast my long lasting spells on Xaod, Ranx, Ivonna and myself. The next morning we teleport back to the same room in the outer fane. I cast my invisibility spell on Ranx, Ivonna, Xaod and myself. We then head down the area that Snaggle blocked off with his wall of stone. The wall is missing now; it looks as if it has been smashed down.

Ranx moves ahead and two ogres hear him but can’t see him. Ivonna and Xaod both move up and the only visible creature is Stampy. Ranx attacks the far ogre and hits the ogre twice with two larges wounds and it screams out in pain. Oskar runs up and so does Danford but he yells out, “Two ogres!” Both ogres charge Oskar but Ranx kills one of them as it runs by.

Snaggle and I both move closer to the battle to see Ivonna fire three arrows into the remaining ogre. Xaod charges the ogre with his lance and a deep round wound opens on the ogre’s chest. The ogre desperately tries to turn and run but Ranx flies by and slices his throat.

We begin to search the hallways in this area. We all start to head through a door except Oskar who is watching the stairs. Ranx scouts an area up ahead and hears speaking so he heads back and tells us about it. Danford quickly moves up to listen to the conversation. I quietly giggle as we all go by Snaggle towards the sounds, and he turns around and whispers to nobody that there are wizards up ahead. Snaggle then tries to quietly get Oskar’s attention but Oskar is intent on guarding the stairs.

As the party moves up Danford tells us they are trying to find some books. Xaod and Ranx both enter the room with the priestess and the fish mage who disintegrated me. Xaod attacks the priestess but her lightning reflexes allow her to evade the attack. Xaod hears spell casting but its not coming from the priestess or the mage. At this point Snaggle gets Oskar’s attention and they both start to catch up to the group. Xaod tries to hit the priestess but she casts a spell and fades into nothingness.

Ranx flies in and stabs at the wizard who disintegrated me before. Ranx hits twice and almost kills it but we remember that it can see invisible. In the confusion of being hit by a fireball I didn’t see if it was Ranx or Xaod who knocked out the fish mage. I did hear Danford commanding his summoned dire eagle to attack the incapacitated mage as he yells out, “One wizard down.”

Ivonna tells Snaggle she’s by the door and she’s guarding the hallway. Snaggle moves down the large hall and hears armor being put on. Oskar flies down the hall and sees two bugbears with large bows.

A fire elemental comes up the stairs after I cast my see invisibility scroll and attacks Stampy. Xaod and Stampy quickly kill the elemental. This allows both Ranx and myself to head down the stairs to find the invisible mage. Ranx goes down the stairs and sees books and flies up the stairs that Oskar was guarding. I try to keep up, but Ranx has his cape that lets him fly.

The bugbears hit Oskar in bird form with two arrows and one of the Nagas hits him with a lightning bolt. The Nagas then hit Snaggle with a fireball. Oskar casts a waterball while in bird form and hits the bugbears and the Nagas.

Danford moves towards Snaggle and Ivonna while Xaod rides Stampy near the bugbears. The Nagas hit Ivonna, Danford, and Snaggle with a fireball and this makes Snaggle fail his summon monster spell.

This must have enraged Snaggle and he charges ahead to attack the Nagas. Four arrow slits on the wall open and Snaggle takes three arrows in the chest. The half-orc must have still look dangerous to the Nagas so they hit Snaggle, Ivonna, and Danford with a lightning bolt. Snaggle casts silence on one of the Nagas as Oskar waterballs them again. The water knocks one of them unconscious.

Danford charges the last Naga and hits but it is still slithering around. The archers fire two arrows at Snaggle and two at Danford. The arrows really hurt Danford but the last arrow that hits Snaggle pierces his neck and with a spray of blood the half-orc slams down to the stone floor. With seconds left for Snaggle, Xaod rides up to the cleric and uses his paladin healing skills and revives the half-orc. Xaod then charges the last Naga and knocks it out.

Ivonna kills the last bugbear outside the arrow slits as Ranx approaches the door to the slits to pick it open.

While all this is happening I’m all on my own. As I head down the stairs I find an invisible mage waiting to cast a spell at the bottom of the stairs. I’m lucky, as he hasn’t seen me. I quickly cast hold person on him and paralyse him. I step behind him and cast magic missiles into his back until he drops.

I bet Snaggle is going to praying a lot longer to Farfang tomorrow morning. We should pack up the loot we have found so far and decide whether we should explore more or head off. I don’t know how many spells everyone has left but I bet the healers will need to cast a few spells.

Episode 65: Off to A Good Start With Danford

Ranx moves up to the locked iron door and picks the lock. The bugbears continue to fire arrows at Stampy and Oskar. Ranx opens the door and moves through and the bugbears. They can’t see him because he’s still invisible. The bugbears close and lock the door as Stampy and Xaod move up to it. Snaggle drinks a potion and Oskar heals his wounds.

Xaod tries to knock the door and fails but it looks moderately damaged. I run up to Snaggle as he heals himself. Ranx kills one bugbear with his sneak attack and attacks a second bugbear. Xaod knocks down the door and enters the room.

I move up and see a Xaod and Stampy and three bugbears. Just as I start casting Danford steps in front of me and drinks a potion. I easily cast the spell over his head and engulf the room in fire with one of my fireballs. Danford must have thought I was an enemy and he casts knife spray in my direction and the blades just scratch my skin on my arm.

Ivonna and Snaggle begin coup de grace on a bugbear and the last Naga. Xaod comes out and asks if everyone is ok, and I tell Danford that I fired the fireball and not to attack me.

Xaod and I head for an unopened door and Danford and Ivonna had down an unexplored hallway. Xaod asks, “Where did everyone go?” I answer, “I’m next to the door.”

Snaggle yells out, “Water door opening!” A darkness globe appears and Jeffrey steps out of it in front of Ranx. I hit Jeffery with a fireball. Snaggle says words about his god but it doesn’t affect Jeffrey but it affects Ranx.

A vampire steps out of the blackness and attacks Snaggle. The sword dives into Snaggle’s side. The vampire speaks out grind and he lets go of his sword. The sword begins to vibrate and cut deeper into Snaggletooth.

Jeffrey steps by Ranx and Ranx hits him. Jeffrey then tries to attack Snaggle but misses and then he climbs the wall with spider slippers one on a foot and another on a hoof.

Xaod charges and smites the vampire. The vampire cries out in pain. Hopefully it will be dead soon. I cast a fireball at the vampire and Jeffrey and its absorbed mid-flight.

Snaggle tries to turn the vampire but it laughs at his attempt. The sword digs deeper into Snaggletooth. Oskar transforms into a bear and moves between Snaggle and the vampire. The vampire attacks the bear with his fists and Oskar reverts back to his dwarf form and has many open cuts.

Ranx flies and attacks Jeffrey and turns him to dust. The vampire hides back in the globe of darkness, so I cast another fireball into the darkness. Snaggle pulls the sword out of his side and moves to Xaod and says, “Put in glove.”

Everyone regroups as the vampire is still in the darkness. I move back and yell, “Snaggle eagle’s splendor.” Snaggletooth dispels the darkness and moves near me and I cast the spell on him. Snaggle and Oskar heal while Ranx checks out the water door and he says nothings there.

Danford heals Snaggle. I magic missile the vampire after it gazes at Ranx. I move up and see Ranx stab Stampy twice. The vampire then moves up to Snaggle and gazes at him but he shrugs it off. I dispel the invisibility on Ranx and cast a hold person spell on him.

Ivonna gets gazed upon and begins to follow the vampire around. I move out of the mist that Oskar casts on himself and head for the fallen mages. If I have to retreat from this battle I want to have some loot in my pockets. A load of undead creatures move up and Danford fails at turning any of the undead creatures.

Snaggle delivers a touch attack after casting heal and the vampire looks extremely weak. As the vampire begins to flee, Ivonna slaps Snaggle in the back of the head and says, “What are you doing?” Xaod runs after the fleeing vampire on Stampy and Snaggle follows him into the water door area. Snaggle yells out, “Vampire in here.”

Hmm a vampire. Does anyone know how to kill one? I know we all have heard stories about killing them; let’s hope one of them is true.

Episode 66: An Unexpected Ally

As I loot the corpse of the dead fish mage I notice Danford running away from the group of undead towards the rest of the party. As I grab wands and scrolls an ochre robe priestess proudly states, “Ahh Verican you’ve come to help, we have them on the run.”

Luckily the undead don’t notice me and they continue to follow Danford down the hall through the cloud of mist. I guess Ivonna was under the vampires power now and was firing arrows into Stampy. I heard Danford yell, “Invisible archer!” and I dispelled Ivonna’s invisibility.

I finish gathering loot of the mage who killed me and head towards the stairs to clean off the invisible mage when I hear Verican reply to the priestess, “Yes I have come to help.” I can hear the sound of a crossbow firing and in a shrieking scream the priestess yells, “Verican!” The priestess slumps to the floor with a large bolt sticking into her chest.

Oskar transforms back from gaseous form and tells Verican he’s a friend and he has to help the rest of the party on the other side of the mist. I go past Verican as well and say the same thing but this time he replies, “You fools we don’t have time for this.”

I move towards Verican and say, “I’m invisible lead the way.” He says ok and begins to leave. Snaggle yells out, “Oskar, Feiwyn how are you?” I respond to Snaggle, “Check wizard downstairs, I’m following somebody.” Then I follow Verican out of the area. He leads me down some halls to his chamber which has a crystal ball in it.

Back in Verican chambers he tells me he is a fallen cleric who doesn’t believe in his god and has no powers. Hedrack has found the champion that will allow Therizdun to be released and we have to stop them. He will draw a map to Hedracks chambers but wishes to be protected as he killed Nanquet and being the last cleric he will be responsible for our destruction. There is a way into the inner fane but we should read something in Hedrack’s room to help us. Verican’s chambers cannot be scryed upon and he will allow us to use it to teleport to town and back. He has a crystal ball and he has kept an eye on us.

The doom dreamers plan is to excavate part of the original temple of elemental evil and find four nodes, one for each element. From these nodes you can gain access to each of the four planes.

The champion of elemental evil can summon the princes of elemental evil. These princes can free Therizdun through a ritual. With the four princes the doom dreamers can guarantee Therizdun freedom. With two princes there is still a chance.

Within this ritual to free the princes the champion will be using the orb of oblivion. To destroy the orb we must first destroy the orb of silvery death.

The horn room allows us access to the courtyard to the greater temple. As well as Nanquent’s room is protected by a spectre if we chose to investigate it. He also gives me a map to Naquent’s room and the vampire’s room and info on how to kill it.

I return to the battle area and I am informed that the vampire turned into a mist and went under the secret door in the water area. The party had to fend off undead minotaurs and other vile creatures. They already collected the loot but they had to knock Ranx and Ivonna unconscious because they were under the power of the vampire.

We all head back to Verican’s chambers and he discusses the same information he gave me in greater detail with the rest of the party.

I wonder how much we can trust this new ally.

Episode 67: We Head for Hedrack's Chamber

We all decide to head for and look in Hedrack’s chamber. We walk back from Raster and head through the fire door. The bees don’t attack us even though they see us. This seems very weird. We head to the oracle door first as we told Verican we would help him against this mind flayer. The door is different from the others it is solid iron, over the lentil there is demons face with glowing red eyes.

As Ranx looks at the door he has a staring contest with the demon face and he wins it and the door starts to open. Everybody moves into the room and Snaggle says, “Hey Oracle, I’m here to get my fortune read.” Snaggletooth then shakes the bones on the table and drops them and bellows out, “Fortune says fortune teller dies soon!”

Xaod drops down a sun rod in the pit and everyone except Xaod and I begin going down the pit. I cast levitate on Stampy and say “Stampy can levitate.” Snaggle gets to the bottom and yells, “Mind flayer by couches.” I over estimated the power of the spell and Stampy falls down the sixty feet but Xaod is still able to drink his potion of flying before hitting the ground.

That was a stroke of luck that Stampy fell. Apparently the mind flayer was just about to suck Oskar’s brains out then Xaod rode Stampy in and drove his lance through the evil creature’s chest killing it.

We all head to the area where we found the earth elemental. We have to cross this area to get to Hedrack’s chambers. When we open the secret door we are ambushed by the large earth elemental.

We begin to fight through the doorway but Ranx, Xaod, Stampy, Oskar and Snaggle all step through and begin to fight it in the hallway. Snaggletooth casts blade barrier and blocks the hall so no one else can attack us. The earth elemental moves through the wall and is ready an attack on both Ivonna and myself. I quickly yell to Snaggle to pull my charm as I bob and weave to cast a magic missile spell at the elemental. Ivonna yells to Snaggle as well to pull her charm but Snaggle already had grasped mine and pulled it. I am quickly teleported to Snaggle but poor Ivonna was left beside it and it smashed her body against the stone wall. The wall was smeared with Ivonna’s blood and the guilt of casting the spell instead of pulling her charm overwhelms me. We all stay in the middle of the room and we all ready ourselves to fight it when it appears.

I wonder how many of us will have the same fate as Ivonna.

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